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Holidays in Thailand: what is the weather, temperature and where better to relax in may?

pogoda v Tajlande v mae

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations among Russians. On the coast of this country there are a variety of beaches are available for tourists entertainment and excursions to interesting places. Weather in Thailand in may and the rest of his vastness allows you to spend time enjoying the different opportunities for tourism.

What is the weather like in may in Thailand?

pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny

Thailand has a hot climate and many Sunny days, but even in this country there are periods when rest spoil tropical downpours and high temperatures.

To the heavy rains and unbearable heat applies may, especially the second half of the month.

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The temperature of the air and water

May in Thailand is marked by the beginning of the rainy season. In this period the number of clear and pleasant days is rapidly decreasing, and they are replaced by tropical precipitation and the North-East wind. But the tourists have the possibility to catch good weather, if you know where to stay and what time.

Thailand has a relatively large area of the country is located on the mainland, and the other part is situated on the Islands. The climate in these resorts is markedly different as the weather in may.

The most favorable conditions for rest observed in early may in Pattaya – the resort located not far from Bangkok. The region is on the mainland, and from all sides it is surrounded by high cliffs. Thus, it is protected from winds, and therefore waves.

temperaturnyj rezhim

The temperature of the air in this region is slightly lower, which makes the stay a little more enjoyable. A day in Pattaya thermometer freezes at around 32 degrees, this temperature is kept and in the middle, and the end of the month. Especially in Sunny days in the period from 10 to 17 hours is possible to find incredibly high rates and temperatures of up to +40°C.

But still a holiday in this part of the country is considered the most acceptable. At night the heat drops and the thermometer drops to the level of 23-25 degrees.

The water in the Gulf of Thailand are quite warm, so is suitable for swimming. Her temperature is +30 degrees. No waves and a gentle slope allows you to be in it.

Different things are on the island part of the country. In this part of Thailand are observed not only high temperature but also high humidity. As at the beginning and at the end of may the air warms up to 33 degrees but feels like – to +40°C.

Such conditions are not always suitable for vacation, especially if travelers have kids.

In particular, the Islands observed the following temperature:

  • Phuket – day +33°C at night +29°C, water +30°C;
  • Samui – day +33°C at night +29°C, water +30°C;
  • Krabi – day +32°C, at night 26°C, water +29°C;
  • Cha-Am and Hua hin – day +34°C, at +27°C, water +30°C;
  • Koh Samet – day +32°C, at +27°C, water +30°C.

pokazateli vozduha i vody na Samete

But even with high temperature performance, on the island resorts of the country in may, you can find secluded coves, where in clear weather you can relax on the beach.

The highest temperature values differs Bangkok. In the capital of Thailand it is impossible to be outside during the day, as the metropolis is located in the lowland, and the hot air does not leave the city even at night. Characterized temperature performance at +30°C, at +26°C.

The particular weather conditions

For the rainy season in Thailand is characterized by a strong wind, provoking a Typhoonand heavy rains, reaching a "solid wall". In the first half of may such weather conditions on the mainland and some Islands not so much. But at the end of the month on the Islands of the high waves and rains do vacation on the beach unbearable.


The may holiday

Planning a trip to Thailand, some resorts are better to be avoided. Many of them will find vacationers stifling heat, muddy water on the coast and regular showers.

Where better to relax?

If you want to spend may holidays on the beach, for such purposes it is better to choose the mainland and resorts on the coast. First and foremost, this includes the Pattaya – region, which has excellent weather conditions.

From the intense heat here save sea breezes and the rare showers that begin as abruptly as it ends.

However, Pattaya may not be suitable for every tourist, because by itself, the resort is quite noisy, but its coast in some places dirty. For this reason relaxation, you can opt for a slightly more intimate Islands – Phi Phi or Krabi. If you choose this hotel, situated in an enclosed Bay, you can spend your holiday, especially if the trip is planned for the first half of the month.

Pros and cons – should I go?

preimushestva i nedostatki

Bad weather did not deter tourists who decided to visit Thailand in may. During this period they will find quite a lot of advantages, such as low prices on holiday, as well as an abundance of fresh fruits.

With the onset of the rainy season the cost for a hotel room and the airfare drops significantly, so it is possible to find the perfect place to stay at an attractive price. In addition, during this period, tourists will find a half-empty seaside for solitary walks.

At the beginning of may in Thailand is available in different water sports, including Windsurfing, scuba diving, surfing, skiing, boating, jet skis and yachts. Closer to the summer the following services will be unavailable primarily because of the high waves.

In may in Thailand ripen fruits, many of which will only be available in may. Some of them – a rare mango varieties with thin skins and juicy flesh. A nice addition would be the purchase of rambutan, lychee and mangosteen fruit with a high content of vitamins.

How to dress?

For a stay in may is enough to swimwear, lightweight summer clothes with long sleeves and a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. If you plan a tour program, you should take a raincoat, comfortable shoes and an umbrella.

What to do this month?

During your stay on the coast of Thailand, tourists are able to diversify your vacation, even out of season.

Beach vacation - where to go?

The main reason why tourists travel to Thailand – amazing beaches of this country. To relax on them in may, you should focus on those that are in Pattaya.

na kakoj plyazh poehat?

The clean and calm beach areas are located on the Northern coast of Pattaya.

Best beaches this month will be:

  1. Wongamat;
  2. Beach Crescent;
  3. Jomtien;
  4. Dongtan;
  5. Pratumnak.

Also from the resorts to the island of Koh LAN sea constantly ply buses. There is enough clean beaches compared to the beaches of Pattaya, as well as clear water and low waves.

Excursions and entertainment

Even high waves can be a source of joy. In may, the resort attracts active travelers who prefer to cruise the Andaman sea or the Gulf of Thailand, enjoying kite surfing and Windsurfing. Interested in this form of recreation will be pleased that the trip to the island of Koh Phangan.

While vacationing in Thailand, you can broaden your horizons, thanks to the tours attractions:

  • Temple Sukhothai;
  • Park Nong Nooch;
  • Wat Rong Khun;
  • Park Mini Siam;
  • The tiger monastery.

If the weather is not lucky, especially in rainy days you can spend time for the main entertainment of the country – Thai massage and Spa treatments.


Among the large-scale events affecting the entire city, it is worth noting the day of the coronation – feast, during which the tourists have the opportunity to look at the ruler of the country.

Watch video about what the weather is on the coast of Phuket in may: