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Stay in Phan Thiet: what is the weather and the waves of the sea in the beginning and the end of December?

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One of the most visited resorts in Vietnam – Phan Thiet. In December in this country starts the "dry season", and many tourists rush here for a comfortable stay. What is the weather in Phan Thiet in December?

What is the weather and temperature at the beginning and the end of December?

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It's safe to say that December is one of the best months to holiday in Phan Thiet. The only caveat – periodic strong winds in the afternoon. He lifts a large wave on the sea, and bathing becomes difficult.

But it is this feature that attracts surfers from around the world in December in Phan Thiet.

  • In the first days of December , the temperature in the daytime rises up to 33 degrees above zero and at night drops to 10 degrees, which is 23 degrees Celsius. The South China sea at this time is heated to a comfortable 28 degrees.
  • In the last decade of the month temperature is slightly lowered. The day it is about 29 degrees, at night can drop to 19 degrees. The water temperature may drop by 3-4 degrees.
  • A small amount of precipitation - a total of 26.2 mm. They fall for one or two days. But most of all, tropical storms do not disturb the tourists – they are mainly at night.
  • The resort is located in the zone of the monsoon climate of the tropics, so throughout the year it is windy. The average speed of the wind in December is 3.8 m/s.
  • December is one of the sunniest months of the year, but sometimes cloudy. The number of Sunny days - 19, cloudy days 11. Cloudy day, only one per month.
  • Humidity decreases compared to November. Reaches 75%.
  • Wave this month is high, but in the morning the sea is much calmer, doesn't create problems when bathing.

Winter vacation in Vietnam

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In December in Phan Thiet the weather is beautiful. This is the beginning of the tourist season.

Hot day, warm night, the lack of frequent rains - there are all conditions for excellent rest.

Should I go to Phan Thiet?

A great impetus for the trip in December is that due to frequent cloud cover Hiking on numerous excursions more comfortable. Much nicer to see the sights under the scorching sun.

mozhno li priezzhat?

If we talk about the shortcomings of the December holidays, one of them is that in the second half of the month significantly increases the cost of the tickets and rooms in hotels because of the approaching holidays.

Beach vacation

South China sea is warm and calm in the morning. The second half of the day due to the winds and strong waves it is preferable for lovers of active leisure on water.

Many of the beaches are diverse: there are beautiful sandy, meet and concrete beachesthat prevents blur coast. With young children it is not necessary to go in this country, but older kids will happily jump in the waves.

How to dress?

To rest is to take light clothes made of cotton, not be amiss to take things with long sleeves. Shoes preferred lightweight, open.

If you are planning a tour, you must grab Hiking boots and pants.

What to do this month?

Aside from beaches, the resort can offer good program and active recreation. Even the discerning tourist will find a suitable occupation.

Excursions and entertainment

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In this region there are numerous excursions to attractions. What's interesting:

  1. reclining Buddha on TA cu mountain;
  2. ancient Cham towers;
  3. Ke GA lighthouse;
  4. Red and White sand dunes;
  5. Lotus lake;
  6. beautiful the fairy Stream.

Holidays and festivals

On the eve of the Catholic Christmas and the New year , many hotels arrange entertainment and gala dinners. Nights on the beaches lit bonfires with music and dancing. The streets are festively decorated with garlands and various symbols of the upcoming holidays.

  • 22 December is celebrated the formation of the Vietnam people's army.
  • December 25 - the celebration of Catholic Christmas.

In spite of the abundance of greenery and lack of snow, Christmas mood to the tourists is provided.

Vietnam festivals and holidays are celebrated according to the lunar calendar, so in advance to clarify the date.

The kite festival in the province of Baria-Vung Tau is just in accordance with the lunar calendar. It can be seen either in late December or early January.

See in this video, the waves on the coast of Vietnam in December: