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Holidays in Greece: weather, temperature, where to go in December?

pogoda v Grecii v dekabre

Weather in Greece in December is sharply different from our usual winter weather. In a country completely absent of snow drifts (excluding mountain peaks) and weather is more like autumn.

What is the weather like in Greece in December?

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Winter in December in Greece cool and moist. To the locals this weather seems cold, but for European tourists this winter does not seem so harsh.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature of the air in the country is equal to 13-16 degrees Celsius at the start and +10 degrees at the end of the month. In comparison with the Russian winter is quite warm, so many tourists at this time is going to Greece.

In the North and in the Islands the average temperature is about +6-7 degrees.

  • In Athens the daily temperature is equal to 13-16 degrees, and night - +6 degrees.
  • On Rhodes, the air warms up to +16 degrees during the day and up to 8-10 degrees at night.
  • In Heraklion the air temperature is +17 to 19 degrees during the day and about +12-14 degrees at night.
  • In Crete and Corfu in the daytime the air warms up to +18 degrees, and at night - up to 13 degrees.
  • temperatura vozdushnyh mass i morskoj vody

  • Halkidiki has a more severe temperature: +10-11 degrees during the day and +2-4 degrees at night.
  • In Thessaloniki is also pretty cool - the day the air warmed up to +8 degrees, and at night to +3 degrees.
  • In Kastoria there are also quite a low temperature - 5 degrees by day and from +1 to -1 degrees at night.

The water in the sea in the beginning of the month warms up to +18-20 degrees, and by the end of the month cools down a couple degrees.

The particular weather conditions

otlichitelnye cherty pogodnyh uslovij

For Dec , in Greece the characteristic strong windsthat raise high waves on the coast. Greece is also abundant rains (especially on Islands), and for a month is about 60-80 mm., Sometimes it snows, but it melts quickly and turns the roads to slush and nasty muck.

In December, a few Sunny days, so most of the time the country is in a grey twilight.

Christmas vacation

Despite the relatively cool temperature of the air and water, tourists flooded Greece in this time of year.

Should I go?

To decide whether to go to Greece in December, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of tourism.

To the pluses of the December holidays include the following:

  1. warm for winter air temperature;
  2. preparing for the New year and Christmas and a large number of events on this occasion;
  3. the possibility of a ski holiday;
  4. the possibility of pilgrimages to the Holy places on the eve of Christmas.

nuzhno li ehat?

To the downside , the December holidays in Greece include the following:

  1. the increase in the cost for the services of travel agencies in anticipation of the New year;
  2. the impossibility of a beach holiday;
  3. a large number of tourists;
  4. the cool autumn weather.

Where to go and where to rest?

In December on the Islands of Greece reigns is pretty harsh weather - temperature, rain, wet snow and strong winds. Therefore to discover more suitable inland city of the country - for example, Athens.

Skisports in Greece, there are several resorts Falakro, vasilitsa, Parnassus.

How to dress?

The choice of clothing largely depends on what part of the country going tourist. For visiting local attractions will be enough denistone clothes and shoes, but for skiing in the mountains you should bring winter gear. Also worth putting in a suitcase scarf, hat and gloves - closer to the end of the month can be very cold.

What to do in the country in the winter?

This time of year tourists visit Greece with two goals: to meet here New year and Christmas and to go skiing.

Beach vacation

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Relax and swim on the beach in December is impossible due to the low temperature of air and water, and also due to rough seas. Therefore, a large number of beaches, especially on Islands be deserted and abandoned.

To enjoy water treatments for the tourists in the heated pools and numerous hotels.

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Excursions and entertainment

zimnie ekskursii i razvlecheniya

Weather in December have to visit the local attractions - the sanctuary of Apollo, the Acropolis of Athens, Meteora, with the monastery and the surrounding area, the ruins of the legendary ancient Sparta and more.

Many people come to Greece to visit religious shrines, the center of which is located in Patras. There is also an Orthodox Church of St. Andrew.

In addition to skiing, tourists often visit the healing hydrothermal springs in Loutraki. Also popular are special fur-tours - in the markets of Greece, you can buy for a small price of natural fur.

Holidays and festivals

6 December in Greece is celebrated the Day of St. Nicholas, after whom the whole country is beginning to be decorated for other holidays - Christmas and New year.

Despite the fact that Greeks are Orthodox Christians, they celebrate Christmas by the old calendar as the Catholics on 25 December.

Street before the holidays, decorated with garlands and lights, in stores there is a sale of thematic products. In the period of the festivities, people dressed in bright, colorful clothing, dancing and joking on the streets, passers-by play. This tradition was born as a sign of respect to the God of satire and humor to Momosu.

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