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Holidays in Armenia: weather, temperature and what to see in Gyumri in December?

pogoda v Armenii v dekabre

Weather in Armenia in December, depends primarily on the region you plan to visit. If it is one of the mountainous areas, you can count on plenty of snow and a hard frost. In lowland areas will be slightly warmer, rain less skies cleaner.

Weather conditions and temperature of air and water in Armenia in December

klimaticheskie usloviya i temperaturnye pokazateli vozduha i vody v ozere

The uneven landscape that combines mountain ranges, and plains zones, made Armenia unsustainable from the point of view of weather conditions in December.

Due to climate instability should assess the weather only in the region where you are going on vacation.

Despite the fact that December is officially the first winter month, winter in Armenia, in some areas, occurs much earlier. First of all, we are talking about mountain valleys. There snow and frost into the ground already in November, so the ski season there begins somewhat ahead of the calendar period.

In December days in many mountainous areas , the thermometer shows average 5-7 degrees of a frost. At night the temperature can drop to -15°C. there was a year when at night the temperature stayed at around -35, but such anomalies were rare and stayed long.

The warm weather will wait for you in Yerevan, at the beginning of the month the daytime temperature is +3-6 degrees. At night, however, happens quite a sharp drop, and the thermometer drops to the level of -5-10°C. So for people with weak blood vessels prepared with a test of strength.

Towards the end of the month starts, heavy snowfall, and daytime temperatures are stable at around the 4-5°C and night - -11-15°C.

dekabrskij pogodnyj rezhim i temperatura

On lake Sevan, as well as in Gyumri and Jermuk rarely temperatures can boast of winning values. The maximum that it can offer in the daytime is 0 and +1°C, but nights you will have to wait for real winter -11-15°C. the Water in lake Sevan is hardly warms up to +7 degrees.

So keep in mind that these places happen the temperature drops to 11 degrees or more a day.

Mountainous regions of Armenia in December, can boast plenty of snow and strong frost. The height of the snow drifts here is 40-110 mm.

But on the plains, precipitation is rare. If they fall, it is in the form of rain or wet snow. They last about 2-3 days a month. Receives an average of 28 mm of precipitation.

Christmas holidays

otpusk pered novym godom

Before you go in any journey, is to assess it from all sides: to identify the pros and cons of vacation to find the closet, to compose a tourist route, etc.

The pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages of stay in a particular place at one time or another are an important item on the holiday planning. Should all carefully weigh, before going on a trip.


  • Mountain air, pure beautiful nature. This advantage can be called a demi for Armenia as natural resources and clean mountain air are waiting for you at any time of the year;
  • Low prices for housing and food. The best you can afford, worry about too high prices are not worth it, even at the height of ski season in December.
  • Tourists are pleased that prices in December continued to remain within reasonable limits.

  • Ancient architecture and historical monuments. This is a plus for those who are going to spend your vacation in one of the Armenian cities, because that is where the focus of the architectural heritage of the country;
  • Do not require a visa. This is an important plus for those who always causes a panic attack once a list of documents for a visa. The entrance to the Russians in Armenia is made by href="http://tour.liketourist.com/situaciya/pasport/v-armeniyu-nuzhen-li-zagranpasport/">zagranpasporta.


  • Sudden temperature drops. If in the mountainous regions of temperature and pressure is relatively stable phenomenon, on the plains, the difference of temperature in day and night time can range from 11 to 15 degrees. For people with poor health is not simply a punishment, but a big risk. So, think several times before you go on a trip with distressed vessels;
  • Language barrier. Yes, oddly enough, but, in the opinion of many tourists – this is a significant problem. Young people seldom spoke in Russian, which causes some discomfort;
  • The quality of service. For many all that is beyond the borders of Russia, should be better. Service in Armenia is really better than in Russia, but it is much worse than in Europe. So keep this in mind if you are an avid traveler or a lover of comfort a certain level;
  • Limited access to some attractions. Many tourist attractions are located in mountainous areas, which in summer can be reached only by car, and in the winter and not drive.

Where to relax?

kuda poehat otdohnut?

To this question you need to answer, as it depends on personal preferences. If you love skiing, you definitely should visit ski resort of Tsakhkadzor.

If you prefer a cultural holiday, you are encouraged to stay in Yerevan. The center will be something to see. Here you can book excursions to various monasteries located outside the city limits.

At any time of the year, many advise you to visit lake Sevan and enjoy its beauty.

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How to dress?

Before packing full bags of warm clothes, make sure to determine the destination and purpose of your vacation.

For those who are going to spend your December holiday actively, skiing, snowboarding and Snowmobiling, it is necessary to take care of a large number of warm clothes, sturdy boots, ski suits, scarves, hats, gloves, etc.

For those who have chosen a plain vacation, will be useful to start to get acquainted with the weather in the area, and then to find the closet. Universal advice: do not neglect warm clothes, sudden temperature drops can be extremely unpleasant for those who are counting only full-time heat.

What to see?

chto stoit uvidet?

So you have to rely on when choosing a tourist route and offers several entertainment options, if you have chosen Armenia as the place of the December holidays.

Excursions and entertainment

For those who already know that will spend your vacation skiing, opened Tsaghkadzor ski resort. It has everything you need for a relaxing mountain holiday: many hotels, Inns, cafes, paths for the descent, ski hire and much more.

For those traveling to the plains, there are a few special placesthat are well worth a visit. Tourists will certainly recommend to visit the temple of Zvartnots and monastery of Holy Etchmiadzin. In addition many tend to see the pagan Garni temple and Geghard monastery, but the road to these attractions is somewhat problematic, especially in winter.

In addition to this, the most famous landmark and a symbol of Armenia is the Khor Virap monastery-fortress, which is located almost on the border with Turkey. In the summer there is a beautiful view on mount Ararat, and in the winter there is an atmosphere of antiquity.

All tours can be free to order in Yerevan, you will be accompanied by a guide, and wait a full entertainment programme.

Holidays and festivals

In addition to the New year, celebrated from December 31 to January 1 special events in December in Armenia is not carried out. So if you expect to go to a special event this month, you will be disappointed.

Winter landscapes of Yerevan you can see in this video: