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The rest of Jordan: the weather and the water temperature in Aqaba at the beginning and the end of may

pogoda v Iordanii v mae

Jordan attracts tourists with its culture, customs and attractions. If you plan to visit in the spring, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the weather in Jordan in may. Then tourist will be willing to travel and will avoid unpleasant situations.

What is the weather like in may in Jordan?

pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny

At the end of the spring in Jordan in certain weather conditions. Travelers should carefully examine.

The temperature of the air and water

Weather in the beginning of the month is very warm, in places hot and Sunny. The day temperature rises to +27 degrees. At night it goes down to +20C°. The middle and the end of the month are hot, the air warms up to around +29 degrees. At night the thermometer in Jordan shows 21 degrees.

The water temperature in the Red sea in early may, reaches 28 degrees, but in the middle of the month it rises to +30 degrees.

If we talk about the temperature of the air, water in certain cities, the following indicators:

  • Aqaba. The air throughout the month kept at around +29C°, the temperature of the water in the Red sea - 28 degrees;
  • Peter. In early may the air is very warm, the figure is 26 degrees in the middle of the month it rises by two degrees to +28C°;
  • Madaba. Warm Sunny city, the air is heated at the beginning of the month to 27 degrees, at the end of may it reaches +29C°.

The particular weather conditions

specifika klimaticheskogo rezhima

Rainfall this month is almost no indicator this month - 5 mm. The wind is warm, weak. It will not spoil the tourist. The average humidity in this state in may, is 37%.

Waves in the Red sea in may is small, the storm does not happen. Excellent conditions for recreation. Weather allows you to have a great time on the beach, swimming in the sea and sunbathing.

The may holiday

Experts identify certain resorts in the country in which the may holiday will be the best.

Where better to relax?

For a beach holiday suitable beaches in Aqaba. This city is located on the shore of the red sea. The resort has many hotels, pristine beaches.

In other cities, created excellent conditions for excursion tourism. Vacationers can visit the historic and cultural attractions.

How to dress?

Despite the warm air in the daytime, at night it is cool. Tourist should pack in a suitcase following clothes:

  1. T-shirt;
  2. Sweatshirt, sweater;
  3. Women's pants, jeans;
  4. Summer dresses;
  5. Ballet flats, sneakers;
  6. Swimsuit;
  7. Hat;
  8. A light cloakor coat for evening walks.

Day you can dress in summer, but in the evening you will need warm pants, a sweater and a light jacket.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v eto vremya?

No need to think that in late spring in this country the tourists will be bored. For they present a rich program.

Beach vacation

This month best suited for a beach holiday. The air warms up to 28 degrees, the water is warm, high waves and storm does not happen.

Tourists in late spring a bit, so there is a unique opportunity to sunbathe on the beach, enjoying the peace and tranquility. The sun is enough to get a nice tan. However, security should not be forgotten: you will need a protective cream from the sun, because it shines in may pretty much.

Excursions and entertainment

Experienced travelersI advise you to go on a tour to the following places:

  • The Desert Of Wadi Rum. Is an hour drive from Petra;
  • The dead sea. Located three hours drive from Aqaba;
  • The temple of El Khazneh in Petra. This is the main attraction of the city;
  • The amphitheatre and the remains of an ancient settlement in Amman;
  • Ajlun castlelocated in the town of Ajloun.

Among the entertainment highlights:

  1. Diving. A study of the amazing underwater world of the red sea;
  2. Presentation at the Hippodrome of Jerash city;
  3. Marine science center of Aqaba offers to visit the wonderful exhibition.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight restaurants, cafes and shops. The tourist can try national dishes and to buy original Souvenirs.

Vacationers a great time in this country in may.