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Athens: photo, weather, temperature and what to do in December?

pogoda v Afinah v dekabre

Travel lovers, for whom a trip to a warmer than Russia, the country is not exclusively associated with a beach holiday, the chance to stop the choice on Greece. Weather in Athens in December is quite comfortable, not to indulge in walks, excursions.

And training to the brightest events of the year – Christmas and the New year creates an atmosphere of celebration that you will keep in your heart and be warmed by it, returning to the Russian frost and snow storms.

Weather in December in Athens

dekabrskie pogodnye usloviya

The first month of winter is considered to be in Athens and around the Greek capital the most unpredictable in terms of the weather period.

Here, of course, no snow and freezing temperatures, but surprises happen.

Meteorologists in different years recorded, for example, the indicatorsapproaching zero, and sometimes - not winter plus 20-22 degrees.

What this means for potential tourists? Only that the trip is necessary to prepare in advance, interested in weather forecast and in accordance with it to build a travel program. In any case, the rest will be interesting.

The temperature of the air and water

temperaturnye pokazaniya

The proximity to the tropics, washing the coast of the warm sea of the Mediterranean basin make the local climate is mild even in December. The average daily temperature is 15.2 degrees Celsius, at night - +8,8.

If you compare the temperature of the beginning and the end of December, the difference between them is usually small: on the eve of new year holidays the thermometer shows at 2-5 degrees lower than in the first days of winter.

But what are the dynamics of change of the water temperature of the Aegean sea, splashing at the shores of Athens:

  • +18,5 – at the beginning of December;
  • +16,7 – at the end of December;
  • +17, 7 is the average.

The particular weather conditions

On the first month of winter accounts for 17% of the annual volume of the Athenian rain. In absolute figures, this amounts to from 100 to 140 mm of rain. If we talk about the number of rainy days, this figure ranges from 11 to 14. Humidity – 73%.

The average wind speed is 4.1 m/sec. happen gain up to 8 m/sec. Usually winds blow from the North-East. The sea in December is quite calm, wave height is 0.2 m.

December vacation - photos

foto zimnego otpuska

According to estimates of the tourism industry December in Athens belongs to the period of low season. However, at the same time, many tourists find positive moments for yourself.

Should I go?

The main plus – the opportunity to visit a wonderful country, spending considerably less money than spending of tourists in other seasons. Manages to save on the travel voucher, hotel, tours, tickets, restaurants.

If you are interested in shopping, then there is a tangible benefit in the form of seasonal sales and major discounts.

The lack of crowds is a big plus for those who would wish in a relaxed atmosphere, thoroughly acquainted with Athens (decorated for Christmas and the New year the capital of Greece is especially beautiful), ancient monuments and rich museums.

Good words deserves and weather – it was refreshing, gives to breathe the wonderful sea air. And the December rains, as a rule, quickly come to an end, and most of it falls at night.

However, the weather of the first winter month will not suit those who would like to spend time on the beach and swim in the sea. But there's nothing you can do, have to plan to stay another month.

How to dress?

In the December trip need to bring warm clothes, what href="http://tour.liketourist.com/pogoda/zima/kuda-poehat-v-rossii/">Russia usually wear in the autumn:

  1. jerseys;
  2. jeans and pants;
  3. jackets;
  4. raincoats;
  5. headpiece;
  6. waterproof shoes.

kakie veshi vzyat?

Swimsuit can also come in handy if you plan to visit the pool. Need to bring some dressy things, as in the December holiday program sure to be a festive event.

What to do this month in the capital of Greece?

To get more done, better to plan your upcoming vacation – tours, trips, holidays and even shopping.

What to see?

Athens is so rich in monuments of history that even the metro in this city is decorated with various archaeological curiosities. They were discovered by workmen metrostroiteli, and these findings have subsequently developed the most unusual in the world exposition.

Here is what you can see in the Greek capital:

  • The Parthenon and the Acropolis is the main attraction of Athens;
  • The new Acropolis Museum (among the exhibits is the statue of the goddess Athena);
  • The Erechtheum, built entirely of white marble;
  • The temple of Olympian Zeus, which had begun in the 6th century BC, with 15 surviving huge columns (originally 104);
  • If you want to see more in a short period of time, you can go for an hour tour of the city on the unusual transport - the train.

  • The temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, built at the peak of the cliff;
  • chto iz dostoprimechatelnostej posmotret?

  • Allou Fun Park – a huge amusement Park, which will be interesting for both children and their parents;
  • Tower of the winds in Athens – the oldest functioning weather station;
  • National archaeological Museum – the collection of masterpieces of all periods, more than 20 thousand exhibits;
  • Numismatic Museum;
  • The Museum of Cycladic art (dedicated to the cultural values of the 3rd Millennium BC);
  • Museum of Greek costume;
  • Delphi - one of the oldest cities in 180 km from Athens.

New year's eve in Athens – perfect time for shopping. The main tourist shopping street is Ermou (Hermes), here you can buy and the Greek "consumer goods", and exclusive items, and coats, which are famous in Greece.

Holidays and festivals

The holiday season starts in Athens on December 6 is celebrated as St. Nicholas Day. Christmas (25 December) is preceded by festivals, concerts, various entertainment programs for locals and guests of the Greek capital, people of different ages, including children.

Sometimes the actions of festive events become the Central square of Athens, Syntagma and nearby national gardens and the area is smaller in other parts of the capital.

In the centre of Syntagma usually put a festively decorated Christmas tree, a carousel for the kids. Here are the street musicians, local artists, theaters, performers of traditional Greek dances.

On the last day of December in Athens, as in Russia, greeted the New year. Here hospitably open taverns, restaurants surprise holiday menu. The sky over the city brighten the fireworks.

Tour the December Athens - in this video: