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Holidays in the Maldives: what is the weather and temperature in December and January?

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Weather in the Maldives in December, despite the beginning of winter, the remains of the summer that attracts many tourists to this country. The opportunity to meet the new year holidays away from the snow and frost is a good reason to visit the Islands in winter.

What is the weather like in December in the Maldives?

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This time of year the heat is on in the Maldives finally subsides and the temperature becomes comfortable for relaxing.

December in Maldives is considered to be a warm and dry month, full of sunshine.

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The temperature of water and air

The average daily air temperature in the Maldives is +25-29 degrees Celsius.

  • On the Islands of malé the day temperature is +30 degrees, and night - +25-28 degrees.
  • On the Atoll of Addu in the afternoon the air temperature equals to +32 degrees, and at night the air cools to 28 degrees.
  • On Haa Alifu the air temperature is +29 C in the daytime and 26 degrees at night.

Water temperature almost equals the air temperature and reaches the target of +26 to 29 degrees.

Other weather phenomena

inye prirodnye yavleniya

In December, the Maldives in the period of strong winds - this time of year there is a change of steady winds and cyclones. In some cases, the wind speed is 5-6 m/s.

Despite the fact that December is a dry month, heavy rains still happen from time to time.

In an average month is about 150 mm of precipitation. Heavy rains and strong winds especially typical for the second half of the month, but this does not deter tourists. At the end of the month the wind changes to more severe and this time is characterized by a rough sea.

If the vacation is planned in January, it is possible to focus on the December forecast, because climate change is insignificant: by mid-January, the wind dies down, and rain this month, slightly less than in the previous - 114 mm.

The temperature in January and for the whole year, slightly different from the December performance - +29-31°C.

Paradise vacation

In December the Maldives is a small island of summer in the middle of a harsh winter with sandy beaches and exotic cocktails. A similar pattern attracts many tourists from all over the world, but this holiday has a lot of nuances.

Should I go?

To the benefits of the December holidays in the Maldives include the following:

  1. warm, comfortable weather to relax and swim in the sea;
  2. the opportunity to celebrate the New year and Christmas in an exotic setting;
  3. a large variety of activities and classes of different directions.

To the shortcomings of the December holidays in the Maldives include the high cost of tours, hotels , and other services (particularly strong price rises in the last week of December), the influx of tourists to the end of the month, and the probability of heavy rains and strong winds.

Where to go?

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Especially popular among tourists are the North and South male - there is warm weather throughout the day and various activities available and any entertainment.

However, rest on the male cannot be called cheap and available to everyone on the island will cost a significant amount, especially on the eve of the New year.

How to dress?

In December, in the Maldives exclusively heat, so for relaxation, take summer clothes with light stuff. Forbe sure to take a light jacket and a pair of closed shoes.

What to do on the Islands?

In December, the Maldives still lasts tourist season due to the comfortable temperature there are many people willing to spend time in this Paradise.

Beach vacation

The Maldives is perhaps one of the best places on the planet, suitable for beach holiday. Even in December the winter water temperature off the coast does not drop below 26 degrees. Also, the Maldives is an unusual place, where some of the beaches after dark, start to sparkle with thousands of neon lights.

Here you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also to engage in more active activities - diving, surfing, underwater hunting or fishing.

How to spend time?

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Besides swimming and lying on the beach, you can diversify your leisure time a lot of fun. For example, take a walk in the rainforest, or swim with giant turtles and take an air tour over the Islands. Besides, it is possible to make a trip to a real desert island feel on the day Robinson Crusoe.

In the capital malé, tourists are waiting for and architectural landmarks, for example:

  • the Palace is Muliere;
  • Grand Friday mosque;
  • National Museum and others.

Holidays and festivals

10 December in the Maldives is celebrated day of the fisherman is the main professional activity of the inhabitants of the island before the advent of tourism. All institutions in this day and serves fish specialities.

On this day, themed events, big open fish markets and fairs, tastings of different varieties of fish.

In December with the holidays celebrating the New year - the tourists are given the opportunity to spend this holiday maximally original: for example, on a desert island, or at midnight to drink champagne under water.

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