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Weather and temperature in Thailand (Phuket) in December

Pogoda v Tajlande v dekabre

In Thailand (Phuket) in December the tourist season starts. Here the sun shines brightly, the sea gently lapping.

After the cold of Moscow, raw Petersburg and frosty Siberia is the place where a huge tropical bloom flowers, flying butterflies and large dragonflies, where the air is filled with aromas of flowers and spices, and the sky is blue and the horizon merges with the blue sea, seems like Paradise on earth.

What is the weather like in December?

This is the best month for travel to Phuket. The elements already calmed down: over the wind, recapture storms, and rain were torrential rains.

Weather in Phuket in December: usually only five or six rainy days, and these days almost all the time the sun is shining, only occasionally leaving behind a cloud, falling down on the ground a short shower.

By tropical standards, the weather is cool, the temperature in December in Phuket day only 30 degrees, but at night and at all 23.

This weather is perfect for a seaside holiday. It in December, calm, warm, clear water, heated to 27 degrees.

Kakaya pogoda v dekabre?

Where to spend time?

Phuket time is running out so quickly. Too much here of everything: beaches, museums, holidays.


Here is what to look. The island has a long history, so monuments, telling about the events of the past, there are many.

Big Buddha Chalong. This statue, which is visible from almost the entire southern part of Phuket, have recently been installed. It rises 45 meters.

Beside the big Buddha is a smaller Buddha. The complex's construction continues, and every tourist offer to buy the tablet of marble with the image of Buddha and thus to contribute to the construction.

The seashell Museum. Here is the world's largest collection of sea shells and pearls. There is a shell weighing 250 kg and 140 carat pearl of the Indian ocean.

The Wat Chalong Temple. This is a Buddhist temple known throughout Asia, its date of construction is not defined. The exterior of the temple resembles a Palace from a fairy tale.

On its territory there are several interesting buildings: the house with the statues of three monks ' cells, the Abbot's room and the crematorium. But when you visit the temple it is necessary to follow a dress code.

Thailand, Phuket, Dec.

Holidays and festivals

In December in Patong, the famous beach of Phuket, is a great festival held in honor of the beginning of the tourist season.

Regatta. The most striking sight on the island in December is the Royal regatta, it is 5 December, when the king celebrates his birthday.

This is the largest competition of its kind in Asia. In the evening after their completion on Kata beach, the party begins with the launch of the lanterns of paper and a disco till the morning.

Fantasia Show. On Kamala beach every evening professional shows in the style of Las Vegas. Thai legends, laughter, unpredictable plot that every time we get new captures from the first minute.

This show is one of the main attractions of Phuket.

Thai Boxing. To come here and not see Thai Boxing, so don't get the full picture of the country. It is a spectacular sight even for those who are far from sports.

To see the matches at the Saphan Hin stadium or Patong beach.

But the traditional European holiday — the New year is celebrated only by tourists. Yes, and the usual Christmas decorations, various garlands, stars, lanterns, can be seen only in hotels.

Prazdniki i festivali

What to do?

Phuket is always a lesson and when it rains and when the sun shines.


The Bay Of Phang-Nga. It's an amazing place where you must go. Here from the emerald water rise rocky gray-green rocks, similar to the raised gnarled fingers of a giant.

During the excursion tourists visit the two Islands with rare fauna: the James bond island and Koh Pani.

The Phi Phi Island. On this island they filmed the movie "the Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Koh Phi Phi is one of the most picturesque Islands in Thailand.

From a distance itseems to be an impregnable fortress: the cliffs rise like castle walls and towers.

Behind them the jungle, and beneath them are gorgeous beaches with palm trees, with tiny bays, their water surface oscillate small sailboats.

Promthep Cape. It is the southernmost tip of the island. Here is an observation deck. Many tourists come here to see the beautiful sunset.

After the sun sets, it is necessary to descend on a picturesque hill down to eat in a restaurant with Thai cuisine and visit the lighthouse Museum, a rise which can be considered of the island, immersed in the misty haze of evening.

CHem zanyatsya?

Phuket Tan. Small, quiet home town, where his progress is measured life, typical Thai province.

Narrow streets, on both sides of which are houses, built by the Portuguese, shops, cafes, Chinese temples.

Aquarium. Here are the main inhabitants of the Andaman sea and freshwater fishes of tropical rivers. After going through the ten-meter tunnel, you can see the underwater life of the inhabitants of the South seas.

Zoo. The zoo has many rare animals. In addition to the usual Hiking and exploring the inhabitants of the zoo you can see different shows: a show of monkeys, crocodiles, elephants. They are scheduled daily.

Butterfly garden. It's a big Park, covered with netting. There are a huge number of butterflies of various sizes and colors.

A beach holiday in Thailand (Phuket) in December

A secret beach. A narrow beach which is surrounded on all sides by cliffs. The sea is clean, the sand is fine and soft but the bottom is rocky.

To the beach leads to the stairs, before descending a small diner with Thai cuisine. For those wishing to stay the night there are a few small bungalows.

Beach Nihan. Fairly quiet beach, far away from the main tourist routes. The beach is sandy but the sea you can swim in the river that connects the sea and a small lake.

It formed a natural pool where it is very convenient to bathe the children. Around the lake made roads and fences, tourists love to come here to do morning and evening runs.

You can hire a catamaran. Along the beach there are numerous Thai restaurants.

Yanui Beach. It's a small beach between the two slopes. Half sandy and half rocky. On the beach also rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

There are two small restaurants. Nearby is a small island. You can rent a canoe and stroll around the island.

Rawai Beach. Large, vibrant sandy beach near the pier there are many boats that can be rented to explore the picturesque island lying near the shore.

There are a lot of restaurants, famous for its cuisine. It's great to cook fish right on the street. Near the beach there is a market.

Plyazhnyj otdyh v Tajlande (na Phukete) v dekabre

The beach at Bon island. It is a coral beach with clean sand, there are many coves where you can scuba dive.

On the beach a lot of fun: skydiving, riding a banana, walk under water in a special helmet.

Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman sea. This is the place for exciting trips, beach holidays and cultural tours.