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Weather in the UAE in December: the temperature of the air and the water, beach holidays, holidays

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A trip to the United Arab Emirates ahead of the New year - an excellent idea.

This is one of the few countries where in winter you can get away from the Russian cold to enjoy warm and Sunny weather.

Understand what the weather is and where it is warm in December in UAE, is it possible to swim and a cultural program will delight Arab Emirates tourists.

The climate and temperature in December in UAE

This month the weather is warm with a high level of importance. Night can be a bit cool. The temperature drops to 20 degrees Celsius. The day it does not exceed 25 degrees.

It is an ideal place for tourists from the Nordic countries who are not used to hot weather.

Day traveler will need a summer, lighter garments, and for warm evening walks. In December, the rains are oftenso does not hurt to take a trip umbrella.

Weather at popular resorts

December in Dubai is warm and Sunny. The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius above zero. Tourists will feel comfortable to be on the beach and by the pool.

Night temperature drops to 16 degrees. Pools in the city are heated in the evening. The water in the Gulf warms up in December to 22-24 degrees Celsius.

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Sharjah weather in December is warmer. In the afternoon the air warms up to 27 degrees Celsius, and at night does not drop below 21 degrees. Rains are rare. The water warms up to 24 degrees.

Weather in December in Abu Dhabi with similar weather conditions of Dubai. The air does not rise above 25 degrees during the day and does not drop 21 degrees at night. The water temperature is 22 degrees.

Cloudy and cool days in this city in December are not uncommon.

Ajman will surprise the tourist with warm and Sunny weather during the day and cool at night. The average day temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, and at night it drops to 15-17 degrees. The water in the Gulf warms up to 23 degrees Celsius.

Weather in RAS al Khaimah in December is hot. In the afternoon the air temperature can rise to 32-34 degrees Celsius. At night, she will not fall below 26 degrees.

The water is very warm, it warmed up so well that its temperature is 26-28 degrees.

Where better to relax?

The whole month of December to UAE residents and tourists spend in anticipation of the New year. Hotels are preparing an entertainment programme and prices of goods in the stores is reduced. Everywhere you can see large discounts.

On the eve of New year travelers are getting bigger, so you need to buy tours in advance. In early December, almost all of the rooms in hotels are booked.

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Vacationers should be sure to bring the following clothes:

  1. Lightweight, natural fabrics. The clothing is as comfortable as possible in hot weather.
  2. Warm, which will be useful in the evening.
  3. To take of the dress you need simply, without deep cleavage.
  4. ... In shorts and t-shirt is not recommended. Tourists need to take a strict summer suits, trousers and shirts.
  5. The sun in UAE is merciless. To avoid sunstroke will help headpiece. He is a must with me.

Resting in the UAE, tourists should try the local dishes. Restaurants can offer fruit desserts. Fruit in this country happen all year round.

In the fruit markets can be purchased even in December, mango, mangosteen, apples, plums. Presented as the usual fruit and exotic.

Tourists in the UAE in December is worth a try:

  • carambola;
  • the pitaya;
  • guava.

Things to do tourist?

To visit in December, this country need not just for the warm and Sunny weather, a beach holiday but also for sightseeing and shopping.

This month in the UAE celebrate UAE national Day. It takes place the second and third of December. During the festival you can visit parades, festivals, concerts.

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We must not forget that in December is the Rugby tournament. Film fans should visit the international film festival.

The UAE has a large number of museums and galleries. You can find out much more about the culture and history of this country.

If sightseeing tourists have already visited, you should go on a Safari.

Every tourist will find something for everyone. Even in the winter in UAE is a rich cultural program.