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Rest on the sea in Thailand: what is the weather at the beginning and the end of may in Pattaya?

pogoda v Pattaje v mae

Pattaya is one of the most attractive resorts of Thailand. It is visited by those who prefer to combine beach holidays and sightseeing holidays. Weather in Pattaya in may - in the off-season, stays nice and soft for a holiday.

What is the weather like in may?

pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny

Despite the fact that in may in Thailand starts the rainy seasonin Pattaya the weather remains quite attractive for travelers.

May the weather remains favorable due to the location of the resort and the peculiarities of its climate.

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The temperature of the air and water

May in Thailand is considered the beginning of the rainy season, but according to reviews of tourists, in Pattaya such changes the weather is not very noticeable. The resort itself is located on the mainland, so the changes are much softer. At the beginning of the month the weather a little less rainy than the rest of the time, and the temperature is not so high.

The air temperature in the daytime during the month has not changed and remains at around 33 degrees and at the beginning and in the middle, and even at the end of may. During this period, the only change is the humidity. Therefore, if the beginning of the month the lack of rain creates a pleasant atmosphere, then at the end of may, the humidity rises, the street becomes stuffy. Often it seems that the coast is not 33 degrees, and all of +40°C.

temperaturnye pokazateli

At night the coast comes the long-awaited coolness. The thermometer drops to the level of +27 degrees. In the first half of the month, the rains mostly at night, with them at the resort comes a pleasant freshness after the heat of the day.

Gulf waters are perfectly warm for the beach tourism. The water temperature in may is +30 degrees. These conditions hold throughout the month, delighting tourists the opportunity to splash in the sea.

The particular weather conditions

It should be noted that the beginning of the rainy season on the coast of Pattaya is considerably softer and more pleasant. Strong heat is not felt, especially in the beginning of the month. Weather contributes both beach and sightseeing holidays, and outdoor sports.

Strong wind and waves on the coast are absent, because the resort is surrounded on three sides by high cliffs.

This is because Thailand in may is dominated by the monsoon, but Pattaya is safely sheltered from these winds. In the first half of the months precipitation is almost not felt – the Sunny clear and Sunny. Rains mainly in the evening or at night and in the morning from them no trace remains. In the second half of may, short rains can suddenly begin and last for 2-3 hours.

The may holiday

vesennij otpusk

For the whole month on the coast of Pattaya has nice summer weather and the almost complete lack of rain. This contributes to a pleasant and rich holiday in the vast one of the best resorts of Thailand.

Pros and cons – should I go?

Tourism in Pattaya is maximally developed, so the tourists have the opportunity to diversify their stay at the resort in may. In spite of the approaching rainy season and the closing of the high season, beach holidays and trips to interesting places still available for tourists. And even if the street is a high temperature, in this weather you can hide in the water or in the air conditioning.

The only negative of the holiday in may and acclimatization – those who barely tolerate the Asian heat and humidity, should choose to stay the winter months. Thisthe weather is not suitable for those who have health problems, especially heart or blood pressure.

But in connection with the end of the summer season in Pattaya significantly reduced price on tours and related services. Tourists have wonderful opportunity to find a cheap plane ticket or hotel reservation that will make the stay even more pleasant.

And it would not frighten tourists "rainy season", according to reviews, in may, he does not feel.

Which fruits ripen?

Pattaya, as Thailand is world famous for the abundance and variety of fruits. Many of them are unique and do not undergo transportation, so tourists have a chance to try in may the fresh and juicy fruits on the territory of this country.

In Thailand from mid-April starts the season of fruit, and by may ripen mango, longkong and jackfruit. Tourists also have the opportunity to try the legendary king of fruits – durian, multiple varieties of bananas and lychee.

How to dress?

kakuu odezhdu brat?

Due to the high temperature, on holiday in Pattaya useful minimum set of things. The journey should take light summer clothes with long arms, sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. For a beach holiday will fit a swimsuit and a pareo, and comfortable comfortable shoes.

Where to relax in Pattaya or Phuket?

Many tourists wonder where to go to relax in a bustling and vibrant Pattaya or quiet cosy and Phuket. First and foremost, the decision depends on personal preferences. First the resort is ideal for beach holidays, noisy parties and interesting tour programs. Island resort ideal for family holidays and beach tourism.

If you choose this resort due to weather conditions, it is clear to make a choice in favor of Pattaya. In this region the transition from high season to rainy season a little less noticeable. During this period, on the coast of the mainland there is a strong rain and heat, it means the rest is much more pleasant.

What to do this month?

The pleasant climate of Pattaya allows you to stay on the coast as much as possible, a day relaxing on the beaches and visiting the sights of the country, and a night – visiting clubs and discos.

Beach vacation

Being one of the best resorts for beach tourism, Pattaya is able to offer a large choice of beaches. However, not all the coast is equally well, because this region is known for the muddy water and always clean beaches.

In Pattaya is not to find the unspoilt sandy beaches with turquoise waves of the sea, like Lana or Ko Phi Phi.

plyazhnyj otdyh na Dzhomten Bich

If you focus on clean beaches, you should choose the best of them:

  • The Central beach;
  • Jomtien Beach;
  • Dongtan;
  • Cozy Beach;
  • Wongamat.

The five beaches considered to be the purest, the water and the coast, with well-developed infrastructure and attractive landscapes.

Excursions and entertainment

Pattaya is conveniently located relative to ancient cities and attractions. From the resort will start a fascinating tour to Bangkok, river Kwai, tropical garden Nong Nooch, and even to neighboring countries – Cambodia and Vietnam.

The most interesting and vibrant places Pattaya:

  1. The Temple Of Truth;
  2. The Hill To The Big Buddha;
  3. Viewpoint on Pratumnak hill;
  4. Zoo Khao Kheow.

Of entertainment worth to mention a great choice of cruises, visit the Dolphinarium and Aquarium.

Holidays and festivals

In may, in Thailand celebrate Coronation of the king – bright and noisy event held in the capital of the country. From Pattaya to Bangkok to get pretty easy, so tourists will have the opportunity to visit such an interesting event.

No less interesting is the celebration of Visakha fur fly. This event carries three meanings for practicing Buddhism - birth, enlightenment and Buddha's Nirvana. Holiday does not always fall in may, as the focus is on the full moon of the second month of the Indian calendar.

See in this videowhat the weather in Pattaya in may: