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Holidays in Cuba - Varadero: what is the weather and temperature in December?

pogoda v dekabre na Kube

The Republic of Cuba is a country on the same island, located in the North of the Caribbean sea. Liberty island offers eternal summer, an impressive nature and clean beaches. Weather in December in Cuba will delight you with glorious Sunny days without rain.

What is the weather like in December in Cuba?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v nachale zimy?

Cuban tropical climate ensures high temperatures throughout the year across the island, but in different areas the weather is a little different.

The temperature of the air and water

  • The resort town of Varadero Peninsula Icacos is known for its 20 km of beaches.

    The average temperature in Varadero in the afternoon to +24 degrees, at night – about +20°C.

    The water temperature in Varadero does not fall below 24 degrees.

  • The capital of the Republic of Havana will enjoy the good weather and local flavor. The weather is influenced by tropical and monsoon climate, the average temperature is about +27 degrees in the day and +20 at night. The sea water warms up to 26 degrees.
  • The climate of the city of Santiago de Cuba in the Southeast of the island a little softer capital – the city is protected from winds by high mountains. In December the day temperature reaches +27-29 degrees, and the night is 21 degrees.
  • The coastal town of Trinidad can boast of a sub-Equatorial humid climate. The temperature in December rises to 28 degrees above zero and night – to +22. Sea water temperature is about 25 degrees.
  • The city of Holguin is located in the eponymous province in the South-Eastern part of the island. Its climate is totally tropical and the day temperature is +27, and night – 19 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti klimaticheskogo rezhima

In December in Cuba ends the rainy season, and come the Sunny days. Precipitation for a month is not more than 58 mm, which corresponds to 3-4 rainy days.

For Cuba, the characteristic high humidity over Equatorial climate. But winter vacation is not a hindrance, - the air temperature at this time is far from the allowable maximum.

Strong winds in December are rare and don't last long. And the water in the sea after the storm cools down.

The December holidays

A winter holiday in Cuba has many advantages and is perfect for families with children and those who cannot handle the heat. Consider all the positive and negative aspects when planning for the December holidays.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

Obvious advantages for the December holidays in Cuba will:

  1. Comfortable weather, maximum Sunny days;
  2. The opportunity to engage in active recreation at sea: from diving to fishing - the wind will no longer bother you;
  3. A unique opportunity to see how celebrate Christmas and New year in a tropical country.

The cons is that the beginning of the high season leading to an increase in ticket prices and accommodation, and the need to book in advance in hotels, restaurants.

How to dress and what to bring?

No need to take a lot of warm clothes. But don't forget a light sweater or cardigan – evening breeze makes the air cooler. Turn closet:

  • light dresses;
  • pants;
  • Mikey;
  • shorts;
  • beach attributes, including sunscreen and a hat.

For a mountain hike take comfortable shoes, as well as strict formal dress andsuit for restaurant. Pre buy the cream from mosquitoes and mosquitoes – on a place it may not be.

What to do this month?

December in Cuba – this is the peak holiday season. At this time you will have a rich selection of entertainment options here that your stay will be a memorable and bright.

Beach vacation

December is the ideal month for a beach holiday. Clean water, bright sun, refreshing breeze – what could be better?!

The most popular resort areas for beach holidays are Varadero and Holguin.

dekabrskij plyazh

Despite the fact that here almost did not survive the flavor of the island of Freedom, a widely developed infrastructure for the most demanding tourists: luxurious hotels with appointed beachfront areas and trendy restaurants and cafés a rich mixture of delicious local cuisine. The most popular beaches of Cuba, many of whom were very impressed by Hemingway:

  1. Varadero, with a length of 22 km;
  2. Playa Santa Lucia;
  3. Playa Los Cocos;
  4. Pilar.

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Excursions and entertainment

Cool weather will help to ensure that you will be able to enjoy not only a beach vacation, but the local attractions. It is recommended to book tours of old Havana, still preserving the mood of a bygone era of the great revolution.

In the city of Santa Clara is a memorial complex in honor of the famous Che Guevara. Also of great interest may cause local Cathedral in honor of St. Christopher, built of coral limestone: if you look closely you can see that the walls of the corals.

Varadero is a Paradise for lovers of scuba diving: colorful coral reef, sea caves and wrecks, – will not leave indifferent fans of this type of holiday.

The festive event

In December on the island various traditional fairs, song and dance competitions. In the first decade of the month there is the international festival of Latin cinema, with an accessible entrance for all visitors.

December 25 Cuba celebrates Christmas. For locals it is a family holiday, but tourists can take part in specialized shows and festivals decorated with lanterns in the streets.

Pay attention to the local exotic: dressed instead of the traditional fir trees tropical trees.

In the night from December 31 to January 1 - New year. Are carnivals and concerts, and at midnight the Cubans raise glasses cocktail "Cuba Libre".

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