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Holiday in Spain: what is the weather, temperature and where to travel in December?

pogoda v dekabre v Ispanii

Spain is one of the most visited countries of Europe, where tourists come regardless of the time of year. It is equally nice to be in the summer, enjoying a beach holiday, but also and no less pleasant in winter at the best ski resorts with excellent climate.

What is the weather like in December in Spain?

Spain occupies a very large territory, so its various parts can be different weather conditions.

While at one end of the state is warm and clear weather, in the other it is expected subzero temperatures.

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The temperature of the air and water in different regions

Temperatura vozduha v regionah

Warmest region of Spain in December is the South of the country. Here are the resort of the Canary Islands, where there is always lovely weather. Tourists wishing to get their portion of solar heat, you can safely go to the local beaches to enjoy Sunny days and warm rays of the sun. The water in the ocean day on the southern resorts warms up to +20°C, but intermittent rains and cloudy sometimes forced to forget about bathing.

On Tenerife, which is the main resort in the Canary Islands, in the afternoon you can be in light clothing, as the temperature here warms up to 19-21 degrees. However, still need to grab a light jacket and waterproof shoes just in case the rains. December in Spain is considered to be the most humid month of the year, and at nights it becomes really cold – the thermometer drops to +7 degrees.

Watch a video about the weather in December in the Costa Blanca:

3-4 degrees cooler in the East of Spain, in the Balearic Islands of the Mediterranean (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza). A large part of December there is sunshine and the air warms up to +17°C. at Night it is cooler, because the air cools down to 15 degrees.

Sea water not suitable for bathing (+16°C), but there is a great chance to sunbathe on the beaches.

In the Central part of Spain in the midst of low season. In Madrid in December comes in relatively cold weather. In the afternoon the thermometer shows +13-14 degrees, and at night often fall below 0°C. towards the end of December, the air is cooled to +5°C. All of these are accompanied by cold rains, but it happens that for a few days falls clear weather.

The most comfortable weather in December, is Northern Spain in the Aragonese and Catalan Pyrenees and in the Cantabrian Cordillera, where one by one the best ski resorts in the country. The temperature drops below zero, but the climate remains soft due to the not very noticeable cold. In the afternoon the thermometer shows -10 degrees.

What clothes to bring?

Kakie veshi brat s soboj?

A holiday in Spain planned for December, to be in any way comfortable. In some districts remain warm weatherand Sunny days are still quite a lot. The only drawback that can spoil a vacation can serve as wind and rain.

Planning a trip to Spain, you should take care of waterproof shoes, windproof clothing, an umbrella or a raincoat. If the vacation will take place in the South or the East of the country, you can bring a swimsuit.


If the holiday in Spain fell in December, you can be sure that in the cold season in this country the weather will be quite comfortable for any kind of tourism. Tourists find here a lot of interesting entertainment.

The advantages of visiting this time

Towards the end of the month in Spain starts sales in large stores, shopping at this time is particularly advantageous. Also does the holiday beginfairs and preparing for the main events – the Christmas and New Year.

Despite the low temperatures, Spain is still a country which contains some of the best attractions of Europe. In December the weather is conducive to an exciting tour programs that are much cheaperthan in other months.

If on the street it starts to rain, the tourists discovered the many cafés with a delicious warming soup gazpacho.

Where better to go?

kuda poehat na gornolyzhnyj kurort?

Winter in all cities in Spain there is a special festive atmosphere, so go you where the soul lies.

However, the best option for winter holidays in Spain – ski tourism in Catalonia.

Here in December opens the ski season, but in addition to the downhill for the tourists available Biking and paragliding.

Ski resorts of the highest class are also in the following locations:

  1. Sierra Nevada;
  2. Aragones;
  3. Cantabria;
  4. Sistema Iberico.

There are several ski hills near Madrid, so the tourists have a great opportunity to combine several types of recreation.

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What to do?

In December in Spain, you can easily find snow-capped mountains and the sea, beaches and luxurious nature, as well as sights to explore which is interesting regardless of the season.

Beach vacation

Supporters of beaches, warm weather and clear days can go to the southern Islands of Spain, where there is a good opportunity to sunbathe and even swim in the sea, if the weather allows.

On the Islands of Tenerife and Fuerteventura are all conditions for those who wish a chance to forget about winter and cold weather.


ekskursii zimoj

Weather in Spain in December comes to cultural travel.

It will be especially interesting to visit the legendary Barcelona, where architectural masterpieces of Antoni gaudí.

Should definitely arrange tours to other cities of Spain:

  • Toledo is a small town with luxurious antique architecture;
  • Seville is a bright and colorful Spanish city with its own mysterious aura;
  • Cartagena – a city with an interesting fate;
  • Bilbao is a historic city in the Basque Country;
  • Granada is a city with majestic fortresses and castles.

Of course, you should not miss this list of Madrid and its many attractions.

Holidays and festivals

In a noisy and bright Spain holidays are celebrated almost every day, December is no exception. In the beginning of the month (December 6), the Spaniards celebrate the Day of Adoption of the Constitution, 8 Dec – day of the Immaculate conception of the blessed virgin Mary, on December 24-25 Christmas Eve and Christmas dayand 31 December-1 January - New year.

Residents are able to colorfully celebrate these events, so tourists waiting for loud of fireworks in the main squares of the country, parades through the main streets and exploring with the crown the festive meal.

Spain in December, despite the cool weather, great for relaxing variety which offers the tourists the country.