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What is China in December: weather, beach holidays on Hainan island in Sanya

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Weather in December in China is much colder than the countries located at the same latitude. Weather conditions also vary from region to region - in some areas, reminiscent of Russian winter, in other - the Russian autumn.

What is the weather and temperature in December in China?

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Weather conditions in the country vary depending on the region - in the North the temperature in the beginning of the month could reach 18 degrees, and in the South of +30 degrees.

In December even at resorts felt the onset of winter.

  • On the Hainan daily temperature is +20-22 degrees Celsius, and night - from +13 to 16 degrees. Water temperature in the South China sea is +23-25 degrees.
  • As you approach month to the end temperature of the air in China could decrease by two to three degrees, and the night air can cool down to 6 degrees.

  • In Sanya , daily air temperature equals to +22 degrees, and night - +16 degrees. While the water warms up to 26 degrees. However, the weather in this area is unpredictable, and in a few hours the air temperature from 22 degrees can drop to +14 and back.
  • In Guangzhou, the day temperature is +20 degrees, but at night the air significantly cools and its temperature is equal to 10-11 degrees.
  • In Hong Kong in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +22 degrees, and at night the temperature drops to 16 degrees.
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  • The lowest temperature prevails in the Northern part of the country and in mountainous areas. In Harbin, the day temperature varies from -8 to -10 degrees, and the night is equal to -18 degrees.
  • Cool also in the Tibetan plateau. In Lhasa the air is heated to +10 degrees, and nighttime temperatures dropping to -9 degrees.
  • Due to the low humidity the low temperatures are transferred fairly easily.

The main feature of the December weather in China is its impermanence. Often there are sharp temperature changes within one day. Precipitation at this time of year are rare - only three or four rainy days out of thirty.

Winter holiday in China

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December in China is considered one of the coldest months of the year. Despite this, the flow of tourists this time of year does not dry out.

Should I go?

To decide whether to go at this time of the year in China, you need to note all the pros and cons of this holiday.

To the benefits of the December holidays include the following:

  1. the opportunity to celebrate the New year in China - the capital of fireworks and illuminations;
  2. low prices for tours, especially if you buy them in advance;
  3. warm weather, especially in the South of the country;
  4. a wide range of leisure and entertainment of all kinds, including ski holidays.

To disadvantages of such rest can be attributed to changeable weather, low temperatures in the North and in mountainous areas, as well as the difficulty of a beach holiday.

Where better to relax?

Most popular Chinese resort is the island of Hainan, especially Sanya in the province. Even in winter the temperature of air and water remains acceptable for the rest.

How to dress?

The choice of clothing largely depends on the region and type of holiday. To South coast will suit summer clothes plus a light jacket for the evening.

To those who sent in Northern, need to stock up on warmer clothes - jackets, warm clothing and closed shoes.

Things to do this month?

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China in Decembera variety offer several types of leisure activities: skiing in the mountains, excursions and beach rest in the South.

Beach vacation

In December, a beach holiday in China is not very popular - although the water temperature often exceeds the air temperature, the sea water is suitable not only for swimming as in order to wet your legs and arms. Bathing in hotels used pools and saunas.

What to see?

Many come in winter to China in order to ride in the mountains on skis. There is a lot of ski centres with many tracks and trails, the most famous of which is Yabuli.

For lovers of attractions in China there are many sites to visit is the center of Buddhism Nanshan, the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, pearl plantation folk village and many more.

Of course, the center of the excursion program is the city of Beijing.

Along with the ancient attractions the attention of tourists are also attracted by the skyscrapers of Beijing.

na chto stoit posmotret?

On the island of Hainan , there is the natural centre of the resort, the methodology of which is based on thousands of years of Chinese medicine. People come here to get away from stress and the effects of neurosis, to cure any chronic disease and to rejuvenate your skin.

Holidays and festivals

The main event of the end of December is New yearwhich the Chinese celebrate in a big way. Here and light show on the walls of skyscrapers and festive decoration of the streets that competes even with the European Christmas and fireworks show.

Most of the tourists come in December to China just for the sake of my eyes to see this great show.

In early December, the Chinese also celebrates winter solstice, and after that a feast is a large-scale Festival of fireworks, which involved pyrotechnics all over the world.

In the 20's of December open competition-festival of ice sculptures with art exhibitions and dance programs.

See in this video, what is the weather in Hainan in December: