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Holidays in Montenegro: a photo of what the weather and temperature in Tivat in December?

pogoda v CHernogorii v dekabre

Weather in Montenegro in December, hardly anyone will appreciate the warm sunshine, the first winter month in this country is the most rainy and cool. Still many tourists are eager to visit Montenegro in December, each for their own reasons.

Someone like ski resorts, who take all the enthusiasts who seek to Montenegro on a shopping tour, and someone is going and wants to get maximum pleasure from the resorts, which is also famous for this country.

What is the weather like in December in Montenegro?

kakoj klimat v konce goda?

December brings warm and Sunny Montenegro wet and cool winter. This winter is typical of many resort countries or cities in Europe.

Unlike other places, even Montenegro in December continues to be popular with tourists.

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The temperature of the air and water

Wintry and snowy weather in December will be waiting for you in the ski resorts of Montenegro. For example, in Zabljak or Kolasin daytime temperatures in the beginning of the month kept at around -1-2°C in the daytime, and at night the thermometer drops to 7-8°C. the end of the month the temperature readings in these areas can change slightly (only a degree or two).

On the coast this temperature, of course, nonsense. Here you will have to wait +14-15 degrees in the afternoon. But at night there are often sharp drops to +2-4 degrees. The Adriatic sea at this time of year is cold and not condusive to swimming. The water temperature on the coast is +13-16 degrees.

In Bar, Budva and Tivat , the temperature is kept at +9-10°C during the day and 4-5 at night. This temperature is also added copious amounts of rainfall, which only aggravates the case.

Other weather conditions

drugie pogodnye osobennosti

In addition to the rather cool and windy weather, Montenegro can "boast" and an abundance of rain in the first month of winter.

The ski resorts snow is rather frequent phenomenon that is only beneficial to these areas.

But the coastal drowning in the rain. At the Bar, Tivat and Budva for 15 days can be about 180 mm of rain in Herceg-Novi and Kotor the average precipitation in the first winter month can reach 220 mm.

For those who love rainy weather, will open its "doors" the rainy city of Montenegro in December – Cetinje. A month here may fall of 460 mm of rain.

December holidays in Europe - photos

evropejskij otdyh

Despite such adverse weather conditions, Montenegro remains a favorite with tourists in December. Is it worth to visit this country in the first month of winter?

The advantages and disadvantages of travel

Before heading to winter in Montenegro, is to weigh all the pros and cons, not to miscalculate.


  • Low price for rental housing, car, food, flights. Despite the interest of Montenegro in December, this country still remains a resort, and the height of the season here happens in the summer or in early autumn. So, in December, the pricing policy is quite lax;
  • Comfortable temperature for sightseeing trips. Rather warm weather this time of year literally has to study the rich history and old Montenegro. So arm excursion booklets and forward;
  • Season spa and health resorts. December in Montenegro – this is a great time to improve yourhealth, to relax and relieve stress, which you have accumulated over the year (or even more);
  • This month is famous for the discovery of a large number of resorts, spa resorts and health resorts.

  • Ski resorts at reasonable prices. For those who like an active holiday, Montenegro offers holidays in ski resorts at affordable prices.


  1. A small amount of entertainment. As already mentioned, the season in Montenegro will fall to the warm season. In December, the majority of bars, restaurants, Nightclubs and other entertainment businesses closing. Open remain only a few who like to go local. So an active night life then you in this month to find;
  2. The lack of Central heating. If you're a savage and you plan to rent a house, remember that Montenegro is a country without Central heating. Keep warm during chilly evenings you can only advance found electric heaters. This also added a huge electricity bills;
  3. Unfriendly service. Many tourists say that you have to be careful with sellers in shops, gas stations, stores and other support staff outside of hotels and hotels. Cheated, and will not notice;
  4. Weather conditions. If not for such a large amount of precipitation, this item could bring in the pros. But to wallow in the primeval streams many do not like it, so leave it in the "cons".

Where to go?

kuda mozhno otpravitsya?

Then, as they say, the owner-a gentleman. If you enjoy an active sports vacation, you are in for ski resorts. For example, in Zabljak or Kolasin.

If you prefer cultural activities, excursions, museums, architecture and walks, choose for these purposes, Tivat, Budva, Herceg Novi and Bar.

How to dress?

If you go to Montenegro to ski, then you know exactly what's in your suitcase should be warm clothes, ski suits, hats, scarves, gloves, sturdy and warm shoes.

For those who go on the coastwill be quite difficult to chose the perfect wardrobe.

In addition to warm clothes, you need to capture waterproof jackets with hoods, umbrellas, waterproof shoes.

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What to do in low season?

Despite the interest of tourists in this country in December, there will be boring to all fans of an action-Packed holiday. Nightlife this month's dying here, entertainment as such not to find. Except that those traveling to Montenegro for ski holidays.

What to see?

chto stoit uvidet?

For those who are going to spend your vacation on the coast, suggest to define the city in which you go. Most tourists prefer to visit the bar because, besides the beautiful architecture and convenient location, this city can provide a wide choice of excursions, because it is one of the most ancient Montenegrin towns.

For example, in Budva you can take a look at the fortress wall, which has survived to the present day and surrounds the old part of the city called Old town.

In the centre of the Old town are the ancient citadel and three churches, the oldest of which dates back to as much of the seventh century (Church of St. John). The second Church (St. Mary) was rebuilt in the ninth century. The last Church is named Holy Trinity, it was built in the early nineteenth century.

In the ancient citadel in our days is Museum, which can also be used. Quite often there are exhibitions and various festivals.

Also for lovers of museums in the Old town include the Archaeological Museum, which gathered all the Antiques found over the years in various excavations. The collection consists of 3000 exhibits, the oldest of which date back as many as 5 century BC

Also in the country you can visit many other attractions:

  • island-hotel Sveti Stefan;
  • the mausoleum of Njegos on the mountain Lovcen;
  • the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in Kotor;
  • Blue cave near the Duke of Novi;
  • Lake Skadar;
  • đurđevića bridge between the towns of Zabljak, Mojkovac and Pljevlja.

Holidays and festivals

The most famous event in this month in Montenegro remains the feast of Maslinica, held annually in Bar. On this holiday everyone can enjoy a variety of dishes from olives that are harvested at this time in this area. Olive oil here, certainly will please all lovers of healthy food.

Also here you can try oranges, tangerines, pomegranates, which are collected inDecember.

In Herceg Novi this month is held the Festival of classical music, which gathers all the regional soloists and local bands.

In Virpazar in December is the traditional Feast of wine and bleak. The festival lasts for several days. At the festival you have to nadegustirovalis local food and wine, and to see the award of the best winemakers of the year. Throughout the festival will be held entertainment events.

From traditional and familiar to us of the festivities is to celebrate a meeting of New year. In Budva and Kotor on the Central square is organized a mass celebration of this event. It will launch fireworks, and to serve local and foreign music.

Learn from this video, things to do in Budva in the new year holidays: