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Barcelona in December: photo, what the weather, temperature and how to dress?

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Barcelona is one of the oldest resorts of Spain that attracts tourists from all over the world. This city is filled with attractions, museums, galleries. It is great for holidays. If the trip is planned in December, you must be aware with the weather conditions this month.

What is the weather in December in Barcelona?

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December in Barcelona has some peculiarities. Before the trip, they need to learn in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

The average temperature

Barcelona in winter is very mild. The air is slightly cool. Its average daytime temperature is 13 degrees with a plus sign, and at night it reaches 5 degrees. Water temperature in the Mediterranean sea does not fall below 16 degrees Celsius. Rainfall 45 mm and the humidity is 75%.

The evening can be quite cool, and the day the sun shines, became warm. Harsh winters in Barcelona does not happen.

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The particular weather conditions

December in this city brings coolness and rain. However, there are no long showers. Precipitation can be short-term. Cloudy weather quickly gives way to sun. The wind increases, it becomes choppy. It is recommended to take not only jackets, but also warm coat.

In the early and mid - December, the solar days sometimes more. At the end of the month, the rains come more often and the temperature can drop five degrees.

Stay at this time

Stay in December in this town has certain advantages and disadvantages.

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The pros and cons

The positive aspects of the trip to Barcelona in December:

  • In the city do not go to the crowds;
  • In the restaurant there are always free tables;
  • You can observe the preparation of city streets for Christmas and New year;
  • The lack of heat. You can afford a walk around the city, visiting places of interest;
  • The cost of the hotel rooms is reduced in several times. Rest in December financially profitable.

There are some disadvantages:

  • The weather is cool, and that means beach holidays excluded;
  • You need to fill the bags with warm clothing in case of cold;
  • Tours are conducted less frequentlythan in summer.

How to dress?

Tourists are recommended to dress warmly. Even in Sunny weather, the wind is cool, bring a sweater and warm trousers.

Priority: sweater, warm jacket, shoes, jacket, coat, hat, gloves. In case of rains should be an umbrella.

Things to do - photo

In Barcelona, is interesting not only in summer but also in winter. Even in December are festive, entertaining event.

Beach vacation

Relax on the beach will only have the inveterate daredevils. The water is cold for swimming, especially at the end of the month, strong wind leads to a storm. The sun is almost warm, and this means that you can get a nice tan will not work. That is why the beaches are deserted. Tourists can walk along the coast to enjoy the spectacular seascapes.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursii po gorodu

Tours are conducted every day excluding weekends. Many museums on Saturday and Sunday are closed. You need to visit following attractions:

  1. Museum of natural Sciences. The exhibits allow us to understand how life began on Earth asthe development of all living things. A Museum of modern appliances that make the tour very interesting;
  2. The mountain and monastery of Montserrat. To climb the mountain by cable way. The tour will appeal to active tourists and lovers of cultural and historical attractions;
  3. Botanical garden. This is an incredibly beautiful, picturesque place of the city. Perfect for a family outing;
  4. The mammoth Museum. Will appeal to both adults and children. The tour will allow you to learn more about the mammoth. The Museum is becoming more popular.

Among the attractions of Barcelona include:

  • The amusement Park Tibidabo. There is a lot of entertainment for children and adults;
  • Park Tibidabo is located on top of a mountain, reachable by cable car. At the top offer stunning views of the city.

  • Zoo. Known all over the world - are a lot of animals. It will be interesting for both children and adults;
  • The aquarium of Barcelona is one of the largest aquariums in Europe. Marine life can be found in great abundance;
  • Singing fountains. Incredibly beautiful performance on the street of the city. Fountains are complemented with lights and music.

It will be interesting to walk through the decorated streets to look at Christmas markets where you can buy a variety of themed Souvenirs and Christmas decorations. You can arrange pre-Christmas shopping at the brand shops, because this month starts the big sell.

Holidays and festivals

In December the following holidays and festivals:

  1. December 6 - Constitution Day Spain. Festive events happen all over the country;
  2. December 25 - Christmas. The streets are decorated with actively. Barcelona begins to resemble a fairy-tale city. There is an incredible atmosphere. Across the country festivals, festive events;
  3. 26 Dec - St. Stephen's Day. This is a very important day for the people of Spain. Festivals, Church services. Watch very interesting.

Thus, Barcelona is fun not only in summerbut also in winter. Holiday in December will bring only positive impressions.

See this video, what is the weather in December in Barcelona: