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Vacation in Thailand: the weather in Koh Samui in December

pogoda na Samui v dekabre

Koh Samui Paradise landscapes is located in the Gulf of Thailand, so the climate differs from the climate of Northern part of Thailand. So planning trips is important to know what the weather in Koh Samui in December to complement the suitcase with all necessary.

What is the weather in December on Koh Samui?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale zimy

If we talk about Southeast Asia, by the time of the occurrence we have fall and winter on its territory just ends the rainy season and there comes the best time for vacation.

But depending on places, favourable for vacation season different.

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The temperature of the air and water

Fans of moderately hot weather can exhale with ease. During December on the island of Samui is dominated by the interval of temperatures of air from +22°C at night to 29°C during the day, the water temperature is +27°C. Since the island itself is small, significant differences in temperature at different parts there.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

But there is one "but": for the beginning of December, another characteristic of the rainy seasonthat one year lasts until mid-month, another year may last until the end of December. But the rains have not have such protracted than in September. This is what you should pay attention to, if you prefer to relax on the beach.

Another feature of December will be the time that a possible sudden changes in the weather: here you lie on the beach, stretch out in pleasure and then, suddenly, the clouds burst into thunder, and heavy wind takes your hat and your favourite cocktail.

South China sea is also exciting in the first half of the month, there are strong waves.

Intense currents will change the face of water. For those who are waiting for the azure hues and gentle waves, the beginning of December may bring disappointment.

Depending on what part of the island you are the sea behaves differently:

  • Bang Po, Maenam, Choeng Mon in these parts by mid-end of December the sea is calm;
  • in Lamai, Chaweng Noi and Chaweng observed large waves.

specifika temperaturnogo rezhima

On the advice of experienced travellers, who rested not just on Samui, the best option would be to come to the island after 20 December, when the sea wind gradually begin to subside.

December vacation

Winter is coming, someone the holiday falls on December, and someone has already become a tradition closer to the New year to fly to sea to escape the cold in the gentle and hospitable climate of southern countries.

Pros and cons - should I go?

The main drawback for tourists is the uncertainty of weather conditions. In other cases, precipitation may be delayed for a few days. Clearly, the weather can ruin plans, consequence - waiting under the roof of the hotel or in the room.

For lovers of water adventures in this period also the sea doesn't Bode well in connection with high waves and intense currents. And those who hope to bring home pictures from blue and transparent sea may remain without achieving its goal - the sea in this period is murky.

Another feature of the stay on Koh Samui in December is a large number of tourists, and their number approaches a critical point in late December - early January.

For different people the environment has a different meaning, who privacy, and someone likes to be in the "ant-hill".

For people who are overweight and those who don't like heat, this period can and will love.

But otherwise there is good all - aroundgreens, exotic animals, plenty of fruit , etc.

Despite the instability in the weather, lovers of vivid contrasts in the range of scenery, will find his delight, because of the overcast sky and the sky after the rain always gives a lot of colors and shades.

How to dress?

kakuu odezhdu brat?

Though in December on Koh Samui can be drastic weather changes, all the same, the thermometer here does not fall below +22°C. this means that tourists can take with them only light items of clothing: swim shorts, swimwear, shorts, light shoes, sandals, gingham tunics and floaty dresses.

The only thing worth mentioning is the waterproof gear: raincoat, as well as various protective cases for electronics, plastic cards and money.

What to do this month?

In General, Koh Samui is famous for its white sand beaches, where "a grain of sand to a grain of sand" indistinguishable, like in heaven, charmed with its beauty spots and cultural attractions.


The onset of the Christmas holidays preparing the tourist infrastructure of Thailand. Therefore cafes and restaurants visitors will find plenty of delicious masterpieces, various shows and performances.

For those who have just arrived suitable study tour of the island by taxi. Within the island in different areas is:

  1. Golf;
  2. karting;
  3. shooting ranges;
  4. jeep safaris.

provedenie dosuga

Lovers of shopping will find their appreciation of the island scattered mass of souvenir shops, shops, markets.

Large shopping malls of the same name "Lotus" is located in Lamai and Chaweng.

Those who love to monitor their health waiting for spa treatments in various salons, and, according to experienced, after this "the world definitely seems to others."

Of spectacles standard for Asia presentation: cock fights and fights bulls.

And people engaged in spiritual practice here, waiting for the meditation centerwhere you can have different programs and trainings.

Beach vacation

The main beaches of Samui:

  • Chaweng (Chaweng);
  • Bophut (Bophut);
  • Maenam (Maenam).

Local beaches abound standard water sports: diving, jet skis, parachutes, fishing in the sea.

Among all beaches , the most popular is the area of Chaweng, where most of bars, cabaret shows, cinemas.


ekskursionnye programmy po dostoprimechatelnostyam

Active guests here will find: the island hosts several types of excursions:

  1. the natural attractions: national marine Park Ang Thong (beach, caves), multi-level waterfalls of hin Lat and 30 meter in height In Muang, as well as to the local Aquarium;
  2. to historical monuments and religious shrines: statue of Big Buddha, pagoda Laem SOR temple and the Kunar (the last is the mummy of a monk).

New year and other holidays

Traditionally, our New Year is celebrated a little differently here than on the Russian open spaces. There is an atmosphere of artificiality. And there is a reason - Thai New Year (Songkran) is in mid-April. Therefore, if here and feel the new year atmosphere, it is made especially for tourists, namely: on the streets and in the shops put the Christmas tree with ornaments, carried the sounds of Christmas tunes.

Hotels, restaurants and cafes are preparing their show-program: Christmas discos, gala dinners.

Some tourists prefer to organise themselves: are groups of countrymen from the region, purchase food and drinks at the store, roast meat, etc.

By midnight on the beaches in the entire run fireworks and fireworks.

On Christmas in the Church of the ascension is usually arranged Orthodox procession.

Though the vast majority of Thailand's population is Buddhist, they are all the same, with respect to the feast of the Nativity of Christ and keep his paraphernalia: candles, greetings in Russian language.

Based on all of the above, can affirmatively say that December falls on the border of transition from the rainy to dry period. Therefore, this month can be described in one word: unpredictability. Still, lovers of fresh air, green surroundings and moderately warm weather will find here peace.

To see what the weather can be in December in Koh Samui, you canvideo: