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Weather, temperature and how to dress in Hong Kong in December?

pogoda v Gonkonge v dekabre

Weather in Hong Kong in December comfort for tourists who love to wander the streets and explore the attractions. Ideal holiday for families with children.

What is the weather and temperature in Hong Kong in December?

pogodnye i temperaturnye usloviya v regione v nachale zimy

The average temperature in December is reduced by 3-5 degrees compared to November, becoming less rain, sometimes blowing cold wind.

Daytime temperature is set at around 17-19 degrees. The temperature at night drops to +15 degrees.

The water temperature in the South China sea is kept within +17 to + 20 degrees. Not the best time for bathing. If you still want to, you can go to sea and paddling a couple of minutes.

Precipitation is unlikely, the average monthly precipitation does not exceed 30 mm.

A strong and biting wind swoops in Hong Kong often, the speed is usually kept in the range of 3-4 m/s. at Times, the possible arrival of the monsoons. Humidity is 65-85%.

The size and power of the waves in the South China sea do not exceed critical values. In December the sea is calm.

Rest at the end of the year

otpusk v konce goda

Hong Kong is worth a visit to experience the Asian culture. The city is modern, it is interesting to see the internal structure of the areas many skyscrapers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of rest are:

  • convenient to transportation and the line of the subway to get to Hong Kong and its surroundings is not difficult;
  • a large number of hotels of various prices and living conditions;
  • for families with children there is children's activity centres, it is very convenient and the kids will love it;
  • prices in the local cafes varies widely, but if you want a filling snack for a reasonable price.

The disadvantages include cold temperature of the water in the sea, swimming is not allowed, but this disadvantage kompensiruet the presence of pools in almost all hotels.

How to dress?

In the suitcase put summer clothing set, but it is desirable to have at least one warm jacket and pants, in case if there will come a monsoon.

Shoes choose comfortable, not constraining movements.

What to do in the city?

chem zanyatsya v gorode?

December – time to explore the surroundings of the city, its sightsand sounds of festivals and celebrations.

Excursions and entertainment

Worth visiting the monastery of "Ten thousand Buddhas". Consists of several temple complexes. The name is not accidental, on the territory of the monastery more than 10 thousand statues of Buddha.

Those who first located in Hong Kong, be sure to visit the sightseeing tour of the city.

You can go to hundreds of bars and clubs, there are bars with views of Hong Kong harbour, the bars located on the upper floors of skyscrapers, they offer an unforgettable view of the city.

Families with children visit Disneyland Hong Kong Park "Noah's Ark", in every area of the city, there are equipped playgrounds.

Holidays and festivals

22 December in Hong Kong held a Festival of the winter solstice. Family holiday evening the whole family is going and preparing dinner. If you're able to visit a local family, you can not only enjoy the atmosphere of the traditional Chinese holiday, but also to try local dishes.

December 25, the city celebrates Christmas. The streets are decorated, there are commemorative contests, you can buy Souvenirs.

Hong Kong –a modern citythat attracts tourists who like a quiet holiday and tourists who prefer to relax noisy and fun. In December everyone will find in the city something special and want to return, to refresh the memories.

See in this videowhat kind of fireworks you can watch in Hong Kong on the night of December 31 to January 1: