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Weather and temperature in Israel in December

Pogoda v Izraile v dekabre

In Israel in December starts to rain. However, this fact does not bother those people who go to the country this time of year.

For tours to Israel in December is quite loyal to the price. Only at the end of the month usually rise in price.

Through the trip you are fully acquainted with the traditions and history of this great state.

What is the weather like in December?

This time of year in Israel, the holiday season is coming to its logical conclusion.

The sea temperature is still holding around +24 degrees. It is possible to swim, though, and don't recommend to do it, because the cold still comes.

Each region has its own temperature. For example, in tel Aviv until quite warm, the temperature can reach 22 degrees.

Near the Dead sea becomes a little cooler, the air is warmed up to +18. At night on the beaches almost nobody walks because it's not more than 11 degrees.

Also not very pleased with the heavy rains, which run an average of 12 days per month.

Kakaya pogoda v dekabre?

Where to spend time?

Events, exhibitions and festivals

The person who will fly to Israel in early December, will be a unique opportunity to celebrate along with the locals bright holiday called Hanukkah. Its celebration has been delayed for eight days.

At this time you can witness many spectacular fireworks and various concerts. The children of Israel, it is necessary for the soul.

During Hanukkah you can get to the largest food festival called "Taste of Galilee". Here you can taste special meals and themed excursions.

Also the Jews annually celebrate this event as Tevet. Several millennia ago the king of Babylon burnt Jerusalem. All residents of the city were exiled to Babylon.

Now every December the people of Israel pray to the Lord for future generations.

In the first week of December the Jewish film festivalshowing films of the best Directors in Israel.

Fans of good music can enjoy jazz festival, which is held in the first week of the month.

Exhibitions December in Israel is not rich. For example, in the beginning of the month in the Museum of the land of Israel held an exhibition entitled "the seal of the 1st world war".

Here you can see almost all the medals that were awarded to soldiers of the time.

Prazdniki, vystavki i festivali


In Israel you can see many attractions. Most often the tour program offered a walk through the most significant places.

Basically, it's:

  • The Wailing Wall. It is considered the most important Shrine in the country. The Jews see it as a great value. In fact, it is the remains of the Second Temple. That is its destruction, local residents are mourning still;
  • Church Of The Holy Sepulchre. In the center of the Christian quarter, you can find this world-famous landmark. Also here is the tomb of the Son of God arose;
  • Bethlehem. Of this biblical town know almost everyone, so here attracts millions of pilgrims every year;
  • mount Calvary. It was here that Christ made his death sentence;
  • The Azrieli Center. In tel Aviv you can find one of the tallest skyscrapers. In this outdoor observation deck, which offers a majestic view just;
  • Maritime Museum. It is possible to see the most interesting models of ships, and also to join the history of shipbuilding;
  • The Monastery "Star Of The Sea". He acts as a religious center and place of departure for your excursions;
  • Haifa. You can find several attractions: the tomb of Elijah the prophet, Bahai temple and monastery of the Carmelites, who founded the crusaders, who sought a secluded life;
  • The Monastery Of The Hospitallers. From the dungeon in the dining room you can reach the port;
  • Tiberias. According to legend, in this place was completed, one of the parts of the Talmud – Holy book of the Jews;
  • Synagogue in Nazareth. It is believed to be preached by Jesus Christ.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Izrailya

What to do?

December is the perfect time for lovers of all kinds of travelers. This time of year subsidesa major influx of tourists.

Prices for tours and hotels can be significantly reduced, so you can perfectly save on vacation. Basically it all depends on what the purpose of your arrival in the country at this time of year.

If you have an overwhelming desire just to relax or to celebrate New year as something unusual, then you may want to visit the bars of tel Aviv, which hosts all kinds of parties.

For sport enthusiasts, there is the possibility to go skiing at the resort "Ramat Shalom".

If you decide to relax on the beach, it is recommended to pick a different time of the year. In December it gets quite cold here, especially at night.

Swimming is, of course, possible, as the temperature of the red Sea is still different from Russian temperatures. But again, this is best done only during the day.

But there is the Dead sea, which was called a year-round resort. Here tourists can enjoy all treatments in the local spas. Swimming in the sea is prohibited, but the sun has not been canceled.

Modi'in Israel. Modiin Israel. ישראל מודיעין. Lemons-giants of winter.