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Germany in December: weather, holidays, how to dress and where to go?

pogoda v Germanii v dekabre

Weather in Germany in December is still a little like a winter whirlwind. The damp and dank not want to let go of the country. But the approaching Christmas, the festive mood, the decorations, lanterns, garlands - all this more than compensates for capricious weather, and will give an unforgettable experience from the trip.

What is the weather like in December?

klimaticheskie usloviya pod konec goda

Winter in Germany is different from our Russian winter. Snow here is rare. It can be seen either in ski resorts or when harsh winter when the temperature keeps stable minus the whole month. But it happens rarely. Therefore, Christmas in Germany is without the usual white cover.

The lack of snow does not detract from the festive mood, because it kompensiruet many other attributes (from decorations to entertainment programs).

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The temperature of the air and water at the beginning and the end of the month

With the onset of December throughout the country is significantly colder. What it happens quite dramatically. The temperature and weather conditions may differ slightly depending on the region. This difference is due to some uneven terrain and different distances from the coast.

If you rely on average figures, and for example, the weather in the capital of Germany - Berlin, there for months day and night temperatures are fairly stable and do not fluctuate depending on the calendar numbers. In the afternoon, the thermometer typically shows a temperature of 0 to +4°C.

Towards the end of the month, the temperature insignificant changescan come a little cold, and maybe the sudden warming (+6-9 degrees). At night the temperature is kept at 0 or 2 maximum-4 degrees.

In mountain regions , daytime temperatures can drop to -2 during the day and at night right up to 7-9 degrees.

nachalnye i konechnye pokazateli temperatury

In Germany there are also frequent floods, if the winter was a bit sudden warming. These floods lead to unpleasant consequences in the cities. Water temperature in the North and Baltic sea again different, but you are unlikely to go to Germany in December to take a dip.

On average in the Central regions of the country, the water in the ponds keeps the mark of +3-5 degrees.

Other climatic conditions

Sometimes you can hear how the UK is called a country of the "seven winds". I want to say that Germany is not inferior to her in this title. In the Central regions of the country the icy chilly winds are quite common satellites Dec. The change of thaw may come with such cold winds that the city will be covered with ice.

Precipitation is also in this month to please tourists. On change to wet snow can come in rain, and Vice versa. Everything happens rather suddenly, causing the weather worsens even more.

Stay in Germany

nemeckij otdyh

In contrast to summer time, winter in Germany is the Christmas rush and ski holidays. Basically, all tourists are drawn to the Bavarian Alps, and prepare skis, snowboards, toboggans and a good mood. Remains unchanged only the gastronomic diversity for the sake of which well worth a visit Germany at any time of the year.

Where better to go?

It all depends on your travel preferences. If you are an avid skier, choose a resortsintended for winter sports. It is best to choose those that are adjacent to the mountain Zugspitze.

If you prefer city trips or entertainment, choosethe most populated city, like Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg or Cologne.

In these cities you can get a full spectrum of activities, ranging from tours to holiday festivals, fairs, museums and restaurants.

How to dress?

As already mentioned, the choice of wardrobe will depend on your destination. If you are going to a ski resort, you know perfectly well that in addition to skis and snowboards, will need to take:

  • special ski suits;
  • sturdy warm boots;
  • a lot of jerseys;
  • warm jackets with hoods;
  • gloves (mittens);
  • scarves;
  • caps.

If you're on the Christmas markets in the Central city, then remove from this list ski equipment, leaving everything else.

What to do?

chto delat?

This question is difficult to answer, because everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Depending on your personality, favorite type of vacation, you can choose a ski resort or head to one of the major German cities in the pre-Christmas event. It all depends on you.

Excursions and entertainment

If you are an avid skier, then you need to go to one of the areas that are adjacent to the highest mountain, the Zugspitze. Here is the most popular resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Every year the resort plays host to the world Cup in Alpine skiing, and there are also health centers. In addition, for those who are tired of skiing or snowboarding, there is a list of excursions to the neighboring cities. So you align three in one, if you leave it here.

There is also a special excursion to the medieval town of Rothenburg, where you can visit the toy Museum and the Christmas Museum. What can be atmospheric and interesting than such museums in this time of the year?

For those who are far from skiing and prefer the atmosphere of the old towns at Christmas, you will definitely have plenty to choose from. You can go to the capital or in one of the Central cities of Germany, to see the splendor of the holiday decorations. Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg - any city of your choice.

The country is beginning EN masse to prepare for the holiday as much as four weeks before it starts.

razvlekatelnye meropriyatiya

Plenty of decorations, lights, trees, festive fairsthat sell seem to be all the Christmas magic in this world, will not leave you indifferent. The squares can meet musicians, performing popular hits and Christmas songs.

For children constructing special slides and roundaboutsso they do not get bored (although this is unlikely at this time of year).

What holidays and festivals are held at this time?

Not hard to guess that the main events of December in Germany are Christmas and New year. Themselves the people of Germany celebrate Christmas in a very narrow family circle, as befits this wonderful winter holiday.

But Christmas festivities are held here on a Grand scale. 31 Dec or Sylvester (as they call this day) all go to the music concerts, launch fireworks, fireworks once the clock strikes midnight. For young people are usually more interesting night clubs where all dancing and having fun until the morning.

In addition, all the cities will start a gastronomic feast. Everywhere there are tents where you can sample a variety of meat dishes, ginger cakes and mulled wine, which is brewed right on the streets.

For shopping lovers also have a number of advantages - it's a pre-Christmas global sales.

Also in Germany and in several countries (Netherlands and France) on 6 December is celebrated the Day of St. Nicholas. This day is the day of gifts and charity, and dedicated to children. This is considered a religious holiday and is celebrated in many Catholic countries.

In addition, the Olympic Park of the Bavarian capital plays host to a tent festival of arts and culture, which is called "ToolWood". Basically, these are selling handmade products, open tents with various food delicacies.

For all avid cockoldmenow in the city of tübingen, the festival of chocolate products "ChocolART".

See in this video a fascinating program about Christmas in Germany: