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Spain (Costa Blanca): the weather, the temperature at the beginning and the end of may in Salou

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Spain may offer one of the most famous resorts for a beach holiday - Salou. It is located on the Costa Dorada, and as soon as it gets warm and Sunny, the hotels are filled with tourists who have decided fun and eventful vacation. Weather in Salou in may, perfect for an exciting holiday.

What is the weather like in may in Salou?

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Thanks to its mild climate and pleasant weather, this resort is incredibly popular with holidaymakers.

The tourist season in Salou starts quite early and in may you can enjoy the beach or sightseeing holiday.

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The temperature of the air and water

Weather in early may on the coast of Salou pleases tourists with high levels of temperature. In the first week the temperature of air and water is +17°C, and according to reviews, these weather conditions are ideal for a light tan, but exclude swimming. In the evenings still quite cool and the air is cooled to +14°C, but because of the proximity to the sea and humidity the impression that the street is much cooler.

By mid-month the air of the resort is warming up for another 3-4 degrees and day temperatures are +20-21°C. The water in the Mediterranean sea becomes more comfortable for swimming. In the daytime it warms up to 17-18 degrees. For a full bathing can not count, but to dip the toes in and soak up the sun definitely will. At night still cool – the thermometer drops to +15 degrees.

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If a trip to Salou will take place at the end of the month, it is possible to count on high-grade rest on coast. In the last week of may the temperature pleases indicators +23-25°C, water – +21°C. the sun gets really warm, that allows you to spend more time on the coast, enjoying the sea.

The particular weather conditions

For may typical weather conditions that can spoil a trip on the coast of Salou – a strong wind and sudden rain. If precipitation can be short, starting as suddenly as it ends, the wind can really be a nuisance during your stay on the beaches.

First and foremost, with strong gusts on the coast gets really cool, even despite the fact that in heaven there are no clouds. Together with the coolness of the sea gets high waves. That is why many tourists do not rush to the coast in the first half of may.

Towards the end of the month the wind and rain gone, and in resorts kicks off the high season.

May holidays in Costa Dorada

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Despite the low temperature and the inability to spend most of the rest in the sea, tourists choose Salou as the resort can offer a lot of interesting entertainment.

The pros and cons

In early may the weather in Salou is so warm and pleasant which is suitable for all kinds of travelers. Due to the lack of intense heat this month will be equally as nice to sunbathe, just walk and visit the tour. Even the evening cold can't spoil the holiday, because this time we opened a lot of cafes, clubs and restaurants.

In may on the coast begin to operate water parks and entertainment centers. One of the most popular places – Port Aventura – the legendary theme Park with a vast selection of rides. Compared to the summer months the rides are not crowded, so this place is definitely worth to include in the program entertainment.

At the end of may on the coast of Salou to set truly resort weather, but prices on all types of recreation remain very affordable. Therefore, tourists never miss the excellentthe opportunity to have a great time, greatly saving on such a trip.

Of the minuses we can mention only a sudden wind and rain. But even these two factors are sometimes unable to spoil the holiday in Salou. Many hotels have swimming pools with sea or running water, so especially in colder days, you can have a great time without leaving the hotel territory.

How to dress?

To stay in may passed comfortably, the suitcase is easy to fill your summer things, to bring a swimsuit and comfortable shoes. Such clothing will allow you to enjoy a beach holiday and coastal walks, as well as longer excursions to attractions and places of interest.

Strong winds and cool weather in the evenings will not deliver you inconvenience if you take a light sweater or any clothes not blown.

Even if lucky with the weather and all the holidays on the street will be clear by evening the boardwalk is better to protect yourself with warm clothes.

What to do this month?

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Being one of the oldest and most popular resorts in Spain, Salou has all the necessities for a long vacation – beautiful beaches, attractions worthy the attention of tourists, and a large selection of entertainment.

Beach vacation

The beaches of Salou is hot air, laced with aromas of exotic vegetation, clear blue water, white soft sand, palm trees and mountains in the background. What coast is the main attraction of the resort. While the tourists have the opportunity to find how noisy, and secluded beaches, long and wide, with gently sloping entrance to the sea, and even a nudist.

Many of Salou's beaches are of the highest purity and service:

  • Bay Chaplains;
  • The main beach of Levante;
  • Cala Crancs;
  • Playa Ponente.

The coast has everything for a fabulous beach holiday, starting with changing cabins and showers, ending with cafes and restaurants.

Excursions and entertainment

Warm weather and pleasant atmosphere in may is good for walks in interesting places in Salou, and the soft sun and no heat promotes long tours and positive impressions.

In may, especially popular tours of such places:

  1. The Monastery Of Montserrat;
  2. The Museum of Reus and Figueres;
  3. "Singing fountains".

ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye programmy

The resort is near Barcelona, so tourists have the opportunity to visit this historic town with numerous architectural monuments.

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Holidays and festivals

Fans of different holidays and festivals will not be bored in Benidorm, because in may the resort is constantly there are interesting events.

One of the most vibrant – a festival of colors, when during the week the streets are constantly exhibited floral arrangements.

See in this video, what is the weather in Salou in may at sea: