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Holidays in Turkey: weather and temperature in December in Antalya - photo

pogoda v Antalii v dekabre

Antalya is one of the most visited summer resorts in Turkey, it is a leader in this regard for a long time and deservedly so. Until the end of high season the beaches are most crowded.

But not only in the hot summer months, it is good - even in the winter in this city can have a great time. Weather in Antalya in December is quite pleasant and moderate.

What is the weather like in December in Antalya?

 kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v nachale zimy?

In the first month of winter, when in our land there is snow in Antalya is fairly warm. In December the sun doesn't burn, and gently caresses the skin.

For residents of Central Russia December in Antalya is an opportunity to enjoy another Indian summer, the second for the year.

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The temperature of the air and water at the beginning and the end of the month

Throughout the month the temperature is kept at a comfortable +14-16°C. the Beauty of Antalya in December that the sharp frosts there does not happen. In early December, you can grab even quite "summer" +19-20°C. For the Christmas season, the temperature gradually decreases to +10-15°C. the nights are cooler, up to 5-6°C, and you can feel the breath of winter.

The Mediterranean sea in Antalya remains fairly warm, the average is +20°C. By the end of December the water is a few degrees cold. Procedures it is better to postpone until the spring, in December the sea is quite stormy. Only the most desperate and hardened. If you really love swimming, it is better to choose a hotel with an outdoor swimming pool and enjoy swimming in comfort.

Other weather conditions

inye sinopticheskie usloviya

In December the weather can be quite unpredictable. Warm and even hot days can be interspersed cool and windy. Although, according to statistics, a large part of the month the sun is shining, the sun about 20 days, about 7 cloud and only 4 are frankly cloudy, heavy rains, and thunderstorms happen.

New year holiday in Turkey - photo

Is it worth it to go to the resort in the "off-season", to this question everyone is responsible for himself. Have a vacation in Antalya in December has both advantages and disadvantages.

To select custom season there is always a reason, it all depends on what you expect from a holiday and willing to spend it.

Should I go?

sleduet li priezzhat?

For those who want a holiday without tourist hype , the Dec couldn't be more convenient.


  • prices for accommodation in hotels, tours and tickets on a plane are much lower than in summer period;
  • the opportunity to see the sights in a relaxed environment;
  • mild climate, no extreme heat, Sunny days to sunbathe in comfort and not burn.

Of the minuses can be noted the lack of proper beach holiday. This disadvantage is offset by the fact that you can swim in the pool at the hotel. And besides, December is a great time to improve the body go to the Turkish Hamam, SPA treatments. Moreover, the prices of these activities, too, are lower than in high season.

How to dress?

Take a trip have a whole range of clothes. Swimsuit will be useful for you to have a warm day to sunbathe on the beach, autumn jacket have handy in the evenings and on cool, cloudy days. A particularly long rainy periods in December usually doesn't happen, but just in case, better grab a closed waterproof shoes, umbrella or raincoat.

What to do this month?

Antalya – ancient city and in himself, and in its vicinity there is always something to see and whereto take a walk.


ekskursionnaya programma

The city has many architectural attractions. The old part is surrounded by the city walls, the harbour, Kaleici. There you can feel the spirit of old times, walking through the ancient streets lined with traditional Turkish and Greek styles. In the historical center there are also many restaurants and shops, where you can comfortably sit with a glass of wine or enjoy the best shopping.

The buffs should visit the Archaeological Museum and Kaleici Museum. To inspection compulsory:

  1. Hidirilik tower;
  2. the Romans built Hadrian's gate;
  3. Kesik minaret mosque, converted from a Byzantine Church;
  4. beautiful, decorated with mosaics Yivli Minare mosquebuilt by the Seljuk Turks.

Holidays and festivals

In December in Antalya vengeance felt the approach of the New year. Although for Muslims it is a special holiday, the city is preparing to welcome the New year for their guests.

In the second half of December, Antalya decorated with Christmas trees, garlands and festive lights.

In the New year in the city centre arranged a massive celebration with fireworks.

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