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Weather and temperature in Cyprus in December

Pogoda na Kipre v dekabre

Climatic conditions on the island of Cyprus doing here stay in December even more diverse than in summer.

On the same day you can ski in the mountains and down to the sea, sunbathe on the beach.

The lack of sweltering heat allows you to explore the island and walk around the city with great comfort compared to the summer months.

This unique combination of capabilities makes Cyprus an attractive resort, in any winter month, including the Dec.

What is the weather and temperature in December?

In cities located on the coast, during the month kept stable weather. Air temperature is approaching 18 ° C and at night drops to 14-15ºC.

The water temperature in the sea is equal to 18-19 º C. Sometimes it spoils the warmer weather, and on some days the air temperature can warm up to 23 ° C.

In December, as a rule, happens from 2 to 10 rainy days. However, the General impression from the warm weather can spoil a strong gusty wind blowing from the sea.

Unlike the resort towns in villages located in Troodos mountains in December is much colder, and in the beginning of the month the snow falls.

In the early to mid-December in the afternoon the air can warm up to 9ºS, and at night the temperature drops to 0ºC.

By late December the day temperature does not exceed 6ºS, and at night can drop below 0ºC.

Kakaya pogoda v dekabre?

How to spend your time and what to do?

Take a ride around the villages of Cyprus

Many villages of Cyprus themselves are sights of the island. In the mountain villages is well developed various kinds of Handicrafts.

For example, in the famous village of Lefkara , almost all the inhabitants are engaged in traditional embroidery or the manufacture of silver jewelry.

And in the village of Agros locals make homemade wine and grow roses for production of rose oil.

Many such villages of Cyprus, which still retains the old traditions, included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Of course, you can buy various handmade Souvenirs for every taste, walk along the small cozy streets and take pictures of the mountain scenery from different parts of the villages.

To visit the Christmas market and festivities

Since the beginning of December in Cyprus are beginning to prepare for Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25. In the cities put up Christmas trees, decorated with garlands and toys.

But locals are preparing for this kind of winter holiday. Around the house to simulate snow they lay cotton, and snowmen they have to cut from foam.

From 1 December in the cities of Cyprus to begin the Christmas fair: here you can buy Souvenirs, to visit concerts, ride the rides at an amusement Park.

On Christmas celebrations in the city of Limassol arrive world stars of the French circus with a festive program.

At the end of the month you can see an interesting people's fun like run in costumes of Santa Claus.

Posetit rozhdestvenskuu yarmarku i narodnye gulyanya

Take a stroll through the ancient streets of cities

In many cities of Cyprus, there are areas of the Old town, where you can see old buildings from different eras. On the island in a harmonious neighborhood, there are architectural buildings of the British colonial period and the Venetian Republic.

After the reign of the Ottoman Empire remained religious buildings: mosques, mausoleums, special facilities for the pilgrims.

In the cities of Cyprus remained the Orthodox churches, which are now historical heritage of all mankind. At temples, there are museums, which exhibits ancient icons and Churchutensils.

Who said that winter is not a season? Winter, Cyprus!

To go Hiking in the Troodos mountains

In the Troodos mountainsin the interior of the island, there are Hiking trails for tourists. They were planned and designed specifically for visitors to the island.

At the tourist information centers you can get maps of these trails and the trails themselves are pointers, and needed labels to help you find the right road.

Walk the paths of the cedar forest to take pictures at the waterfall, then enjoy a meal at the tavern in the nearest mountain village is a great pastime for families and for people travelling alone.

Take a ride in the mountains on skis

Mount Olympus is the only ski resort in Cyprus. There are four tracks with the sonorous names: Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite and Hermes. The skiing season starts from mid-December.

Trails in the mountains is easy and suitable for beginners and for families. Besides a trip to the mountains is the best opportunity to enjoy the winter landscape of the island and breathe the crystal clear mountain air.

Pokatatsya v gorah na lyzhah

Relax on the beach

Cyprus is one of the few resorts where it is possible to sunbathe in December. And with a little luck with the weather, you can even swim in the sea.

When a strong wind blows, which here is not uncommon, it is possible to dress warmly and to walk along the city's waterfront in a spacious palm-tree alleys.

Cyprus welcomes guests at any time of the year. There is always something to do curious and active tourists.

Holidays in Cyprus in December is a unique opportunity to combine a relaxed beach holiday, playing winter sports, Christmas celebration walks and cultural places.