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Holiday in Belarus: the weather, holidays and where to go in December?

pogoda v Belorussii v dekabre

Weather in Belarus may be considered a real winter in December. A light frost, lots of snow, which will provide a wonderful holiday for all lovers of winter sports.

Due to this weather Belarus is sometimes called "Little Switzerland". New year's vanity, decoration and mood will add to your holiday experience.

Weather in Belarus in December

klimaticheskie usloviya v respublike

In December, in Belarus, the day is shortened, the nights are getting longer, so day and night air temperatures differ only by a few degrees.

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The air temperature

  • In the capital of the Republic Minsk very cold. In the afternoon the temperature drops to -4-5 degrees, and at night to-8-10. Towards the end of the month is getting colder day, the temperature can drop to 10 degrees, and night down to -15 degrees.
  • In Mogilev December marks the arrival of three months of cold weather. From the very beginning of the month the thermometer shows -2-4 degrees during the day and at night -6-8.
  • Towards the end of the month the daytime temperature falls to -7-9 degrees, and night to -13-14 degrees.

  • In Brest a little warmer. Daily temperature readings can sometimes even be a plus, but most of the month the thermometer shows the day from 0 to -1, and at night-5-7 degrees.
  • temperaturnye pokazateli

  • In Grodno in the afternoon the thermometer column does not rise above 0. Night range of temperatures can be 5-6 degrees (-4 degree to -10).
  • In Vitebsk at this time of the year is stable "minus". In the afternoon the temperature reaches -3-5 degrees, at night-6-8.
  • In Gomel the day temperature during the month is 1-3 degrees, at night-8-10.

Other climatic conditions

December in Belarus can be called a real winter month. Frost added copious amounts of snow falling throughout the month.

Rarely in some areas falls wet snow or even rain. In these days of possible ice and fog, but these days a little bit in December.

The average snow cover level in the capital is 55 mm to 40-45 mm. the high level of humidity (87%).

A rather unpleasant stay December the Belarusian windsthat do not cease in different zones throughout December.

Is it possible to stay?

mozhno li otdohnut?

It is rare to hear from someone that they are going to spend the winter holidays in Belarus, but in vain. This country is really fabulous at this time of year.

Ski resorts in service and the arrangement does not concede European, and nature, purity and the magical atmosphere of a Christmas miracle waiting for you around every corner.

The pros and cons of the trip

Of course, only one of the pictures on the Internet cannot be trusted. You must carefully weigh the pros and cons of vacation in Belarus in December and decide for yourself whether it is to you.


  1. High-quality food. Anyway, where are you going to eat in cafes/restaurants/eateries or to prepare themselves, in Belarus high quality food. Dairy products, cheeses, meat products, fruits, vegetables – all very tasty and natural, and not expensive;
  2. Friendly attitude towards tourists. Russian tourists are always very friendly meet Belarusians. In the end, we are very close in blood. This item applies not only to service and maintenance personnel, but ordinary passers-by, which you'll want to ask for directions;
  3. Roads are excellent. Yes, our dream for them a reality. So if you decide to go on holiday on personaltransport can be calm for his condition. Just be careful on the M1 and in the cities quite a lot of video, so don't legacythe;
  4. Quality service and high level of service. This is especially noticeable to those who are going to spend your vacation at one of the ski resorts of Belarus or in the sanatorium. There is really a high quality of service comparable with many European resorts;
  5. Beautiful nature, clean environment, picturesque places. Belarus is a really unique place. Vast snow-covered forests like in the fairy tale, clean fresh air, beautiful views – a definite plus when choosing a vacation spot. Who has not dreamed at least once to see Santa Claus? It seems that it is unfolding his possession.

preimushestva i nedostatki puteshestviya


  • Increased prices for accommodation in December. Actually the prices are quite reasonable at any time of year, especially when you consider the quality of the holiday, so to speak;
  • In December, prices are slightly rising due to the influx of tourists to the ski resorts and in the capital of the Republic.

  • Cold weather. Again, quite tense negative, but something in the cons need to record. For those who don't like the snow and cold, here will be uncomfortable, because in most areas the temperature is always the negative point, and snowfalls are not uncommon here.

Where to go?

For those who prefer active rest, love to go skiing and snowboarding, there are two most visited ski resort: Silichi and Logoisk. In the opinion of many tourists – it will be the best choice for those who like to ride.

For those looking for a Christmas mood, but also likes tours cultural-historical vacation, it is advised to go to the capital of the Republic – Minsk.

gde provesti vremya?

For those who prefer recreation, there is a range of different health centers. Choose any, depending on budget and your goals.

There is also an interesting offer for the fishing enthusiasts. There is a separate tour "Fishing on the Braslav lakes".

How to dress?

Here you will not regret it, if you are stocking up for the trip warm things. Be sure to bring:

  1. warm clothes (sweaters, sweatshirts, warm pants/jeans/trousers, wool socks, etc.);
  2. warm hats and scarves;
  3. hooded jacket of waterproof material;
  4. gloves/mittens;
  5. sturdy waterproof boots.

What to do?

This item is always one of the most difficult, because a lot of people and everyone is waiting for from your holiday different.

Be clear with what you want, this will narrow the search range of excursions and entertainment.

Excursions and entertainment

For those seeking to ski, to see beautiful mountain scenery, it is one of the ski resorts.

gornolyzhnye razvlecheniya

In Minsk is actively preparing for the New year, the entire city is decorated, for shopping lovers there is a wide variety of discounts on various products.

Another well-known attraction that is located on the border of Poland and Belarus - national Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" - here beautiful nature and a varied fauna merge together.

By the way, one of the main attractions of this Park is the residence of the Grandfather Frost, so be sure to visit him on Christmas light.

There is also a list of attractionsthat you must visit once you arrive in Belarus. Among these "must see" the largest lake in the country is lake Naroch. Here, by the way, there is a very good resort. Also one of the most ecologically clean areas in the world – the reserve "Blue lakes" and attracts tourists from different corners of the world.

For those who loves history and is interested in her, I advise you to visit the famous Brest fortressand the ancient cities of Europe - Polotsk, Vitebsk and Orsha. Thirty of the forty museums and palatial mansions are waiting for you in these cities.

Lovers of the middle ages can explore Leeds castle, which is located in the Grodno region.

For those who do not have enough museums, there is a wonderful Museum, the ethnographic complex crafts and folk crafts Dudutki.

Holidays and festivals

The most important event in Belarus is the New year. You can meet him in the capital of the Republic, where will be arranged a variety of entertainment will be performingmusical concerts by artists of local and foreign music, to run fireworks and fireworks.

There is also a tour "Belovezhskaya Pushcha". This is a separate Christmas route with particular stop is the residence of Santa Claus. But keep in mind that the influx of tourists will be quite weighty, so it is possible and a small turn to the main Slavic magic.

See also this videoon what to see in Belarus in winter: