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Rest in Crimea: what is the statistics of weather and water temperature in the month of may?

pogoda v Krymu v mae

Vacationers used to come to Crimea in summer or "Indian summer". However, the spring trip to the Peninsula will surprise and delight any tourist. After all, late spring is perhaps the best time of year, especially in the Crimea.

What is the weather like in may in the Crimea - statistics

kakie pogodnye usloviya v regione?

May in the Crimea can be called almost a summer month. All nature is finally blooming, tourists can enjoy even faded in the sun the green of the steppes and foothills.

The temperature of the air and water

The average may temperature is +18-20 degrees during the day and +10-12 a night, gradually increasing during the month.

Some days the day temperature may even exceed the mark of 30 degrees.

In the beginning of the month the water temperature is about 15-16 degrees. By the end of the month, when in the Crimean city opens the swimming season, the water warms up to 18 degrees. On the Azov coast the sea temperature is somewhat higher than in the black sea, Azov sea is warming up faster.

The temperature in the regions

For the steppe Crimea is characterized by a more continental climate, summers are coming earlier and in may the average daily temperature rises above the level of 20 degrees.

Rainfall in the month of the greatest in the mountainous Crimea. The warmest place on the black sea coast in may — Western Crimea. On the South coast, the daytime temperature is the same, but on average a few degrees below.

The sunniest city in may and Sevastopol, and for the cities of the Eastern Crimea is characterized by high cloud.

The particular weather conditions

In may in Crimea possible strong short rains, particularly in the steppes and foothills. Due to the marine influence of the black sea coast at this time has colder weather compared to the inner regions of the Crimea.

May holidays

Majskij otpusk

Despite the cold bathing sea, the rest of the may Crimea is no worse for a vacation than in the summer.

The pros and cons of vacation

May the Crimea offers a more budget holiday.

Compared to "high season", prices for housing, services, and products is significantly lower. The hotel room will cost on average 30-50% cheaper.

Other advantages may include:

  • The lack of queues and the large number of tourists;
  • Weather favorable for the people badly transferring heat;
  • Blooming nature (bloom numerous flowers, trees, Prairie grass).

The disadvantages are:

  1. Unstable weather, the temperature may drop to 15 degrees during the day;
  2. The lack of fresh fruit;
  3. The swimming season begins in late may.

How to dress?

In the early months of spring weather, so it is advisable to bring warm clothes, especially for night walks. Will not prevent wind jacket, closed shoes and an umbrella.

From mid-may in the Crimea comes summer, so tourists are recommended to bring your sunglasses, light clothing and even a bathing suit, especially if you have a trip to Western Crimea.

Where better to go?

The best place to stay in may — West coast of Crimeafrom Yalta to Sevastopol. At this time there the warm weather in the Crimea and the greatest number of Sunny days. On the southern coast of Crimea in may is a little cooler, as on the East coast. It is possible to go on the Azov coast due to the earlier start of the bathing season.

What to do?

chem zanyatsya v etom mesyace?

In may in Crimea finally comes into its own holiday season, hotels and beaches gradually filled, open street cafés and attractions.

Is it possible to swim?

Despite the fact that the swimming season begins toward the end of may, a beach holiday quite affordable for the whole month.

May is the sunniest month in the Crimea, so you can sunbathe in the summer.

Besides, the beaches are not crowded and, accordingly, net. By the end of may, the Crimean beaches offer swimming season.

Excursions and entertainment

May weather is comfortable for long trips, especially Hiking. The summer heat has not yet arrived, so may is the best time to:

  • Mountain Hiking;
  • Cycling and horse riding trips;
  • Trips to nature reserves and other natural sites of the Crimea;
  • Visit mountain monasteries and other attractions.

Prices on a variety of tours 30% lowerthan in the summer.

Holidays and festivals

The main holiday in the may Crimea is definitely a Victory Day. Especially widely it is celebrated in the hero-city of Sevastopol, where the military and naval parades and other major celebrations. Also commonly the Victory Day is celebrated in Kerch, where on may 8 held a torchlight procession on mount Mithridates.

In may, the Peninsula hosts many different festivals and celebrations, for example:

  1. Jazz festival "Galeton", held in early may in Yalta;
  2. "Feast of flowers" in Nikitsky Botanical Park;
  3. Dance festival in Sudak;
  4. A celebration of spring and farming Hydarnes;
  5. The day of the city of Alushta;
  6. The occasion of the Performance in Evpatoria.

And in this video clearly demonstrated may the beauty of the Crimea: