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Rest in Abkhazia photo, what the weather, temperature and what to do in December?

pogoda v Abhazii v dekabre

Warm, friendly Abkhazia welcomes tourists not only during the holiday season, but in the winter time. When the world is winter, the weather in Abkhazia in December, more reminiscent of autumn with rainy and windy, but still warm days.

What is the weather and temperature of air and water in December in Abkhazia?

pokazateli vozduha i vody v nachale zimy

December in Abkhazia is difficult to call winter - prevails here as in autumn warm weather and complete lack of the usual for Russia snow.

The average day temperature varies from +9 to +12 degrees Celsius.

Night figures fall to the level of 3-7 degrees. The highest temperature in Gudauta and Sukhum, and cooler just in Pitsunda.

If you go to Abkhazia in the beginning of the month, the country will meet heat and temperature can even reach +13-16°C. By the end of the month, the air is cooled to 5-7 degrees.

As for the water temperature of the Black sea, it does not rise above a mark of +12 degrees.

In December in Abkhazia is quite windy and rainy, and the rainfall greater than in any other month - about 200-220 mm. the Sea at this time of year is very hectic - to be troubled by strong winds and storms, which rise to strong waves, bearing the cold and damp.

Winter holidays in apsna photo

novogodnij otdyh

It is believed that December is not the best time to travel to Abkhazia.

Because of the relatively low temperature of air and water tourists are deprived of many possible types of leisure and entertainment.

The pros and cons

To the inherent advantages of visiting Abkhazia at this time of year include:

  • the opportunity to meet the New year in the country;
  • fresh and cheap fruits;
  • the almost complete absence of tourists;
  • for mild winter months climate;
  • reasonable prices for housing and entertainment.

preimushestva i nedostatki

The cons of this holiday are:

  1. the impossibility of a beach holiday and some sightseeing;
  2. the lack of a ski holiday;
  3. the rains, which can go for weeks;
  4. adverse, even criminal situation in some regions of the country.

In the opinion of tourists is difficult to understand whether to go in December in Abkhazia - some believe that it is the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing holiday, while others argue that winter in Abkhazia absolutely nothing to do. So the decision about visiting the country will have to make.

Where to go?

The most popular at this time of the year are the resorts of Sukhumi, Pitsunda, and Gagra. New Athos is famous among tourists an abundance of religious monuments and interesting natural objects (e.g., caves).

How to dress?

Going in the winter in Abkhazia, it is necessary to put in the suitcase as summer clothes for Sunny warm days and warm, winter stuff for cold nights and windy days.

You also need to take into account that December is a rainy month, so it's best to bring an umbrella and a pair of waterproof shoes.

What to do in the country at this time?

chto posetit v etot period?

Despite the "dead" tourist season in December in Abkhazia still have work to do.

What to see: excursions and activities

Winter in Abkhazia is the best time to visit this ancient and beautiful country. Within the tour you can visit the local monasteries and temples, lake Riza, ancientthe new Athos cave, waterfall Maiden's tears, Blue lake, Museum of art, fortresses and castles in Sukhum and other places of interest.

If the December holiday is scheduled in nearby Sochi, there are also excursions in the most popular places of Abkhazia.

To improve their health and feel better using therapeutic mud and monolexemic. In Abkhazia there are a large number of hot springs and springsfull of minerals.

But the most popular form of entertainment in Abkhazia is a walk in the streets and tasting of the present Abkhazian wine.


Many people come to Abkhazia together with the family to meet here new year's holidays. At this time, the country is decorated in Christmas style, and pensions and hotels are preparing for an influx of guests.

See in this video, what are the weather conditions on the coast of Abkhazia in December: