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Holiday in Italy: what is the weather, temperature and where to travel in December?

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Italy is one of the European countries in which interesting and nice to relax whatever the time of year. Weather in Italy in December, when it's cool and raining, will not corrupt the rest, to not get bored here even for a minute.

What is the weather like in December in Italy?

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The climate of Italy is markedly different from the weather in other European States. This country is located to the South, and so is a few degrees warmer even in the winter months.

The average temperature of air and water

In the last month of winter in Italy there is a fairly nice temperature for this time of year.

However, in different regions of the country, the day temperature has a noticeable difference. This is due to the fact that its territory has a large extent.

In the southern cities of Italy in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to nice figure is +13-15 degrees and at night drops to +7°C. the Day is almost constantly cloudy and often rains. The Adriatic sea not suitable for swimming, as the water temperature in this month is only +12°C, reaching its annual minimum.

The highest temperature in the South of Italy can be observed in the following cities:

  • Carbonia – +15°C;
  • Catania – 15°C;
  • Palermo To +16°C;
  • Oristano – +15°C;
  • Taormina – +15°C.

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Rest on the southern resorts of Italy in this period is 2-3 degrees lower, but it's not very noticeable.

The same situation is observed in the Central region of Italy. In this part of the country the air warms up to +14° in the daytime, and at night cooled to +5°C. this region is characterized by constant rain, but snow in December is not uncommon. However after a couple of hours after a snowfall from him not a trace remains.

Different things in the North of Italy – in this part of the country is dominated by mountains, so there is subzero temperature. With the arrival of December in this part starts the ski season and favourable weather contributing to persistent snow cover. In the afternoon the thermometer column does not rise above -1°, and at night drops to -3-6 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

In December the familiar to many "Sunny" Italy is becoming less Sunny. In the country with the arrival of winter time starts the rainy season, but this does not mean that precipitation will go every day. In the southern part of the country there is 12 cloudy days, and in the Central – not more than 15. It is not excluded that clear days occur at the time of arrival in Italy.

Even despite the fact that the Adriatic sea in winter is not suitable for bathing, many go to the coast to stroll along, breathe fresh and healthy air and enjoy the beautiful views.

At the same time, the almost complete absence of strong winds both on the coast and throughout the country will have a positive impact on these walks.

Christmas vacation

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In Italy it's always nice to relax, whatever the weather and time of year. This country always have something to offer, from delicious, tasty and healthy Italian cuisine to the most interesting and unusual entertainment. And not even really a resort the weather can ruin the trip.

The pros and cons

In this period in Italy is still available to all sorts of entertainment, but the prices are much less compared to the summer. The cost of booking accommodations and tours and the tickets reduced to 30%. Thanks to such favorable conditions, the flow of tourists to the resorts does not stop even with the onset of winter.

The only drawback mayto refuse the point that in December, impossible beach vacation on the coast of Italy. This country has many tourists is synonymous with the most different and the best summer resorts, due to the clean coasts and low prices on vacation. But in this period in the North kicks off ski season so will not be bored.

How to dress and what to bring?

To feel comfortable in the resorts of Italy and to protect against wind and moisture, it is necessary to take with you on vacation windproof thingssuch as a warm sweater, jacket or coat. Perfect for a pleasant stay waterproof shoes, especially if you plan a trip to attractions.

Where better to go?

According to reviews of tourists, visiting Italy in December is a fascinating trip to the ski slopes. In this part of the country there is pleasant winter weather, so soft, such a climate is ideal for trips with children.

For an active holiday in this season's ideal six mountain regions:

  1. The Dolomites;
  2. Zolotimi di Brenta;
  3. The Alta Valtellina;
  4. Val d'aosta;
  5. Val di Susa;
  6. Trento;
  7. Val Gardena.

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In addition, some ski resorts in Italy you can not just go from the slopes, but also to improve health in the mineral springs.

Also in the first month of winter, many tourists are sent to Italy to host the colorful Christmas holiday and New year, witness the unforgettable cultural events. For such events are best suited to the southern regions of the Apennine Peninsula.

What to do this month?

Due to the abundance of entertainment and festivities which are famous in this country, tourists will always find how to diversify your leisure during your stay here in the winter.

What to see and how to have fun?

Cool weather in Italy in December, promotes any kind of rest, starting with a leisurely stroll through the ancient streets, or the seashore, as well as sightseeing and visiting restaurants. As a rule, many choose for such purposes, Rome and other cultural "pockets" of the country.

But do not worry because the weather can spoil a good walk. In cities on almost every corner has a cafe with home cuisine, where you can wait out the rain and inexpensive lunch or dinner.

Holidays and festivals

In December in Italy in preparation for the main holiday in the country for Christmas. Already in the middle of the month all around is changing, starting to glow the brightest lights. A splendid illumination, which can be found everywhere, creates a special atmosphere, and artfully decorated walls and roofs are impressive even the most experienced traveler.

December is wonderful for vacation in Italy. In each city, arrange entertainment and holidays in the mountains ski season opens, and the abundance of attractions and museums allow you to diversify the rest.

See this video how animated the streets of Italy during the Christmas days: