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Holiday in Italy - Rimini: weather and the water temperature at the beginning and the end of may

pogoda v Italii v mae

Italy is one of those popular countries, a journey which is always interesting and rich. Its expanse is a large number of ancient cities with a rich and unusual history and attractions, famous all over the world. Weather in Italy in may, provides excellent conditions for deep relaxation.

Weather in may in Italy

pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny

Due to its location and excellent climate, peculiar to this country, Italy in may especially pleasing tourists with weather conditions.

The temperature of the air and water

Italy has a fairly large territory, so in different fields there is a completely different weather.

It's safe to say that this month has been both active rest and to stay on the beaches.

It is worth noting that in the beginning of the month in the cities of Italy no noticeable heat. Average temperatures reach 20°C and above, and at night to +16°C. every day in may is getting warmer and in the last two weeks everywhere established quite hot weather, especially in the southern regions of the country. Closer to June , temperatures soar to around +25 degrees during the day and 18°C at night.

To understand what kind of weather awaits tourists in may, we should also consider the temperature of water and air in every region of Italy. For example, on the southern coast of the country at the beginning of the month is set to hot weather. For vacationers in the first days available all conditions for a beach holiday, because the air temperature is +23 degrees, but the water is 19 degrees.

temperaturnyj rezhim

If you may want a lot of sun and lack of wind and rain, you should visit the following southern resorts:

  • Bari;
  • Naples;
  • Sicily;
  • Sardinia.

Even at night there's no sensation of changes in temperature, as the thermometer drops to +19°C. the Water on the coast is not suitable for swimming, but because of the abundance of clear and Sunny days the tourists have the opportunity to get a great tanwhile relaxing on the coast.

Slightly cooler in the Central part of the country, but even this weather is hard to call not the resort. Throughout may, the air temperature on the coast is kept at around 22 degrees and the water is +18°C. At night in the resorts cool enough. In early may, the air is cooled to 11 degrees, and by the end of the month to 16 degrees.

Such weather conditions are observed in the following tourist cities:

  1. Rome;
  2. Florence;
  3. Pisa.

In the North of Italy is a lot of popular resorts, including in the spring time there is demand for Rimini, Venice and other interesting cities.

These cities are visited by tourists to comfortable and incredibly fun to vacation in may in perfect weather conditions.

pokazateli vozduha i vody v Rimini

In the Northern regions in may is predominantly dry and clear weather, but despite the warm and Sunny days, the evenings are starting to feel strong and cool. The day temperature rises to +21°C, and in particularly clear days, up to 25 degrees.

Water temperature still cool for swimming. Her performance reaches the level of 18-19°C. In the first half of the month, at night the thermometer drops to 14 degrees, but closer to the end of may only to 17 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

May in Italy is considered off-season in this period there are changes in temperature and frequent rains are considered. But even such weather conditions are more like summer, but without the stifling heat. Everything blooms and exudes a dizzying aromas, and the rain is not stopping rich travelers.

Precipitation in maycharacteristic only for the first half of the month. Closer to the summer months throughout the country, rainfall is considerably reduced. Most rain falls in the North, on the South coast in full force, the sun is shining and the start of beach season.

The may holiday

The climate of Italy is perfect for those who want in may to spend time sunbathing on the beach or exploring the many iconic attractions. An abundance of clear and Sunny days, and lack of heat makes the stay attractive and comfortable.

Where better to relax?

If you want to combine several types of recreation, then you should choose a trip to the South coast of the country. In this part of Italy already in the beginning of the month kicks off beach season.

It's nice to spend time, sitting on the beaches of Sardinia, Sicily or Naples, and Bari and Brindisi.

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Especially could be a beautiful trip to Sicily. This beautiful island has everything to make your rest much more intense. Thanks to the nice cool weather, tourists will have the opportunity to go on a long sightseeing trip to the most remote, but incredibly beautiful and interesting place. In this case, a nice addition was the lack of rain and strong winds.

Pros and cons – should I go?

Nothing can ruin a vacation in Italy in may. In this country the tourism is developed so that every minute there is something that can attract attention. This month is the most beautiful weather – warm but not hot, and is also available clean and well-groomed coast and loads of fun.

It should be noted that prices for holidays in may in Italy are much lower than summer rates, so we can not miss the opportunity to spend your holidays on the coast or in ancient cities belonging to that country. Everyone will find something for everyone, whether familiarity with the beaches or attractions, and shopping or tasting dishes.

How to dress at this time?

As the weather in may is ambiguous, in this period it is necessary to bring to rest a lot of things. For a beach holiday will come in handy a hat, swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen. For long walks around the landmarks better to pack in a suitcase comfortable shoes and light summer clothing with long sleeves.

In the evening sometimes quite cool, so don't forget about such things as a warm sweater or windbreaker. If the trip is planned for the end of may, while such clothing is hardly useful.

What to do this month?

In may, tourists visit Italy mainly for entertainment, because in this period of pleasant weather allows to spend a lot of time in the sun without harm to the body. But many choose the coast and relaxing on the beaches of the country.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

mozhno li okunatsya na plyazhe Madzaro?

In may is particularly popular coast of Sicily. On the beaches of the island can be sunbathing, but swimming does not solve everything.

The Mediterranean sea warms up to a comfortable temperature for swimming by the end of the month.

Sunbathing fit the next the beaches of Sicily:

  • Mondello;
  • Mazzaro;
  • Cefalu.

They are all pristine coastline with white or volcanic sand. Especially these beaches prefer couples and newlyweds the opportunity to spend time with comfort and in private.

Tours and activities - where to go?

Guided relaxation and entertainment in Italy is available across the country. Interesting are walks in the heart of Naples, Sicily, Pisa, Florence or Rome. Regardless of the choice, many of those places are already in absentia familiar to tourists, for example, the famous Vatican city, so visit each of them will be bright and memorable event.


All the most interesting events in may occur in the center of the country. On the first day of the month in Italy to celebrate Labor Day, and then may 12, Mother's Day. In the same period, there is a Festival of Irises in Florence, and Show roses in Rome.

See in this videowhat the weather in Italy in may: