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Recreation, weather and where to relax in Cambodia in December?

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Weather in Cambodia in December dry, warm and windless. At this time of the year, Cambodia is inhabited by tourists from all over the world, enough to lie on the beach and swim in the sea.

Weather and temperature in December in Cambodia

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December weather in Cambodia is stable and warm, really warm and even hot.

The average daily temperature in Cambodia ranges from +23 to +26 degrees Celsius.

The temperature of the air and water during the year positive. And in December in the afternoon the air warms up to 31 degrees, and at night cooled to +21-23 degrees. While the water temperature in the Gulf of Thailand in December is +26-29 degrees.

In December in Cambodia, virtually no wind only a slight breeze from the sea. The whole month is practically no precipitation - 30 days only 2 days are rainy.

Hot winter vacation

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The tourist season in Cambodia in December, is gaining momentum. Holidaymakers are becoming more, because everyone wants to warm up under the warm sun.

Summer dry and warm weather as though specially created for Asian admiring the natural beauty and relaxing on the beach.

Should I go?

To the pluses of the December holidays include the following:

  • warm, comfortable weather for any type of holiday;
  • the opportunity to spend a holiday varied to lie on the beach, to admire the beauty, to go on a trip;
  • low humidity, which also contributes to a more comfortable rest.

The disadvantages of the December holidays include the high cost of tickets and tours, as well as a large number of tourists.

Where to relax?

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The most popular resort in Cambodia is considered as Sihanoukville - there are beautiful sandy beaches, and the temperature of the water and air remain comfortable.

Also one of the peaceful resorts of Cambodia is considered to be Siem Reap, near which you can find abundance of attractions.

How to dress?

Going on vacation in Cambodia should be reserved exclusively summer things - swimwear, dresses and t-shirts, open shoes.

What to do this month?

In December Cambodia provides tourists really a summer holiday - swimming at the beach, visiting attractions and just walking through exotic locations.

Beach vacation

December in Cambodia is very suitable for a beach holiday. This time of year the water temperature is quite warm, in some areas even exceeds the air temperature.

The sea is calm, without strong waves and storms, so the sandy beaches are full of tourists and beach lovers.

In particularly hot days, you can get a charge of vivacity in the pool at the hotel, there you can sunbathe using the loungers.

What to see and do?

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In Cambodia, worth a visit just to admire the exotic Asian landscapes. The nature here is unique in that is almost untouched by man and is an example of pristine beauty.

Tourists enjoy visiting excursions, particularly the temple complex of Angkor Wat, which is one of the largest facilities in the field.

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Holidays and festivals

In Cambodia, the widely celebrated New year. The peculiarity of the holiday in this country that it can be found on the beach last night in the society of many tourists from different countries of the world.

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