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Rest in Crimea: what's the weather like, temperature and where to travel in December?

pogoda v Krymu v dekabre

By the end of autumn Crimea is empty. Leaving fans to sunbathe and swim in the sea, leaving only the locals. However, vacation on the Peninsula in the winter will bring fewer impressions than in summer.

What is the weather in December on the Peninsula?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v nachale zimy?

December in the Crimea is changeable autumn. In Sevastopol at this time can be very warm, and in Yalta – the cold wind.

The weather is capricious and fickle. Today 15, and tomorrow is already +5 and rain.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature on the Peninsula in December and +6-10 degrees. Frequent rains, fog or mist. Snow almost never happens. Water temperatures on the Peninsula in December – 8-12 degrees with a plus sign. In the mountains is always colder.

In late December, the snow falls, and two weeks later it opened a ski resort.

Weather conditions in cities

The climate is influenced by various factors. In the Crimea, the warm South coast. The temperature in December here is also higher than other "parts" of the Peninsula:

  • Simferopol: by day + 5-6 degrees at night, +2, water temperature - +12;
  • Kerch: day + 6-7 degrees at night, +4, water temperature - +8;
  • Yalta: day +5-6 degrees at night and +3-4, the water temperature - +11;
  • Bakhchysaray: day +4-5, +1-2, the water temperature is +10;
  • Yevpatoria: +4-5 a day and about 2-3 at night, the water temperature is +10.

The December holidays

Winter in Crimea – is it worth? Of course they should. Despite the cold weather, on the Peninsula you will find something to occupy yourself, and your vacation will not be in vain.

The pros and cons

plusy i minusy otdyha

At the winter Crimea has all the same pros and cons, considering that you will be able to choose holiday time.

Of the advantages of rest in Crimea in December include:

  1. Few tourists. You can easily see all the sights and to visit AI-Petri, visit the swallow's nest;
  2. Rent a room in a hotel or private traders will come cheaper;
  3. Reduced price of tickets to Crimea;
  4. Winter in the Crimea in its own way beautiful;
  5. You can feed the birdsthat flock to unfrozen sea is swans and other birds. Delightful sight!;
  6. Visit the Christmas tree and fairs, festivals, and theatres;
  7. Health centers are open year-round, so you and winter to improve their health.

Besides, where else in Russia can be seen flowering snowdrops in winter or growing mushrooms in the forest December day? If you are lucky, you will see even roses!

Cons of the December holidays:

  • Sometimes difficult to find housing. The sanatorium is, of course, work, but not all owners rent rooms or apartments;
  • Weather. You can get into the "rainy season". Therefore it is better to go to the middle or end of December;
  • Closer to the end of December prices for a hotel room or vouchers to sanatoriums of the Crimea is again increased;
  • And of course you can't sunbathe on the beach or swim in the sea. However, if you "seal" the water is 12 degrees will be comfortable for you.

How to dress?

In the first place the question arises how to collect the suitcase.

Do not collect a lot of warm clothes. It is not the North, so the fur coat or sheepskin coat will be completely useless. Enough to take: a warm jacket, a windbreaker (there are extremes of temperature). You can take one warm sweater, for example, to travel onAI-Petri (mountains are colder). Be sure to take gloves and hat with the wind they will need. It is useful and an umbrella. Don't forget a few festive outfits.

Where better to go?

All the resorts of the Crimea is interesting even in winter. For example, you can choose to leave Yalta. In December there is not so cold.

Many year-round resorts, which also offer Wellness treatment. This is an opportunity to explore Massandra Palace, swallow's nest, a walk along the promenade and feed the birds.

And the New year Yalta will turn into a fairy-tale town, decorated with lights and Christmas trees.

What to do in the winter?

chto delat na poluostrove v etom mesyace?

Crimea is the place where you will not be bored summer or winter. All the beauty of the Crimea – at a glance. The sea of positive photos without crowds of tourists, entering the frame.

Beach vacation

Of course, swimming in the sea can not be considered. But if you are a hardened people, the water temperature is 12 degrees for you not a barrier. And yet, this is the opportunity to begin to harden. Slightly cool climate.

On the coast you will find places where you can taste the famous Crimean wines, which can be a great souvenir for men. The sea, the beach and a glass of wine, the romance.


In December in the Crimea there are no barriers for fishing, especially sea, because the water of the Black sea does not freeze.

Fishermen can go in Balaklava is a popular spot for catching mullet. December is one of the best months for catching this fish.

Excursions and entertainment

Year-round in the Crimea are bars, restaurants, cinema and clubs. Children can be taken to the Dolphinarium (Yalta, Partenit).

Of sites worth a look:

  • Traditionally, any time of the year – swallow's nest;
  • Vorontsov Palace in Alupka – the pride of the Crimea;
  • The Chersonese.

About held in Dec tours know in advance. Interesting places to visit and you can own, for example if you hire a car.

If the holiday fell at the end of December - welcome to AI-Petri. It's a feast for lovers of active holidays - snowboarding, skiing, sleds, etc. – all that it offers travelers. Find houses in AI-Petri in advance. Better in two months.

Holidays and festivals

Since mid-December, Crimea turns into a Christmas Wonderland. Fairs, festivals – every day something new. For example, in Yalta in mid-December, a parade of Santa clauses. It is worth to pay it a visit – it is a colorful carnival. And in Yalta, you can also admire the "grandfathers", which is still dancing.

The Crimea in December – beautiful. So if your vacation falls on the winter month – don't worry. Go to the Crimea.

Nice trip!

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