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Weather and temperature in Nha Trang (Vietnam) in December

Pogoda v Nyachange v dekabre

Nha Trang is a major resort on the South China sea. Beautiful modern city grew on the site of a small fishing village.

Its attractions included in encyclopedias and history books. Here you can see the unique round fishing boats, baskets, numerous pagodas, visit the mud baths at the hot springs Thukpa.

What is the weather in Vietnam in December?

In Vietnam, December is the time when winter comes. The weather is noticeably changing. Although about the end of the rainy season is too early, but the rainfall is markedly reduced.

In early December, the rains are not coming for days, and there are usually at night or in the middle of the day. So in the morning and in the evening you can safely go for a walk or the beach.

Though rarely, but it happens and the storm. The raging element was a sight to see from a safe place.

And in the second half and the end of the month of December the sun is already enough to relax on the beach. However, at this time of year the sea can be high waves, because there are often strong winds blow.

The air temperature is cool for the tropics, it ranges from 22 to 17 degrees. At night, the temperature decreased slightly, by one to two degrees.

But the fresh breeze and the humidity forced to think about a lightweight jacket or jumper. The sea is very warm, the water temperature to 26 degrees, sometimes it is warmer than the air.

Kakaya pogoda v dekabre?

Where to spend time?

How to diversify your leisure in Nha Trang in December? In Vietnam a lot of interesting places that are unusual for Europeans. They are definitely worth a visit.


Pagoda Long Sean. It was erected in 1886 at a high mount Trai Thuy, but during a storm it was destroyed, and brought it to another place.

The pagoda is dedicated to the monks who died in protest against US support of the regime of NGO Dinh Diem. Near the pagoda is a statue of the white Buddha in the Lotus position.

Pagoda Temple Of The Sun. It was built on a tiny rocky islet is hon don. The temple took 40 years to Buddhist monks.

In addition to pagoda the attention of tourists are attracted to red rocks, standing on the perimeter of the island.

Tower Gar. They were built on the site of the sanctuary of the ancient Hindus in the VII and XII centuries. Once there were 8 of them. Later there was built a temple for meditation.

Till our days survived only 4 towers and a few columns from the hall. On the rocks were carved inscriptions, and survived the image of the goddess desjatinogih Minds.

Preserved interiors in temple, located near the towers. Everything here is steeped in Oriental mysticism: flowers, candles, incense.

Cathedral. The temple was built in 1934 of reinforced concrete, it was a difficult read. Over the Cathedral with a cross.

The building was built in the Gothic French style. The Cathedral is a working Church, there is the residence of the Bishop of Nha Trang.

The silk Museum. The exhibition introduces the art of embroidery on silk. Presented here is silk paintings, scarves, clothes, all sorts of women's jewelry.

Rooms are available in ceramics and sculpture. Here is the live national music, and visitors are treated to a ginger tea.

The Museum space. This is a small Museum telling about the Cham people and their Kingdom was on the site of modern Nha Trang.

In one of the halls of the Museum exhibits personal belongings of Ho Chi Minh.

Gallery Of Long Tan. This is a permanent exhibition of contemporary photography, reflecting the lives of ordinary workers. Most of the photos black and white, they can purchase here.

Gde provesti vremya?

What to do?

To understand the nature of the country, its features, have a lot to travel on it.


White sand dunes. It is 20 km from Nha Trang, and represent the hills white like flour sand.

It is very hot, so to lie down on it, enjoying the sun and fresh air, better to come here in the evening.

Waterfalls Bajo. For the trip to the waterfalls stands out the whole day. Waterfalls three, before they have to get through the jungle, on the Bank of a small river, often climbing over large boulders.

In the pond every waterfall you can swim in the cold clear water and watch the tropical birds that there is almost not afraid of human.

Cape Honchong. It is a popular tourist place. Here you can admire the beautiful sea at dawn and see the imprint of a giant "palm" on a granite slab, listen to the tour guide, telling the legend of the boy who noticed here beautiful fairy, who swam in the sea near the shore.

Mountain Hon BA. It is located near Nha Trang and attracts with its picturesque slopes with serpentine winding path. She walks past plantations of bananas, a mountain of boulders and thickets of tropical trees.

Having risen to sufficient height, you can be in the centre of the cloud. With every meter passed up, becomes cooler.

On top of the mountain there is a house-Museum of microbiologist Alexander Yersin. This Frenchman discovered the causative agent of plague.

There is also a small cafe where you can eat after a hard lift. On the way back is to swim in the mountain river, where the water is warmer than the air.

The monkey island. It is a small island inhabited by numerous monkeys. Here you can stroll through a manicured Park, watching the numerous monkeys, trying to steal the camera or bag.

There is a circus, where every day there are performances, a fun Park and a small beach.

Fields of salt. The land is divided into small areas, filled with sea water, is called Field of salt.

Under the hot tropical sun, water evaporates within 10 days, and all the fields turn white. The salt is collected in heaps and taken away on trucks.

Glowing plankton. On the beach, An Vien is often possible to see the unique natural phenomenon—glowing plankton. Night, swim just a short distance from the coast, you can be amongst thousands of tiny blue lights, fly away.

However, with a very strong glow to swim is not: in such moments is the release of toxins. But from the shore sight truly fantastic.

CHem zanyatsya?

Relax on the beach

Nha Trang beach is considered the capital. The beaches here are all sandy, with tiny pieces of sea shells, surrounded by lush tropical nature, and they extend for miles along the coast.

Beach Chang Fu. Located in the city, so it's very lively here: right on the beach there are bars and restaurants, hawkers, tea, cakes and Souvenirs.

You can rent a surfboard, jet ski or water skiing. Massage.

Beach Bai Yai. A quiet beach on the territory of the former military base. Here gently sloping sea, fine sand, equipped with sun loungers. You can eat in a small restaurant.

Beach Jungle Beach. The beach is far from the city, 55 km, it is the most clean and uncrowded beach. If you want, here you can stay overnight in bungalows that are near the beach.

Beach Paragon Beach. This beach belongs to the hotel, but the entrance to it is free, it is possible to rent beach equipment and to eat in a small restaurant. Here are a few people, mostly hotel guests.

The Beach Of Nha Trang. Clean well maintained long beach with rental of beach equipment, including towels. There are changing cabins and toilets.

You can buy fresh seafood, then cook. Organized trade of fruit and Souvenirs.

Vietnam is still poorly mastered by the Russian tourists, though it is an interesting country with a rich history, warm sea and cheap service.

In December, it attracts a lot of tourists from Europe to celebrate the New year in an unconventional exotic setting.

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