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What is the weather, temperature and whether it is possible to swim in the sea in Montenegro in may?

pogoda v mae v CHernogorii

Montenegro is a small picturesque country in the South-West of the Adriatic sea. The climate of this country can be compared to the Russian black sea coast, summers are hot and dry, mild winters with minimum rainfall by the sea and snowy mountain areas.

And in may, the weather in Montenegro is warm, but not hot, having to calm family holiday.

What is the weather like in may in Montenegro?

 klimaticheskij rezhim v konce vesny

May is not the best month for those wishing to spend a holiday close to the sea, but the Braves still are not afraid to swim in the still cool sea. There are sudden changes in temperature of air and water, sometimes in some parts of the country are strong, cold winds.

Usually by the end of the month the weather starts to improve and then we can easily go to the sea and fully enjoy all the delights of leisure.

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The temperature of the air and water

In the beginning of the month the average temperature is kept at around +20-22 degrees by the end of the month the temperature rises to the level of +24-26 degrees.

The average temperature in different parts of Montenegro the following:

  • Budva - +20-22 degrees, at night +11;
  • Bar - +21-23 degrees at night to +12;
  • Podgorica - +23-24, at +13-15;
  • Zabljak – day +15-20, at +10-12, this level of temperature is due to the fact that the resort is in a mountainous part of the country;
  • Ulcinj - +19-23, at night drops to +12 degrees.

On average, water in the Adriatic sea warms up to 22 degrees. For comparison, the temperature of the water of the Black sea at this time is only 16°C.

pokazateli vozduha i vody

Sea in early may, warm enough, but by the end of the month, the water in the Adriatic more comfortable.

In some areas water temperature varies only slightly:

  1. Budva is 18 degrees;
  2. Bar - +20-21 degrees;
  3. Podgorica - +18-19;
  4. Zabljak - +17-18;
  5. Ulcinj - +20.

The particular weather conditions

sinopticheskie osobennosti

In may falls on an average of 80-85 mm of precipitationin mountainous areas up to 100-110 mm. in Advance it is difficult to predict it will rain or not, it happens that the weather is Sunny, but then starts biting wind and the rain, which can go from several minutes to several hours.

Precipitation will not bring a big disappointment, the air temperature is warm enough and the rain is not cold.

The wind blows warm, occasionally also impulsive in nature, is cold and piercing, but such cases are rare.

The sea is calm, big waves don't happen, the perfect conditions for tourists.

May holidays

May in Montenegro has a long pedestrian walks, sightseeing of the country. Beautiful nature of Montenegro is definitely worth a walk around different areas to see the beauty of the forests and the Majesty of the mountains.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The main advantage of the rest in may is a comfortable weather, no sweltering heat, cold winds are rare. Many come with children, they are easier to tolerate the process of acclimatization due to this weather.
  • Another plus for families with children is the availability of a large number of different attractions, places where you can quickly and tasty snack.
  • In may you can find housing at an affordable price, by early summer prices are increased several times.
  • The number of hotels and hotels great, even the pickiest tourist will find a suitable room.

To the disadvantages include the fact that in may the water temperature is not comfortable enough, but this disadvantage is compensated by the advantages of the hotel.

Where to go?

kakie kurorty posetit?

You can visit the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica. The European city with its color. A large number of parks and gardens, has its own attractions, both new and ancient.

Popular resort is Budva. Clean beaches with clear water, some beaches were awarded the Blue flag. The resort is not cheap and you need to take care of housing.

If you want more sun, then you need to go to Ulcinj , the most southern resort in Montenegro. The coastline stretches more than 30 km away and There are spectacular bays. Due to the geographical position of Ulcinj boasts warm sea, with plenty of warm days and a wide variety of vegetation.

The mountain peaks will approach the small town of žabljak. The population of just over two thousand. This is the most mountainous village in Europe, where is the popular ski resort.

How to dress?

Visitors should take a warm jacket and insulated pants, in the beginning of the month the temperature is cold, especially in the evening.

Choose shoes based on ease, it should not hamper the movements, RUB the foot, it is desirable that it was water repellent.

An umbrella can be useful, it is difficult to understand in advance it will rain or not.

What to do this month?

If the water do not want to go, then may is the time for walks, trips around attractions, development of active types of recreation.

Beach vacation: can I swim?

The water temperature may warm enough, so swimming mainly people with a certain quenching. By the end of may the water gets warmer, but not in all areas it pleasant for swimming.

Excursions and entertainment

dosug i ekskursionnye obekty

Vacationers who are new to Montenegro, it's recommended to visit the most important cultural centers of the country:

  1. The ancient city of Kotor. Founded BC, the town has preserved the spirit of old time, you can walk along the narrow streets, see ancient churches and monasteries, e.g., St. Tryphon Cathedral, illuminated in 1166;
  2. Cetinje – the historical capital of Montenegro. The town has an abundance of churches and cathedrals, palaces. Everyone will find something special.

Lovers of wildlife and avid anglers will be pleased to visit Skadar lake. The pond is home to over 40 species of fish, many birds choose the lake for the winter. The neighborhood surrounds the untouched nature, fishing village.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted here, you can enjoy the following entertainment:

  • Cycling on mountain slopes;
  • horse riding;
  • downhill skiing;
  • snowboarding;
  • mountaineering.

Holidays and festivals

May 21 is marked in the calendar of the country as independence Day. On this day, cultural events and sports competitions.

Montenegro also celebrates may 1 (Labor Day) and 9 may (Victory Day), organized parades and exhibitions.

In may in the capital of Montenegro held the international book fair, where you can get acquainted with the novelties in the world of literature.

In Budva at the end of the month organized "Enermark", you can buy Souvenirs, clothes, food from local producers.

Rest in Montenegro in may will bring a lot of pleasant moments. An amazing country with clean beaches, clear water, excellent quality of service and breathtaking nature. Once visiting the country will want to return again and refresh my memory of pleasant memories.

See in this video, what is the weather in Montenegro in may: