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Weather in the Netherlands and Amsterdam in early December - photo

pogoda v Amsterdame v dekabre

Let the main tourist seasons are considered as summer months, not worth it in my travels to confine them. As well as not necessary in the winter to visit only the Equatorial and tropical country, where nothing will remind about the snow and snow storms.

In this article we will tell you about the weather in Amsterdam in December, and we are to go or not to go - decide for yourself.

What is the weather like in Holland in December?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v nachale zimy?

First, what you need to know - December, and indeed winter in the Netherlands is quite mild, the temperature rarely drops below zero degrees.

The air temperature

The Amsterdam is located in a climate that is fairly temperate thanks to the influence of the North sea.

The temperature in December ranges from 1-2 degrees to +7-8, the average is 4 degrees.

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Other weather conditions

However, due to the same sea rain here a lot, the norm in December is 75 mm, and it is mostly rain and not snow. So hope for snow Christmas story is not worth it.

The humidity is high, about 85%, and the city often hanging fog. The wind can rise strong, but not gusty and not icy. Sunny days is small - about two, but sometimes it happens and 10-12 per month.

Winter holidays in the capital of the Netherlands - photo

dekabrskij otdyh v stolice

Weather in Amsterdam in December, of course, not Paradise, so that all who urgently need the sun and the heat, obviously not here. Those who have other goals to go definitely worth it for the unique atmosphere, about which more will be said below.

Should I go?

To the advantages of Amsterdam, December can be attributed to the presence of rare but clear days, the transformation of the capital of the Netherlands in the Christmas story and the abundance of entertaining activities outside of the street.

Cons at this time still more:

  • unpredictable weather;
  • high humidity, which not all carry;
  • the impossibility of long walks through the streets;
  • full suitcase of things and winter accessories.

How to dress?

Judging by the temperature, the weather in Amsterdam in December like in Russia in mid-autumn. But let it not deceive you: winter is still winter, and it is better to take extra clothes than to freeze or to spend money on things already in the city.

In addition to warm jackets and sweaters, bring waterproof coats and boots, which will save you from dampness.

Don't forget gloves, scarves and hats, they will certainly not hurt. And another tip: try to dress layered, these layers will warm you on the street, and going into the room, a piece of clothing you can remove.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

Almost any time you will be able to carry out the cultural program - visit attractions of Amsterdam are in the room.

What to see?

At any time of year in Amsterdam for a cultural holiday. In any weather you will have to wait museums, such as

  1. the Museum of van Gogh;
  2. Museum Rembrandt;
  3. the Museum of Anne Frank;
  4. Historical and Maritime museums;
  5. beer Museum "Heineken experience";
  6. Museum , national gallery and the Rijksmuseum.

In addition, you can visit the famous churches and cathedrals, for example, the impressive Basilica of St. Nicholas, the New Church and the Western Church, from the belfry which offers a wide view of the city. Also do not neglect the possibility of shopping in Amsterdam.

Of entertainment on the eveningto recommend, of course, the theaters:

  • Theatre Royal;
  • the De La Mar theater;
  • National Opera;
  • tuschinski theater.

Amsterdam is replete with quaint restaurants and coffee shops and night clubs. From jazz clubs to institutions with modern music - there's a place here for every taste. Most popular - Paradiso, Melkweg, Sugar Factory. Nightlife and unique attractions of Amsterdam will not leave you indifferent and will warm even the coldest night.

In General, urban management has done everything possible to make guests feel comfortable at any time of the year.

Holidays and festivals

prazdnichnye meropriyatiya

Perhaps one of the main reasons to go to Amsterdam in December - Christmas. From the beginning of the month, the city start to decorate with lights, garlands and Christmas trees. So after the first week of December, he is shining with festive lights.

  1. This is largely due to the festival the Amsterdam Light Festival, by which houses, canals and squares become part of a larger light installation.
  2. Another event - a holiday Turn On The Lights, in which illumination is accompanied by the performances of actors and acrobats.
  3. In early December, is a fun folk festival - parade of St. Nicholas. This hero comes from Spain in the company of black servants. The streets turn into a real circus in which the "Moors" are the shows and hand out candy to kids. The feast of St. Nicholas is the original opening of the season of Christmas fairs and events.
  4. A winter Wonderland - the International festival of ice sculptures held from 23 December to 4 March 2018. Sculptors turn 550 tons of snow and ice in unusual shapes, which combined with lighting make the city similar to the enchanted land.

On the main square of the city building a real Christmas town with a large illuminated ice rink. In the center of the city there are several ice rinks, for example, on the Leidseplein.

As you can see, Christmas decorations and entertainment in Amsterdam is more than enough. In such a magic atmosphere about the cold it's easy to forget, especially if you drink hot cocktails sold at the fairs. Amsterdam, and Europe in General can be a great option for winter vacation. In the end, the main thing - new experiences, and Amsterdam guarantees.

Touch of the Christmas atmosphere of Amsterdam you can when watching this video: