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Holiday in Morocco: what is the weather and water temperature in December in Agadir?

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The African winter is quite different from European - though December is considered the month of the closing of the beach season, but the temperature here remains rather autumn than winter. Weather in Morocco in December are still warm, but at times it is overshadowed by the cool winds.

What is the weather like in December in Morocco?

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Weather in December in Morocco it is difficult to call a hot day here, the temperature does not rise above 21 degrees Celsius, and at night the temperature drops considerably.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature this time of year is +10-+14 degrees. Day resorts the following indicators:

  • in Agadir , the temperature is +14-+16 degrees;
  • in Casablanca - +12-14 degrees;
  • in Marrakech - +18-20 degrees;
  • in Rabat - +14-17 degrees;
  • in Tangier - +10-13 degrees;
  • in Fes - +16-18 degrees.

The night air temperature in the country drops significantly down to 7 degrees.

The coldest nights in Tangier, Casablanca, Agadir and Rabat - here the air temperature drops to +6 to 9 degrees. In Fes the night the air temperature can drop to 5 degrees. In all other districts the temperature of the night air does not fall below +10 degrees.

The water temperature in the ocean is on average +17 to 19 degrees. The highest rates in Agadir and Casablanca, and the lowest in Rabat. The temperature of the Mediterranean sea is also low - about +17-18°C.

The particular weather conditions

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For December in Morocco characteristic strong winds from the sea and frequent rains. The amount of precipitation is about 90-110 mm, the Most precipitation falls in Tangier, Rabat and Casablanca.

Strong winds create sea high waves, which are so popular with fans of extreme sports.

Winter vacation in Africa

The December holiday in Morocco it is difficult to call a beach is a pretty cool air temperature does not enjoy a wallow on the beach and swimming in the sea and ocean. Most tourists heading to the country to in the middle of winter, to plunge into unusual atmosphere.

Where to relax?

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The most popular among tourists in Marrakech. Located in the middle of the continent, the city attracts travelers the highest air temperatures and lowest humidity.

Also a good resort of Agadir together with warm weather and low rainfall the area has access to the ocean and wonderful coastal views.

Beach vacation

Full range of beach activities is difficult due to the cool water and low air temperature. However, at this time of year the coast is full of divers, who dive wear special wetsuits.

Beaches occupy lovers of surfing strong waves of the sea become a surfer's gift. To watch chasing Mavericks is not only pleasant, but also motivating.

How to dress?

Visiting Morocco in December, be sure to put in the suitcase a few summer clothesand a warm jacket (hoodie) and a pair of closed shoes.

The sun in December are enough, so you need not to forget about sunglasses.

What to do this month?

Most of the tourists visit Morocco in order to meet the new year holidays in an unusual setting - near the desert , and no snow.


Excursions and entertainment

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December - the best time for excursions. This time of year the weather allows you to visit those attractionsthat are in other time will not allow you to visit the scorching sun. A guided tour can visit the ancient cities of the Empire, in palm groves, and deserts of the country.

Also many people visit Morocco in the winter time, a ski holiday. Popular places for skiing or snowboarding - Ithran and Oukaimeden. In December, have already established a decent level of snow in the mountains, but before coming it is worth to know the weather forecasts.

Holidays and festivals

In December, Morocco prepared for the main holiday - New year. Many tourists specially come in December in this country to celebrate the holiday in an exotic setting.

Locals refer to New year is pretty cool, and all the attributes of the holiday are established exclusively for tourists. In particular, many tourists prefer to celebrate the New year right in the heart of the desert.

See in this video, what's the weather like in Morocco in December: