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Holiday in Italy: weather and water temperature in Rimini in the beginning and the end of may

pogoda v Rimini v mae

Rimini is a city with a rich cultural and historical heritage and a seaside resort with extensive beaches and entertainment. Its streets decorated with architectural monuments of the middle Ages, and the coast – superb beaches, lapped by the Adriatic sea. Weather in Rimini in may, fascinates tourists with favorable conditions.

What is the weather like in may in Rimini?

pogodnye usloviya v konce maya

Due to the fact that the resort is on the Northern coast of Italy, in may, it is ideal for those who prefer to spend time on the beaches without discomfort from the heat.

The temperature of the air and water

As in many Italian resorts, weather in Rimini in may different a large number of clear and warm days, and almost complete lack of rainfall.

Until the holiday season for another month, but the approach of summer is felt from the first day.

In early may in Rimini attracts more and more tourists. This month they are waiting for a truly comfortable weather. During daylight hours the thermometer on the coast climbs to 22 degrees, and on particularly clear days to +24°C. These weather conditions allow the coast as much time as possible enjoying the sun and bronze sunburn.

In the first two weeks of may in Rimini is still visible diurnal temperature changes. If the day on the streets you can be in light summer clothes, the night will have to take the walk warm sweater or anything that can be draped over the shoulders. At the end of the month already can not survive in the cool of the night, because the temperature cools down only to 16 degrees.

temperaturnye pokazateli

Those planning a trip to the shore in the second half of may, do not have to worry about weather surprises. During this period Rimini is transformed – at the resort comes in nice and warm weather without wind, rain and humidity. The thermometer shows 25 degrees, which is perfect for a stay on the beaches and long walks around the local area.

The temperature of the Adriatic sea reaches +18°C, and these remain attractive throughout the month.

Not many tourists run the risk to swim in the sea in may. For such purposes it is better to visit the resort during the summer months.

The particular weather conditions

May in Rimini is one of the most dry months. During this period it rains only 7 days and they continue for a short time, starting as quickly as it ends. But even if Livni will catch travelers by surprise, in such moments you can spend time in cafes, restaurants or shops.

During this period, for Rimini is characterized with a cool wind, but, due to the high temperature, he brings with him only a pleasant freshness. If the wind catches tourists in cloudy weather on the coast, in such moments, you may receive a feeling of coolness.

May trip

vesennyaya poezdka

Many tourists choose Rimini in may as a resort for rest. This contributes to the pleasant weather, as well as many other wonderful nuances.

Pros and cons – should I go?

Stay in Rimini in may choose the tourists in the first place, attracts a fabulous opportunity to combine several types of tourism. Due to the high temperatures, you can spend time on the coast, getting safe tan may.

In the same period, the lack of unbearable heat allows you to enjoy sightseeing trips to interesting places and the ancient streets of the city. While a vacation will cost significantly cheaper compared to the summer months.

The only drawback is the fact that in may in Rimini is hardly a dip in the sea. Touristsprefer to spend time on the coast relaxing and swimming in the water, will not be able to enjoy beach tourism. But in such moments the tourists prefer walking along the coast and various kinds of marine entertainment.

How to dress?

As the weather in may is unstable, the suitcase will have to lay an impressive list of things. Among them should be light summer clothes, swimsuit, pareo, t-shirt and jacket, jeans and lightweight jackets.

To protect yourself while traveling from rain, do not forget an umbrella and waterproof shoes.

What to do this month?

In Rimini every tourist will find something fun to do. It can be relaxing on the excellent beaches, amazing walks along iconic locations or shopping, as well as familiarity with the local cuisine.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

mozhno li okunatsya na plyazhah kurorta?

The beach is one of the most popular places for tourism of Russians. It is chosen for a well developed resort infrastructure, affordable rates and a great selection of entertainment. The sea here is always calm and shallow, and the coastline area equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable stay.

In Rimini, only about 200 beaches, many of them reserved for hotels, but there are those that are available to tourists at any time. While clear boundaries between the beaches there, so the tourists have the opportunity to move around the coast without obstacles. The convenience is that each beach has its own room. The No. 1 bathing beach is the most popular city beach, equipped with everything you may need for a vacation.

On the beaches you can not only enjoy the holiday, getting a tan, but a fun time. The coast is equipped with volleyball and tennis courts, sailing clubs and scuba diving schools for drawing, yoga and dance.

Excursions and entertainment

Daily life in Rimini can be incredibly rich and interesting. In may the resort available architectural monuments of the region, trips to neighboring cities, such as in Venice, Ravenna, San Marino or Verona, as well as trips to museums.

The most well-known sights of Rimini:

  • Arch of Augustus;
  • Park "Italy in miniature";
  • Piazza Cavour;
  • Tempio Malatestiano;
  • Tiberius Bridge.

Some of the attractions there are around 2 thousand years and they are a legendary historical architecture, unique in its kind.

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Among the most striking events in may is to celebrate the colorful festival of "Balconi Fioriti" – the time when on the balconies and in the Windows of the Rimini exhibit the pots. At this moment the whole city is like a blooming garden.

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