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What is the weather like in China at the beginning and the end of may: beach holidays, holidays

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China every year are becoming increasingly attractive for tourism and recreation. In this country are legendary monuments of history and culture, spas, beaches and the city's diverse and fascinating locations for travel. Weather in China in may, will make your stay as comfortable as possible.

What is the weather like in may in China?

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May is one of those months when travel to China is nice and comfortable.

Great weather and almost complete lack of rain allows you to spend enough time on the street.

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The temperature of the air and water

China has a fairly large territory, but almost in every region of the country in may there is perfect weather for travel. In the Central cities at the beginning of the month, the air warms up to +26 degrees, and at night cooled to +19°C. These weather conditions holding during the first two weeks and then the temperature increases by 2-3 degrees.

In the North and in mountainous areas the temperature is kept at around +15 degrees, at the time, as on the South coast and on the Islands in early may comes the real summer. In Shanghai, Hong Kong and in Hainan the temperature in the daytime reaches +30°C. the Water near coast warms up to 26-28 degrees and is already suitable for swimming.

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In different popular cities in China, the temperature in may next:

  • Guangzhou – day +28°C, at night 26°C;
  • Dalian – day +19°C, night 16°C;
  • Beijing – day +26°C, night 18°C;
  • Harbin – day +18°C, night 12°C;
  • Macau – day +28°C, night 24°C.

Thus, due to the fact that China lies in several climatic zones and the weather may vary from region to region allows tourists to feel the contrast of temperatures.

The particular weather conditions

The weather in most of China's territory throughout the month clear and Sunny. It rains 4-5 times in a month, falling in the Northern and Central regions. For this reason, many tourists choose Beijing and nearby regions – resorts where you long to be outside, not worrying about the fact that at any moment might rain.

With the exception of only the South-Eastern regions of the country, where in may a typical tropical downpours.

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If in the beginning of may, precipitation is not so much in the way to rest, then at the end of the month on the island of Hainan kicks off the rainy season, during which the territory of the island blows strong wind, possible storms. Due to heavy and constant rains on the coast the air is humid, preventing the travelers a comfortable rest on the beaches.

The may holiday

China is popular with tourists at any time of year, but in may, beautiful weather in the country allows you to spend a fabulous vacation.

Where better to go?

Thanks to the extensive possibilitiesthat offers travelers to China, tourists can in may to visit the most interesting and popular places to sample the legendary cuisine, improve your health or relax on the beaches.

If the trip is planned to the beginning of the month, this period is best suited in the South and East of China. Travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau and the coast of Hainan in may, due to the high temperature, but the complete absence of heat and stuffiness.

During this period, the spring nature of the southern and Eastern regions is, indeed, a delightful sight – all around blossoms, delighting the magnificent scenery, bright colors and flavors. In the resorts there will be heavy rains and winds that will benefit on long journeys.

In the second half of the month is better to go in Beijingand nearby regions. Pleasant and comfortable weather, heat and lack of rain will provide the best time for vacation. For these reasons, the flow of tourists to Beijing in may increases.

How to dress?

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If the main purpose of the China trip – vacation on the coast or tours, this journey will be useful:

  1. light summer clothing (shorts, t-shirt);
  2. comfortable shoes;
  3. headdress.

Sunny days outnumber cloudy, so warm clothes are unlikely to need.

If you plan a trip to the North of the country, it is better to pack in the suitcase is something that could warm a cool evening, for example, a jacket or light sweater.

What to do this month?

Great may weather allows tourists to feel the centuries-old culture of an ancient civilization, traveling to different cities and regions of China. At the same time are vivid and unforgettable holidays, its endearing authenticity.

Beach vacation

In may you can enjoy a beach vacation, if in the first half of the month to visit Hainan island and its legendary resorts. Feature of this holiday lies in the fact that during the trip you can not only swim in the sea or get a great tan, but also to improve their health. But it is important to remember that by mid-month the weather in the resorts will start to deteriorate rapidly.

The most famous beaches of Hainan are located in cozy bays:

  • Sanya;
  • Over Sanya;
  • Dadonghai;
  • Yalong.

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The beaches of Hainan is pure white coast, developed infrastructure, clean and warm water and stable weather situation. Aside from beaches the tourists have the opportunity to go diving, snorkeling and other popular water sports.

Excursions and entertainment

In any city in China you can find amazing masterpieces of architecture, erected in compliance with national traditions.

Great spring weather in China has an exciting acquaintance with the natural attractions of the country. The most beautiful lakes, mountain slopes and waterfalls can be found in the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan , two regions whose nature has inspired many filmmakers to shoot movies.


  1. Traditionally on may 1 throughout the country celebrate the holiday of all workers. On this day, all Chinese people resting, visiting colourful shows, carnivals and processions.
  2. The second Sunday celebrate Mothers Day is an event when in many cities of the country, the children thank their parents.
  3. Mother's Day on the streets arrange entertainment performances, followed by refreshments.

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