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Holidays in Spain - Benidorm: weather and temperatures of water at the beginning and the end of may

pogoda v Ispanii v mae

Spain is a country that is ideally suited for cognitive and beach tourism, shopping and gastronomy tours. It is superb coast, a large selection of modern entertainment and interesting places. Weather in Spain in may allows you to enjoy all types of tourism in full.

What is the weather in may in Spain?

pogodnye usloviya v strane v konce vesny

Thanks to the great weather of Spain, its open spaces visited quite a lot of tourists, especially it can be seen in may.

In the spring, the country attracts tourists with the wonderful weather and abundance of entertainment for every taste.

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The temperature of the air and water

Spain has a vast territory on which there are a variety of towns and resorts. Depending on the region the weather can change. While on the South coast is fairly dry and clear, and may the climate is ideal for beach tourism resorts in the North created perfect conditions for long walks around the ancient sights.

At the beginning of may in Spain is observed a typical offseason. In cities is set to clear weather, perfect time for cognitive rest. Before the holiday season is just a month, but the average temperature across the country pleased with a mark of +23-25°C during the day +16°C at night.

temperaturnyj rezhim

The water on the coast warms up with each passing day. In early may, the sea temperature is 17 degrees, and at the end of the month it goes up by 3-4 degrees.

If you consider the weather in may around the country, the average would be as follows:

  • Alicante – +20°C day +14°C at night, +17°C water;
  • Barcelona – +21°C, day +14°C at night, +20°C water;
  • Valencia – +23°C, day +13°C at night, +17°C water;
  • Madrid – +21°C day 10°C night;
  • Málaga – +18°C day, 17°C at night, +19°C water;
  • Majorca – +21°C during the day +12°C night, 18°C water;
  • Salou – +23°C, day +13°C at night, +17°C water;
  • Costa Brava – +20°C during the day +12°C at night, +16°C water;
  • Calella – +21°C day, 15°C at night, +19°C water;
  • Santa Susanna – +20°C day +14°C at night, +16°C water.

During may the temperature readings on the coast of Spain are growing, and the number of rainy days decreases.

Particularly attractive to rest of the second half of the month, when the day is fairly clear and hot, but not as stifling as during the summer.

It is worth noting that in early may, very noticeable diurnal difference in temperature, especially in the North of the country. In the afternoon the thermometer shows 19 degrees, and just after sunset, these figures fall to 14 degrees. On the street it gets cool, so if a vacation is planned at the beginning of the month, you will need to bring warm clothes.

pokazateli vozduha i vody

Toward the end of may in Spain is not a noticeable difference in temperature. In the daytime the air on the South coast warms up to 25-27 degrees in the North to +23°C, and in the center of the country – to +25°C. after sunset the temperature falls only to +18-19 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

May in Spain is considered one of the driest months of the year. It accounts for only 7-8 cloudy days. In General, the country is Sunny and warm, and the resorts are preparing for the opening of the summer season. The only unpleasant time can be a strong wind in the North, but in the second half of the month it ceases to bother tourists.

The may holiday

May is one of the best months for holidays in the resorts of Spain. This period is chosen by those who prefer the warm but cool weather, as well as couples and newlyweds.

Where better to relax?

One of the bestplaces to stay in Spain in may and the Canary Islands. Their spaces are always warmer, and in the last month of spring here is particularly good for fans of the most versatile holidays.

While across the country the temperature is increasing and changing, in the Canary Islands in early may the weather creates all conditions for beach and excursion tourism.

Canary Islands in may are perfect for families with a child, especially at the end of the month – in this period for young tourists have access to the most interesting sightseeing tours, beach holidays, water parks, theme parks and other entertainment. In this gentle weather and climate of the island will not let the kids get burnt under the sun and feel the summer heat.

Pros and cons – should I go?

preimushestva i nedostatki poezdki

Holiday in Spain in may, has a number of advantages. During this period, the resorts of the particularly pleasant weather, contributing to a rich and interesting trip. This country is famous for its attractions, many of which are familiar even in absentia. In may, the tourists have the opportunity to meet with them, arranging a long excursion without harm to health.

Since the holiday season has not yet arrived, and in may prices on vacation in Spain is much lowerthan in summer. In this period, you can find tours at an attractive cost, it is advantageous to carry out a hotel reservation or plane tickets. In addition, the country has all the same accommodation, services and entertainment, but at a low price.

Thus, Spain is ideal for relaxing, especially if it is planned in the second half of the month, when daily temperature fluctuations is not very noticeable.

Which fruits ripen?

In may, Spain blooms and exudes a dizzying aromas. ripe fresh fruits and vegetables. In the markets and shops you can buy seasonal cherries and medlars, apricots and nectarines as well as apples, strawberries and strawberry. Many of the fruits ripen in the southern regions of Andalusia, Valencia and Aragon.

How to dress?

For a holiday in Spain in may should choose the right closet. If a vacation is planned at the beginning of the month, in addition to a swimsuit, a hat and lightweight summer clothing will be useful for warm clothes for evening walks. At the end of may weather encouraged high levels, and this means that you can not fill a suitcase with unnecessary sweaters or jackets.

What to do this month?

Spain is rich in various entertainment and exciting trips to interesting places. But relaxing on the beach in may also brings pleasure.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

mozhno li kupatsya na plyazhnoj territorii Tenerife?

If you want to relax on the coast and sunbathe under the warm rays of the sun, without worrying about bad weather, for this purpose, suitable Canary Islands. It is particularly pleasant climate and ideal conditions for beach tourism.

At the beginning of the month, tourists have the opportunity to dip the toes in, and at the end of may people, not only sunbathing, some at this time is swimming.

For these purposes, tourists choose Tenerife is an island with plenty of beaches and water sports entertainment. High temperatures of air and water allow you to spend time on the beach, and now the rains disturb the tourists only in the Northern part of the island. For vacation this month, it is better to choose the South coast.

The best beaches of Tenerife, where you can relax in may:

  1. La Pinta;
  2. Los Cristianos;
  3. Playa La arena.

Even if the ocean did not get to swim, on the coast of the available Windsurfing, surfing and diving, as well as other entertainment.

Tours and activities - where to go?

kuda otpravitsya na ekskursionnye programmy?

Many tourists choose as a resort Madrid and Barcelona – two ancient cities, familiarity with which brings only pleasant impressions.

These cities are valuable monuments of architecture and masterpieces of art by such great artists as Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso.

Also worth a visit:

  • The Islands of Menorca and Mallorca;
  • The first capital of Spain - Toledo;
  • Salou with its theme Park Port Aventura;
  • Girona, where, according to rumors, the statue grants wishes.


May holidays in Spain is accompanied by the holidays and show-programs:

  1. May 1 across the country celebrate Labor Day. The event is accompanied by processions and festive events;
  2. In Madrid on may 2 with a Grand scale, celebrating the city Day;
  3. 11 may the people of Madrid to give glory and praise to the HolyIsidore , patron Saint of the city;
  4. In the middle of the month on the island of Tenerife, in Los Realejos, is the amazing fireworks show;
  5. About the middle of may in Girona celebrate the Festival of colors;
  6. In Cordoba in early may takes place the Contest of the patios.

In this video you can see what the weather is in may on the coast of Spain: