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Rest in Sochi: what is the weather and water temperature, is it possible to swim in may?

pogoda v Sochi v mae

If you've been planning a trip to Sochi, but you are scared of the price, or too hot weather, in may is the time to implement his plan. This month is good because the season is not yet open, so the prices are much lower, and less people.

What is the weather like in may in Sochi?

kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v konce vesny?

Weather in Sochi spring, but warm, closer to the end already felt the imminent arrival of summer. In may, you will find plenty of entertainment that you will like.

The temperature of the air and water

The day temperature ranges from +16 °to +18 °C, after midday, the thermometer can show and a bit higher - +20 °C, at night - +13 °C. the water Temperature +15 °C, and can rise to +17 °C.

Every day closer to the end of the month, the air warms, and the sea water reaches a temperature at which it becomes comfortable to swim (above +18 °C).

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The particular weather conditions

This month the weather is quite unpredictable, for example, a warm Sunny day suddenly could drag the sullen clouds, and heavy rain will make you wet to the strings. Do not be surprised if you suddenly become cold, and the wind will be so strong that you will carry.

Heavy rains are usually in the beginning of the month. Usually by the end of may the wind subside, and the sun not only shines, but warms, you feel the coming of summer. Overall, may is the month of spring, when in Sochi rainfall is much less frequent than in March or April.


It is not necessary to develop ambitious plans for the may holidays, as the weather can ruin them. Proceed according to the situation, because in Sochi in any weather fun.

majskij otdyh

The pros and cons of vacation

From pluses include:

  • Low price. Due to the fact that the season hasn't started yet prices for accommodation, food and entertainment are much lower than during beach season (June — September);
  • Half-empty hotels and a small influx of tourists. You can book a room in any hotel, and in frequently visited places, people are much less than in summer;
  • For those who do not like the heat need to go to Sochi in may. Not cold, but not too hot — perfect weather for relaxing;
  • Time travelers — as on the beach sunbathe can spend leisure: to better know the city, its history, visit the various tours, festivals and holidays;
  • For fans of Sol vacation in may will be a real boon, the sea water though and can cause discomfort, but you can already swim, especially at the end of the month, and the beaches in this little filled.

Cons though can slightly change holiday plans, but it will not affect the impression of the city. Among the unpleasant moments include:

  1. The unpredictability and variability of weather. Here you are going to the beach, swim in the sea, and, until realized, abruptly, it began to rain and a strong wind picked up;
  2. In the sea is still too cold water for bathing.

What things to take with you?

Don't forget that may is still a spring month, with very changeable "mood". Sure that you have warm clothes in your suitcase. You may need jeans, a warm sweater, jacket or even light jacket, sneakers. At the end of may it's hot, so if your stay is scheduled for the end of the month you will need summer clothing, the swimsuit.

About warm things still can not forget, you should take a sweater and jeans, because it can be. And don't forget about the umbrella.

What to do?

Take your time, you can both independently and with tour groups.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

Mozhno li kupatsya na gorodskih plyazhah vesnoj?

If weather conditions allow, the beach season is openedat the end of may and it will last until September. What could be better than to relax on the beach by the sea? Choose a convenient place that you can all stopyatidesyatimillionletnem the coast of Big Sochi, and go tanning, just don't forget the sunscreen.

Excursions and entertainment

Spring is the best period for sightseeing in the city. In may you can offer an excursion to the Sochi national Park or in the garden-Museum "Tree of Friendship", a tour to Abkhazia is one of the most popular.

May is the period of blossoming of nature, so you should see it. Look in the Park "Riviera", which is the center of entertainment in the city, just where you can purchase Souvenirs for memory. Also children can visit the zoo, terrarium, Dolphinarium, Oceanarium in Adler, ride horses in the equestrian base. Entertainment this month abound, but the important thing is that the prices are much lower than during beach season.

Holidays and festivals

Sochi — one of the famous resorts located on the coast of the Black sea, so here are many festivals and forums. In may you can enjoy such holidays as:

  • The festival "Sea of beer";
  • The design festival;
  • Festival-competition "Art unites the World";
  • The exhibition drinks.

And can not do in the may vacation without the celebration of Victory Day and Labor Day, which is celebrated especially brightly in Sochi.

In this video, see what the weather may be in Sochi in may: