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What is the weather and temperature in December in Anapa?

pogoda v dekabre v Anape

Anapa is not only a summer resort. Weather in December in Anapa will allow you to relax, especially if the trip purpose – treatment or active tourism.

Winter on the Black sea coast are impressive, soft southern climate is conducive to walks in the picturesque parks of health resorts and town squares.

What is the weather in Anapa in December?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v nachale zimy?

The city offers many cultural and entertainment events. With the onset of the first winter month Anapa immersed in the holiday atmosphere: the streets are decorated with Christmas trees and garlands everywhere open the new year fair.

In the theaters at this time, there are performances for children, and musical and recitals.

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The temperature of the air and water

In December, weather in Anapa depend on the wind direction. Under the domination of the South wind, the thermometer does not fall below a mark of +15°C. When its direction changes to North-East, the temperature decreases significantly. A day this figure rises to +8°C, night does not rise above +3°C.

The air temperature does not fall to negative values due to the temperature of the water. Compared to summer rates the Black sea cools, but the water temperature ranges from 9°C to 11°C.

temperaturnye pokazateli vozduha

The average temperature at the Anapa coast:

  • Day temperature : +7°C;
  • The night temperature of +2°C;
  • The water temperature in the sea: +10°C.

The particular weather conditions

In the first month of winter the humidity is 70-90%. Snow falls rarely and melts immediately. But rainy days in December, happens quite a lot.

The average weather conditions in December:

  1. The number of Sunny days: 20;
  2. The number of rainy days: 10;
  3. Humidity: 80%;
  4. Wind speed: 6 m/s.

December vacation at sea

Mostly in the winter time, visitors to Anapa go with the goal of improvement in local health centers.

Very rarely in December, you meet a person, swim in the sea. Basically it is a strong and hardened people who are fond of winter swimming.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

Winter holidays in Anapa eliminates the opportunity to swim in the sea and plenty of sunbathing on the sandy beach.

What at first glance may seem like a disadvantage is actually an advantage for those seeking a peaceful break. Most people will prefer the warmer time of the year to visit the black sea coast of Krasnodar region.

In December you can see the entire beauty of this wonderful place it is without the annoying crowds of tourists.

How to dress?

It is recommended to stock up on top winter clothing, not leaky. The preferred waterproof jackets, sweaters and scarves made of natural wool. Shoes need a comfortable, dense. Will not be able to do without the output of clothing, if you plan visits to cultural events.

What to do in this period?

Despite the lack of hot Sunny weather, this city is ready to share holiday spirit with the tourists.

Sightseeing and entertainment

Black sea coast open to Hiking. On a clear day on the Central beachflock of seagulls, ducks, swans and crows that like to eat fresh bread for locals and visitors alike.

In December in Anapa many tourist bureaus continue their activities. In warmer weather there are horse riding, trips to the Dolphinarium, tours in Abrau-Dyurso valley and Sukko.

razvlekatelnye programmy i dostoprimechatelnosti

List of attractions in Anapa and the surrounding area, available to visit in December:

  • lighthouse Anapa;
  • Archaeological reserve Museum "Gorgippia";
  • Central promenade;
  • the Church of St. Onuphrius;
  • Museum of local lore of Anapa;
  • monument to "Russian gates".

Holidays and festivals

New year mood is in the city, hung with bright garlands, burning illumination, square decorated with trees with sparkling tinsel, the festive fair takes place. The main theme of all activities at the December holiday events - New year.

New year's eve festivities held on the Theatre square, where traditionally place the main tree.

The restaurants and cafes of the city also compete by decorating their rooms in the best Christmas traditions. Chefs offer their guests to taste unique dishes of Caucasian cuisine without the hustle and bustle that usually in restaurants in the summer. In the specialized shops of the city is wine tasting.

Winter Anapa gives travelers a lot of impressions. Impossible to resist her amazing landscapes. Here you can spend your holiday, not only enjoying sightseeing trips and hikes on sights, but also to improve health.

This time of year the sea air is particularly soft. It fills the lungs, clearing them from the city smog.

In this video we will see what the weather you can expect in Anapa in late December: