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The weather and temperatures in the Dominican Republic in December

Pogoda v Dominikane v dekabre

The Dominican Republic, the full name of which the Dominican Republicis situated on the East of the island of Haiti and the scattering of Islands in the Caribbean.

The Western share of the Republic of Haiti.

These States lie in the archipelago is the greater Antilles. In fact, this is the only island on which there are two capitals, Santo Domingo and Port-AU-Prince (Haiti).

Where is it?

The country is situated between North and South America, adjacent to Jamaica, Cuba and Venezuela.

Caribbean sea - Atlantic ocean. It is entirely dotted with beautiful Islands. Once this land was inhabited by native Americans.

These include, for example, the arawaks and the Caribs, the latter gave the name to this region. Then rushed here conquerors-the Europeans-the Spaniards, the French, the British, the Dutch.

The country covers an area 48 of 440 sq km, saying it's mostly in Spanish. Also in the course of immigrant Haitian language Creole, is also a small part of the English-speaking population.

The descendants of slaves from the United States, which brought into the country in the 19th century. Because of the close economic ties with the United States, as well as due to the influx of English-speaking guests, the Dominicans taught in English.

What is the weather like in December?

In the Dominican Republic has a tropical climate with high humidity, the unusual residents of the rest of the world. The beauty of the country in a mild climate - the temperature never soars beyond 32 degrees and never falls below 0.

The temperature in December, depending on the district ranges from 23.6 to 25.2 degrees at the beginning of the month, and in the middle and the end in the country has a tropical summer with a temperature of 30-31 degrees during the day, but by the time bedtime the temperature drops to about 20 degrees.

The ocean is warm year-round, 26-28 degrees, making the Dominican Republic so attractive for the conquerors of the waves.

Kakaya pogoda v dekabre?

Where to go?

Holidays, festivals

Festivals in December are under the sign of the new year is Del Santo Cristo de Bayaguana. Include colorful parades, music, and dancing.

Another event is the international film festival. Four days in December of each year are shown independent films, short films, and documentaries.


Vacation in the Dominican Republic in December you can start with sightseeing. One of the most remarkable treasures of the Dominican culture - Colonial city, the old part of the capital, where the preserved buildings of the colonial capture of 15-16 centuries.

Many buildings recall of Columbus, and is one of the first objects of the New world, erected by Europeans.

These include the Columbus Palace, which was erected by his son, the ozama fortress, the oldest Church in America Santa Marie La Menor and the fragments of the convent of San Francisco.

You can also note the oldest in this area, the University, erected in 1568, and also the first on the island of St. Nicholas.

On the hill is another symbol of the city, perhaps the most important - the Columbus lighthouse.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Dominikany

What to do?

Relax on the beach

Rightfully the main attraction of the country are the beaches, long, white, Golden or silver sand, depending on the area of the island.

The main beach and promenade of the capital at night turns into a huge disco along its entire length.

Non-tourist Dominican Republic and free mango


Vacation in the Dominican Republic is striking in its diversity, the country has several national parks with caves on the bottom are hidden lakes, coral reefs inhabited by colorful tropical fish and other marine life.

Some of the cave complexes used by the local Indians as places of performance of the cult; you can also see petroglyphs, which depict even Columbus.

Travellers can enjoy jeep safaris, horseback riding, ecotourism, to watch turtles and humpback whales - the largest creatures on earth; to visit the factory producing the famous rum and tobacco.

For lovers of active and extreme tourism the Dominican Republic has to offer to ride a Quad bike, buggy, to do the scuba orspeleodiving to hunt underwater, go rafting or explore the caves.

Children will draw a natural aquarium and Dolphinarium.

Ekskursii v Dominikane

Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, the Russians only need to fill out an immigration card, a visa to visit, travelers would be required.

It is worth remembering that to bring and to bring the state currency is forbidden. Do not take the Central part of palm trees and some flowers. There are restrictions on transportation of cigars.

The main sectors of the economy, propranololo, the agricultural industry, a huge market share is the industry of service and travel industry.