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Weather in Munich at the beginning of may: holidays and shopping in Germany

pogoda v Munhene v mae

When planning a trip to Munich, tourists expect a rich cultural program, tours of historic and architectural attractions, familiarity with traditional cuisine.

In the Bavarian capital is Packed with museums, interesting and vibrant places, and felt the special atmosphere. Weather in Munich in may will allow you to fully enjoy fascinating excursions.

What is the weather like in may in Munich?

pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny

May is one of the best periods for a holiday in Munich. This significant event contributes to the excellent weather, clean air and greenery blooming everywhere.

The air temperature

In may in Munich, spring is in full swing. In this period of cool weather can be forgotten, but instead to enjoy the excellent weather, lack of rain and wind. The air temperature in the daytime in the beginning of the month reaches +17 degrees and these figures become higher. In the last week of may air for dinner warms up to around +19 degrees.

At night on the streets of Munich is pretty cool, but over time, these conditions also change.

In the beginning of the month the thermometer in the night freezes at a fairly low point +7°C, and in the second half of may the temperature at night rises to 10-12°C. the duration of daylight is 15 hours.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

According to statistics, in may the number of rainy days decreases significantly. For the entire month precipitation are not more than 7-8 days. Overall, for the entire month on the streets of Munich is Sunny and warm. The wind is almost not there. The same can be said about humidity. It is almost not felt during the day.

The may holiday

Excellent weather conditions create the perfect environment for long walks around Munich and its surroundings.

The pros and cons of vacation

May the weather is conducive to a long stay in the fresh air and walks in the most beautiful places. In may, the air in Munich is particularly cleanand the rain it even more refreshing. Due to such conditions, the journey will delight not only adults but also children. In the city there are various monuments of history and culture, known throughout Europe 's largest zoo and many beautiful parks.

In Munich in may will enjoy not only superb weather but also an abundance of the most colorful and interesting events. This month throughout Bavaria celebrates many national holidays, and together with them hosts different events.

Weather in Munich at the end of spring is so exciting that the visit will succeed everywhere.

preimushestva i nedostatki otdyha

Of the minuses is worth noting the large number of tourists. Many try to get this month in Munich, especially during the may holidays. Why to book tours or hotel rooms and plane tickets cost in advance. Best to do it in 1.5-2 months before the trip.

In addition, in may fully manifest themselves insects. In the city towards evening the mosquitoes do not give to spend time on the streets or in hotel rooms. So they would not distract from the rest and not interfere with a pleasant pastime, you should take the fumigator or you can buy it on the spot.

How to dress?

Despite the fact that day in Munich was warm and Sunny, is to bring in a journey not only light clothing, but a jacket or sweater. These things will allow you to comfortably be outside in the evening.

Also do not forget about the comfortable and practical shoes. The city is incredibly a lot of interesting places, so you have to go a lot. Finally, precipitation in may will save the umbrella or raincoat, although the rains are quite rare.

Things to do this month in the Bavarian capital?

Being one of the most beautiful times of the year, may was the perfect month for those who prefer active tourism, including familiarity with attractions, shopping and gastronomic tours.

What to see?

Munich, like all of Germany, is quite interesting in terms of excursions. In this incredibly big and beautiful city, built to the Imperial scale, bright attractions are worthy of special attention and careful study.

The most interesting places are in the city centre:

  • Peterskirche or the Church of St. Peter;
  • Frauenkirche - the highest Cathedral in the city. He became a symbol of the city;
  • The heart or the Church of St. John of Nepomuk;
  • Old and New town hall.

These historic landmarks were built in XIV-XV centuries.

chto stoit uvidet?

To see the city and the nearby Alps, you can climb to the observation deck of the Church Peterskirche.

On the outskirts of Munich is located just a few magnificent old castles. Among them, special attention worthy , Munich and Maximilianeum. By visiting them you can learn a lot of legends, to see the richly decorated facades and admire the manicured lawns.

German shopping

In mid-may in Munich kicks off the season of summer discounts. This city is a lot of shopping malls where you can purchase:

  1. clothes;
  2. electronics;
  3. shoes;
  4. Souvenirs;
  5. food.

Since the second half of the month and until the middle of July the discount is 50%, then 70%.

Holidays and festivals

Despite the fact that on may 1 in Germany is Labor Day, the Bavarians do not deny yourself the pleasure to celebrate this momentous event. On the streets tourists enjoy fairs where you can buy Souvenirs, as well as the Bavarian national dances, dances and songs. Towards evening the open cafes serving Bavarian sausages and national drinks.

May 11 in Munich ends in a "Celebration of spring" event, which lasts from April 25 and takes place at the Theresienwiese. In the Park during this period, rides, and people are entertained by magicians, jugglers and artists. It also holds the largest exhibition of machines and arranged a flea market.

In this clip, you can see what scope is celebrated may day in Munich: