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Season for holidays in Vietnam: the climate and weather in the resorts by months

pogoda vo Vetname po mesyacam

Vietnam is one of few on the tourist map of the world a country that can go at any time of the year. Want to spend time on the beach or traveling around the country, choose depending on the season, North or South – and you get the rest which are expected.

The climate in the regions

Conventionally, the climate map of the country can be divided into three zones: South, North and East.

klimat Vetnama v raznye mesyacy

North characterizes the sub-tropical climate, dominated by monsoons. The rainy season opens in late April and ends by early October.

The summer is extremely rainy, but hot, and in winter damp and also cool. In the mountains at this time say frost, and sometimes snow falls.

Central district is also affected by monsoons. January here is quite cool, but the temperature of plus twenty degrees is unlikely to scare the tourists from Russia who know the price of this winter. October and November in the center of the country – the peak of the rainy season, and its timeframe is from late July until January.

The climate of southern Vietnam is tropical, soft. Here do not penetrate the Northern winds, the temperature is very smooth throughout all the seasons. In the Mekong Delta its average is 26 degrees.

The best time for vacation

Vietnam – friendly state with exotic wildlife, and numerous attractions, created by man.

The beginning of the best time to visit for tourists is the winter: you can swim, sunbathe. Peak season period: December to early April.

May – end of October due to the large amount of precipitation is not so popular, but attracted by the low prices for services of hotels, and this "plus" can seriously change the picture of popularity.

To visit the country as tourists at any time of the year, it is important to choose wisely the route to the weather features of one or another region is not violated.

koda luchshe ehat otdyhat vo Vetnam?

Fans of rest on the coast opt for the South of the country, which is famous for beautiful beaches. There is a beautiful lagoon, the islets, waterfalls, lakes. Tourists have wonderful opportunity to enjoy surfing, fishing, diving (by the way, the Vietnamese version of diving is the most inexpensive compared to other countries).

The average temperature of water is comfortable - is never below 23 degrees, even in Northern parts of the country.

For those who like sports exotic, Vietnam provides an opportunity to ski not in the water, not on the mountain, but on a normal ski, but... on the sand hills.

The local cuisine is diverse: it uses a lot of greens, fish and seafood. And tourists are offered an amazing fruit, which they have never in my life have not tried.

The rainy season

The rainy season in Vietnam lasts up to six months, but never held simultaneously throughout the country. It allows tourists to choose a resort, where you will not need a umbrella or a raincoat.

By the way, even the rain is not so terribleas it seems. For example, the most popular resorts in the South they don't overshadow the rest are primarily at night and during the day are very short – half an hour – forty minutes. This time can be spent in cafes or in a hotel. Overstay will not have long – the heat and the sun will replace the refreshing shower.

The only "but": in Central and Northern Vietnam's weather is dominated by monsoons. They raise high waves, and the rest of the sea can be dangerous.

That is why beach lovers it is better to opt for the South.

The rainy season in Nha Trang in the following video:

The temperature of the air and water in the winter

Winter holiday in the Vietnamese resorts comfortable and not very expensive. Weather the most popular Vietnamese resorts is largely determined by the activity of the monsoon. He comes from the North-East, and thanks to him, when in the North it rains in the South sometimesdry, the sun shines brightly.

  1. in December in Nha Trang (this is the Central part of the country) 27 degrees during the day and 21 at night, the water temperature – 24 degrees. Pretty frequent rains. On the southern Phu Quoc and Phan Thiet Paradise: the water temperature to 27 degrees and the air - 33 day and 22 at night.
  2. In the Northern part of the country January is the coldest month of the year, so tourists prefer resorts in the South. Warm sea (26 degrees), air (30 day and 21 at night) – that's what awaits guests on Phu Quoc island and in Phan Thiet. The wind is low.

    Becomes more comfortable in the Central part of the country, and it happens due to the fact that stop the rains. However, the cloud is very high and the water warm enough, so those who travel to Vietnam to sunbathe and swim, prefer to continue to choose South.

  3. In January, the country celebrates the New year according to the lunar calendar. The holiday lasts for several days, accompanied by fireworks, flower fairs, parades.

    temperatura vozduha i vody na kurortah strany

  4. In February doesn't rain, strong winds, too, but the tourists, like in January, I prefer the South. There is warmer than in the Central part of the country, not to mention the North. On Phu Quoc island, has long been visited by tourists from different countries, the daytime temperature is 31 degrees, at night – 22, water in the Gulf is 27 degrees.

If the guests of the country, in addition to the beach and the sea needed some experience, they can participate in passing here the Festival of the perfume pagoda. The festival lasts two months, so it is always possible to choose the most interesting events held within its framework.

Photos and description of spring on the coast

Southern resorts not only in winter, but spring is the most popular. The temperature of the air and water are almost identical. You can sunbathe, swim, engage in beach sports.

The tourism industry of Vietnam offers many interesting excursions, which are organized in the Central and Northern parts of the country – where the beach season has not quite come into its own.

  1. In March, in Nha Trang the water is warmed to 25 degrees, the air – 30 (afternoon) and 21 (night). On the southern resorts these figures are, respectively: 27, 32, 22.

    There is practically no rain, in fact the first month of spring in the South of Vietnam is considered the peak of the so-called "dry season". Stay is very comfortableas there is no sweltering heat. However, without sunscreen to go to the beach dangerous.

  2. weather in April: very warm wind – heat. The water temperature in the southern resorts – 26 degrees, and in Central (Nha Trang, for example) – 25. The air in the South that can reach 33 day and 23 by night, and in the Central portion, respectively to 31 and 23. The rains are very rare.

    April resorts Vietnam – the perfect time for a beach holiday, swimming (even in the North), practicing water sports.

    foto i opisanie pogody Vetnama

    If the southern heat seem tedious, tourists can make a trip to the North of the country, where in April the event is held in memory of the first rulers of the Northern lands. Very bright event with the boat show, colorful processions. However, going to the North will have to bring an umbrella as precipitation begins to grow.

  3. May – month of the beginning of the rainy season. Fortunately, they are, as a rule, at night. Fukuoka rains a bit overshadowed by the rest. But in the Central parts of the country – the peak of the "dry season".

    The air temperature on the most popular resorts in the South and center of the day – 32, the night of 24 degrees. The water is heated to 28 – 29 degrees.

Summer vacation

The main feature of Vietnamese summer weather all over the country, it rains only in the center, dry, even a little rain is a very rare phenomenon. In the Central part of Vietnam typhoons are frequent in the evenings – cool.

  1. In June feel most comfortable tourists in the centre and in the South-East of the country. Precipitation here is less than in other regions. The heat, although there is a significant difference between daytime heat and night coolness. Judge for yourself: day – 33, night – 24. The water temperature is between 28 to 29 degrees.
  2. The South-West and South are in the thrall of rain, combined with heat, it creates the most favorable conditions for relaxation: hot.

  3. In July , the thermometer indicates in the daytime to 33 degrees at night drops to level 27. The sea water is 28 Celsius. Hot almost everywhere. For holidays choose places where smaller rainfall – for example, the Central part of the country. And on the Northern coast is wet and hot. In the South, on the island of Phu Quoc - tropical storms.
  4. In August the rains are getting closer to the Central regions of the country. But the rains these, fortunately, very short, and not in their power to prevent the rest of the tourists. Still hot. The water temperature is 28 – 29 degrees, the air – 33 (afternoon) and 24 (nights).

The vagaries of autumn

osen vo Vetname: pooda i temperatura vody

Autumnbrings with it strong wind, typhoons. But the rains begin to recede, however, so far only in the North. All regions – hot, to plus thirty degrees. The most favorable for the conditions at this time of the year on Phu Quoc island.

  1. In September the heat in the center and South. Is 32, and at night – 23 degrees. A lot of rain, especially in the North, but the Central district in terms of rainfall is relatively quiet, for him and fixed his eye of potential tourists. And experts recommend visiting the South-East of Vietnam, there in September, especially comfortable.
  2. Tourists enjoy a memorable mid-autumn Festival. In the center of the celebration is a beautiful legend about the hero flying to the moon.

  3. October is considered the least suitable for travelling in Vietnam. Incessant rains, strong winds, typhoons. The water temperature from 27 to 28, air 30 - 33 (day) and 23 – 24 (night).

    In first place for popular resort goes North: rains a little, the swimming season is in full swing, the sea is warmed up to 25 degrees. Sweltering heat no.

  4. Weather in November: the South is once again becoming most popular: sea water heated to 27 degrees.The air temperature is 32 (day) and 23 (at night). The rainy season ends. The beaches are sun-drenched.
  5. But in the Central regions precipitation is still very much. In addition, there may be typhoons, so a beach holiday is a big question.

Tropical fruits

frukty Vetnama po sezonam goda

One of the main "chips" of holidays in Vietnam – the opportunity to try tropical fruits. Some of them appear on tables all year round (bananas, coconuts, pineapples, papaya, guava), but there are seasonal fruit, so if your goal is to eat lychee or mangosteen, carefully read "fruit calendar":

  • winter delicacies: prickly pear (known as dragon fruit), grapes, longan, oranges, durian, caimito (star Apple), Sapodilla, lime;
  • spring fruits: dragon fruit, longan, durian, pomelo, plum, tropical, mango, jakfrost, lychee, rambutan, avocado, mangosteen, Salak;
  • in the summer it's: dragon fruit, pomelo, Sapodilla, longan, avocado, durian, Salak, citron, rambutan, cherimoya, persimmon;
  • autumn: pitahaya, longan, persimmon, durian, cantaloupe, pomelo, Sapodilla, rambutan, citron, cherimoya.