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Holiday in Bulgaria: what is the weather, temperature and where to vacation in December?

pogoda v Bolgarii v dekabre

December is a special month. It marks the beginning of winter in the Northern hemisphere, and in all countries of the Christian world is associated with the expectation of the fabulous holiday – Christmas.

Weather in Bulgaria in December is ambiguous. If the average temperature for the month on the coast +4°C in the mountains during the second half of December frosts to -10°C. the interests of the tourists are shifted in mountainous areas where ski resorts.

What is the weather and temperature in December in Bulgaria?

klimaticheskie usloviya i pokazateli termometra v nachale zimy

If you enjoy the sea, the warmest at this time are:

  • Ahtopol – the average day temperature is +8,5°C at night - +2,9°C, the water in the Black sea is +10,4°C;
  • Kiten – related indicators +8,5°C during the day, +4.2°C at night, +10,1°C - seawater.

Seaside, Rezovo, Sinemorets, Tsarevo assume the same weather and temperature of sea water.

2-3°C colder at this time:

  1. Varna;
  2. Albena;
  3. Burgas;
  4. Sunny Beach;
  5. Golden Sands and other places along the coast.

In December the sea is wet and windy. High humidity and strong cold winds nullify zero temperature. In this weather do not want to walk and you need to look for other entertainment.

In mountain areas and the Central plains, air temperature is lower, but the winds are much less and not so humid.

pogodnye i temperaturnye usloviya v konce goda

For ski lovers comes the best time:

  • Pamporovo - the average day temperature is +2.4°C, and at night already -1,3°C;
  • Borovets – +1,6°C during the day and -3,8°C at night;
  • Bansko is + 1,7°C during the day and -5,8°C at night.

In the mountains the snow falls, especially heavy snowfalls are formed in the second half of December.

Cloudy weather lasts no more than 4 days, the rest of the time the sun is shining, the snow is sparkling, and all this contributes to a great active rest.

Those interested in the history and culture of Bulgaria, you can go to the city where cultural life never stops:

  1. Veliko Tarnovo - the average daytime temperature is +4,4°C, -0,5°C;
  2. Plovdiv – day +5,9°C, night - -1,2°C;
  3. Sofia – day - of +4.1°C, night - -2,3°C.

The sun hides behind the clouds in these places for not more than 2 days.

Bulgarian winter holiday

bolgarskie rozhdestvenskie kanikuly

Often holiday in Bulgaria in December choose the lovers of active leisure. But many of those who just want to spend the Christmas holidays in Europe.

Where to relax?

December in Bulgaria can be divided into 2 periods:

  • The beginning of the month – the off-season when a beach holiday is impossible, and snow in the mountains still little. But the greatly reduced prices on flights, accommodation, restaurants and other services.

    This is the time you can devote to their health, treatments in one of the Spa resorts, famous for its mineral waters and curative mud. Most popular:

    1. Pomorie;
    2. Albena;
    3. Ravda;
    4. Devin;
    5. Hisar.

    The resorts operate year-round.

    In the cities there are theatres, concert halls, museums and exhibitions where you can spend time.

    The sea is windy, but the sun is shining and warmly dressed, to walk and to breathe curative sea air.

  • The second half of December – a great skiing (Borovets, Pamporovo, Bansko, Vitosha mountain, Dobrinishte, Chepelare, Panichishte) and preparing for Christmas and New year. Again, there is a "season", prices skyrocket.

    All towns and resorts in Bulgaria colorful decoration, fairs and carnivals, music festivals. The number of tourists is increasing inseveral times.

How to dress?

chto nadet?

In order to feel comfortable in different situations, you need to take:

  1. warm sweater and pants;
  2. warm jacket, windproof and waterproof;
  3. comfortable shoesin which to walk in the snow.

If the scheduled trips to the theater and participate in the festivities of Christmas and new year's eve, you will need an appropriate dress code.

What to do at this time?

The number and quality of impressions of a holiday in Bulgaria in December, depends on the tourists themselves.


Of the most popular attractions worth seeing:

  • The rotunda of St George in Sofia;
  • the village of Shiroka Luka;
  • the fortress Baba Vida in Vidin;
  • monastery of the Mevlevi Khan in Plovdiv;
  • the temple-monument Alexander Nevski in Sofia, and many others.

Everyone who choose a vacation in Bulgaria this month, will be able to spend time in accordance with their wishes and possibilities. In this period, you can:

  1. relax in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding and so on;
  2. to attend the celebrations in Sofia;
  3. to go on excursions around the country;
  4. to support health spas.


Healthy sea air on the coast, where there are hotels with pools and SPA treatments.

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Holidays and festivals

  • December 6 – Day of St. Nicholas – holiday sailors, fishermen and bankers, and of the hearth;
  • December 8 – students ' Day is celebrated widely and cheerfully;
  • 24 Dec – Christmas Eve with special dishes and interesting ceremonies;
  • 25 Dec – Christmas with local customs and General fun.

Holiday in Bulgaria in December, vivid, useful and very interesting!

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