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Stay in Georgia: what is the weather, temperature and whether to go in December?

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December in Georgia, it is difficult to call a winter month. Due to the subtropical climate the weather in Georgia in December is quite soft and comfortable.

It's hard to imagine that the coast was snow, and here in the mountains are often frozen, which positively affects the development of a ski resort.

What is the weather and temperature of air and water in December in Georgia?

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All winter in Georgia zero temperature air, and on the coast the temperature rises to 10 degrees Celsius.

The average temperature is +1-3 degrees. In Tbilisi the temperature in the beginning of the month can rise up to 8-10 degrees during the day and to -1 degrees at night. In Bakuriani in the afternoon the air temperature is -1-3 degrees, and at night -5 degrees. In Borjomi in the afternoon the air warms up to +3 degrees and at night drops to -1 degrees.

In Gudauri noticeably colder day here the temperature is equal to 4-6 degrees, and at night drops to -13 degrees.

By the end of the month the temperature can drop three or four degrees, it is also possible to freeze to -16 degrees at night.

The water temperature in the Black sea is +12-14 degrees.

At this time of year you have a small amount of precipitation, mostly as snow. Snow rarely falls, and soon melts quickly.

Winter holidays in Sakartvelo

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In December in Georgia reigns is pretty mild, warm weather for the winter time of year, but warm enough for a beach holiday.

The wind in December in Georgia, moderate, bringing cold and not provoke waves, so there will be something to do.

Should I go?

To decide whether to come for a vacation to Georgia in December, you need to consider all the pros and cons.

Among the advantages of the rest in Georgia are the following:

  • view picturesque views of the Caucasus;
  • the opportunity to celebrate the New year in Georgia;
  • availability ski holidays;
  • the opportunity to improve their health through Wellness treatments;
  • weather is suitable to visit all sorts of attractions.

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Cons of visiting Georgia this time of year are:

  1. frequent frosts and low temperatures in the night time;
  2. the increase in prices for services and accommodation in hotels during the new year holidays;
  3. the abundance of tourists, especially at the end of December.

Where to go and where to rest?

The most suitable for leisure place is Tbilisi - it is warmer than in other regions of Georgia and more attractions. The highest temperature prevails in Ureki, Anaklia, Gonio.

To improve their health and regain his full strength will help the healing resort of Tskaltubo. As for the ski resort, the most popular by far is Gudauri.

How to dress for the ride?

In December in Georgia, it is better to clothe themselves in winter clothing: autumn or spring jacket and closed shoes, preferably with thick soles.

At ski resorts, respectively, useful winter jackets, warm pants, winter shoes.

What to do in this period?

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Travelers coming to Georgia this time of year, are divided into three types: those who come to ski, those who wish to visit local attractions and to celebrate the New year in this charming country and those who wish to improve their health at the mineral springs.

What to see and do?

Winter is one of the important destinations in Georgia is the skiing. In the mountains there are many interesting trails and routes.

With the excursion program should visit the sights of old Tbilisi in the winter time and with the Christmas decorations it looks even better.

More extreme entertainment - a trip by cable car track on mount Mtatsminda. Winter in the mountains a little chilly, but the view from the top is fascinating.

And of course, it is impossible not to visit Georgia without trying the local cuisine and wine. In all cities there are streets with nice restaurants and cafes.

Holidays and festivals

Winter in Georgia is pompously celebrated the New year. The cobbled street is richly decorated with garlands and other attributes. Many tourists specially come to Georgia to celebrate the holiday in stunning surroundings of the Caucasus mountains.

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