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Weather and water temperature in Israel in early may: a beach holiday in Eilat

pogoda v Izraile v mae

The popularity of tours to Israel is growing every year. This country prefer to visit those who like to immerse themselves in ancient history and culture, to meet interesting places and to relax on the beaches.

All these features are available at any time of the yearbecause of the wonderful climate of the country makes the stay comfortable and the weather in Israel in may - is no exception.

What is the weather like in may in Israel?

pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny

For tourists planning a trip to Israel, there are several periods, when in the country to relax is really nice and comfortable.

Gorgeous weather conditions give the opportunity to relax on the coast or visit interesting excursions.

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The temperature of the air and water

In may, Israel is transformed during the month in all areas of the country spring is coming, and each resort is transformed, covered with blooming aromatic herbs. The best conditions occur in early may, when it projected steady warm weather without the scorching rays of the sun. At various resorts the air is heated differently, but it remains comfortable for any type of holiday.

Choosing where to go to travel to Israel, you can count in may in excellent conditions, regardless of region. The first couple of weeks in famous cities like Ashdod, Haifa and tel Aviv observed the cool temperature is +22-24°C day, 18 degrees at night. The water in the Mediterranean sea is still not warm, but the temperature of 22 ° Celsius is enough to just dip the toes in.

temperaturnye pokazateli vozduha i vody

In other regions of Israel in the first half of may warmer. In the South – resorts of the red sea (Eilat) air temperature increases to +28-30°C. Often in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +35 degrees, but even in such conditions of strong heat there. At night on the coast comes a refreshing coolness when the thermometer drops to +22 degrees. The water in the Red sea ideal for beach holidays – 25°C.

The warm weather conditions observed in the Dead sea. In this region, in the afternoon the temperature reaches +32-34°C and at night 25 degrees.

Due to the special microclimate and the lack of humidity in this region tourists found the nice spring weather.

If we consider other resorts of Israel in may, the temperature will be as follows:

  • Jerusalem – day +25°C, tonight +19°C;
  • Netanya – day +24°C, night 18°C;
  • Ein Bokek – day +32°C, night 21°C;
  • Herzliya – +26°C, tonight +19°C.

At the end of may at all the resorts of the country the temperature rises by 2-3 degrees, but the weather remains lovely for relaxing. This month will not be sweltering heat, and the cool of the night would be a pleasure.

The particular weather conditions

specifika klimaticheskogo rezhima

Ideal weather conditions in may in Israel mean the almost complete lack of heatand lack of rain. In the spring the air is not heated, especially in the more popular resorts.

In addition, the fewer days remain before the summer, the less the likelihood of showers. This means that the lack of humidity will give the opportunity to spend more time on the street.

Forecasters say that for the whole of may in the country is not more than 3 rainy days. Most often they are typical of seaside resorts - tel Aviv and Eilat. In the center of Israel, for example, in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, hiding from the rain don't have to. In General, everywhere is the perfect weather – cloudless and clear days with cool evenings.

The may holiday

Israel – one of the best places for holiday in may.Due to the excellent weather conditions, lack of rainfall and sudden gusts of wind, a great variety of interesting entertainments and excursions, the resort is particularly suitable to visit with children.

Where better to relax?

In Israel quite a lot of variety of resorts, but in may in this country it is especially nice to relax in Eilat and tel Aviv.

These cities are known for great beaches, tours to nearby cities, developed infrastructure and great opportunities for busy tourism, especially if the trip is planned with your child.

In early may, the tourists tend to go to the coast of the red sea in Eilat, because in this region the heat is not so strongly noticeable, but the water warmed enough for swimming and water sports. The red sea is a rich underwater world, so fans of diving do not miss an opportunity to plunge into the depths.

In the second half of may in the red sea resorts, the heat becomes a little more noticeable. During this period, tourists choose the Mediterranean coast. If in the first half of may the water was still quite cool for swimming, the closer to summer it becomes ideal for water treatment.

How to dress?

kakie veshi brat?

Depending on what the company will take a trip to Israel, should you pack in suitcase different things.

  1. In the first half of the month the nights can be quite cool. If the tour falls on this time, so in addition to the light summer clothes and hat and swimsuit with you have to take a light sweater, and comfortable shoes.
  2. In the second half of may can be limited to light thingsthat come in handy for both the beach and excursion tourism.

Which fruits ripen?

Israel is one of those countries that is rich in citrus crop. In may everywhere ripen unique varieties of oranges, which can be enjoyed only here.

Crop lychee small oval fruits with rich content of vitamin C will be pleasing to the Jun. Also at the markets you can buy kumquat and juicy passion fruit.

What to do this month?

Being one of the most exciting and interesting areas of Israel in may draws on its vast many tourists. First and foremost, they come here to enjoy the beach and warm water.

Beach vacation

May is one of those months when a beach vacation in Israel brings pleasure. During this period, the Red and the Mediterranean sea warms to a pleasant temperature, a cloudless sky and resort infrastructure contributes to bliss.

As in the first half of the month tourists visit the red sea coast, the beaches in this part of the country most interesting.

plyazhnyj otdyh v Ejlate

The beaches of Eilat and the sand is almost all free, but some hotels have private beaches with excellent conditions.

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Excursions and entertainment

Any resort in Israel has its own entertainment:

  • snorkeling;
  • diving;
  • water parks.

If you want to add some fun to your vacation, then you can go on different excursions. From tel Aviv popular trips to the desert, Jerusalem or Bethlehem. In the course of these travels to see the ancient sights of the country, which age exceeds 2 thousand years.


The most spectacular event in may – independence Day – event held on the 14th. This day in all cities, military parades and evening fireworks. Everywhere you can hear music and smell sweet. On this day, the country is particularly beautiful.

See in this video, what is the weather in Israel in may: