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Holidays in Cuba: weather, temperature and which fruits in December in Varadero?

pogoda na Kube v dekabre

Thanks to the warm oceanic currents, and blowing along the coast to the mild winds the weather in Cuba in December does not present local residents and tourists surprises. The first month of winter is one of the coolest of the year, but the sun is still not skimp on the heat, so beach holidays are in full swing.

What is the weather like in December in Cuba?

kakie klimaticheskie pokazateli?

December on the Island of Freedom is considered the month of the high season, which opens in Novemberand ends in April.

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The temperature of the air and water

Average December temperatures are in Cuba from 26 to 28 degrees Celsius (+night - 17-18 degrees). In the first and the last days of December a little colder from +25 to +26 degrees. The temperature of the water close to the summer averages 25 degrees.

In the beginning of the month a little warmer – from +25 to +26 degrees, and in the end is colder, up to 24 degrees.

The temperature of the air and water in the resorts of Cuba in December is as follows:

  • Varadero – +26,9 (air) and +26,2 (sea);
  • Cayo Coco – +27,0 +26,0;
  • Baracoa – +27.7 and +27,2;
  • Manzanillo – +29.6 and +26,5;
  • Mantanzas – +26,9 +26,5;
  • Holguin – +28.4 and +26,8;
  • Playa Esmeralda – +27,8 +26,8;
  • Santiago de Cuba - +29.3% and +28,0;
  • Trinidad – +27,9 +27,4.

temperaturnyj rezhim

The particular weather conditions

The first month of winter in Cuba marks the end of the rainy season and is one of the driest – it has an average of 2 to 5 rainy days. In recent years, this figure shifted in the direction of increase, since, according to experts, the climate changes slightly, its seasonality is not so pronounced as before.

In General, in December falls to 58 mm of rain, and the humidity is 74%.

Strong winds in this month is practically not observed, including: tornadoes and storms are almost unheard of, and it means that the obstacles for swimming and fishing tours there. If a storm does occur, then it continues for long, and the sea after it becomes colder.

The exception is the resort of Cayo Largo: in December the wind more than in any other month of the year, their speed is 6.5 m/s.

Vacation on Liberty Island

ostrovnoj otdyh

In the early winter of Cuban nature, like a second wind, and the travel industry is well aware, therefore, rely on the fact that the December holidays will be cheaper summer.

Where better to relax?

Looking for the perfect place for leisure tourists come to the Caribbean – what to sunnier, average temperatures are 2 degrees higher than in other regions of the country.

Beautiful weather in Santiago de Cuba (the city is protected by mountains from the winds), very comfortable to relax in Holguin (beautiful nature and sea there are many interesting places to dive).

Just hotter in December on the Islands Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo (strong winds not a hindrance). Cayo Largo also – a protected place where there are no permanent residents (they come here only to work), the nature of a unique, preserved charm of the XIX century.

Which fruits ripen?

Cuba is often called fruit Paradise. In December here ripen citrus: grapefruits, oranges, tangerines and amazing fruits called "mamoncillo" - Spanish lime, more sweet than normal, which the Russians are buying in the supermarkets.

In addition to citrus Dec happy honey bananas of five varieties, papaya and coconuts.


For this trip required:

  1. light sundresses, dresses;
  2. pants made of cotton or flax;
  3. shorts;
  4. t-shirts and tank tops;
  5. swimsuits and swimming trunks;
  6. comfortable shoes for the beach and walks;
  7. Panama and baseball caps.

Since the evenings can be cool, you will need a jumper, cardigan, light windbreaker. And for restaurant and party – appropriate fancy clothing.

What to do this month?

kak razvlechsya?

Tourists in the December Cuba beaches, possibility to practice water sports, interesting excursions and trips, and new year celebrations.

Beach vacation

December in Cuba – the perfect time for a beach holiday. The water temperature in the vicinity of 24-25 degrees and not as exhausting as in the summer, the sun's rays give you the opportunity to spend much time in the sea and buy a beautiful bronze tan. Very rare short-lived storms (mainly South coast).

The most popular among tourists at this time are the beaches:

  • Varadero;
  • Pilar;
  • Los Cocos.

Varadero, by the way, attracts those who are engaged in deep-water swimming.

There are sunken ships, underwater caves, and coral reefs, amazing variety and beauty of the marine fauna and flora.

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What to see and do?

kuda shodit v Gavane?

The list of places worth visiting touristsinclude:

  1. the Cuban capital Havana with the revolutionary interesting monuments and the famous cabaret "Tropicana", which hosts rousing show;
  2. Trinidad, rich in attractions – historical, architectural, natural;
  3. memorial complex in honor of Che Guevara and an extraordinary Cathedral, built of coral limestone, in the city of Santa Clara;
  4. national Park Guanahacabibes;
  5. Santa Cruz del Norte – the place where born the famous rum "Havana Club".

Holidays and festivals

In the first month of winter in Havana held a Festival of Latin cinema, it attracts guests from all over the world.

On the eve of Christmas and New year Cubans to organize various fairs, shows, competitions (dance, singing).

December 25 residents of the island celebrate Christmas as one of the main family events (this tradition came back 15 years ago, after a long period of neglect), but the fun usually spills out onto the streets and squares of cities and any tourist can participate in the festive celebrations of the show.

New year the country celebrates even harder, one of the most spectacular events – the Christmas carnival.

Instead of the traditional champagne to the Russians, the participants of the holiday cheer in honor of the arrival of the New year glasses with the cocktail "Cuba Libre".

See in this video, what are the weather conditions on the coast of Cuba in December: