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Holiday in Mexico: weather and temperature in December in Cancun

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Most tourists come to Mexico in the winter to get to summer. Weather in Mexico in December really summer, sun and even festive.

What is the weather and temperature in December in Mexico?

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December in Mexico is difficult to call winter - not only this month, the heat subsides and the temperature becomes more comfortable for guests.

The average temperature in December in Mexico is +20-26 degrees Celsius.

On the South, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean sea and the Pacific ocean observed warmer weatherthan the North of the country reaching from Canada cold cyclones significantly reduce the air temperature.

  • In the capital, Mexico city, a little cooler than on the coast - here the air temperature is +21-23 degrees. At night the air cools to 7 degrees.
  • In Acapulco , the day temperature is equal to 32 degrees, at night - +24-25 degrees.
  • In Cancun in the afternoon the air warms up to around +28 degrees, and at night drops to +23 degrees.
  • In the Riviera Maya in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +27 degrees, and at night drops to +21 degrees.
  • In Puerto Vallarta there is a high temperature - even at night the temperature level of the air rarely falls below 25 degrees, and the day exceeds the 30 degree mark.
  • In Monterrey noticeably cooler here, daily air temperature does not rise above 22 degrees and the night drops to +10 degrees.

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The water temperature at the sea and ocean coast equals +27-30 degrees.

The driest city in this time of year in Mexico is the capital of Mexico, there is virtually no precipitation.

Rains in December are rare - of the 31 day only 2-3 days can rain. Basically prevails clear and Sunny weather, however, it gets dark early in 17-18 hours.

Humidity of air is low, and the sea with cool breezes that blow.

Winter holidays in warmer climes

Vacation in December in Mexico is a great opportunity in the middle of winter to get to summer on the coast of the Pacific ocean and enjoy the sunshine on the sandy beach.

Where better to relax?

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This time of year very popular are the resorts of the Pacific ocean, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun on the Caribbean coast. These places are perfectly adapted to relax alone or with the whole family.

How to dress?

Despite the global winter for a vacation in Mexico suitcase to be filled up with summer clothes - light dresses and t-shirts, sandals and shorts. Even at night do not need to be warmed, because the air does not have time to cool much.

However, going to Mexico city or to the North of the country, it is better to stock up on more warm clothes - closed shoes, light jackets.

What to do at this time of year?

December Mexico offers tourists a large variety of leisure either on the beach or on excursions.

Beach vacation

Many tourists come in December to Mexico specially to take a dip in the Pacific ocean or the Caribbean sea, sunbathe under the warm sun and enjoy a classic beachfront holiday, especially the weather allows to do it almost all year round. That is why the beaches of Mexico so a lot of people, especially couples with children.

In addition, in December officially launches the season of diving and gaining momentum season surfing (especially on the Pacific coast).

Vacationers can also enjoy water skiing, Windsurfing, sea or Pacificfishing.

What to see?

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Mexico is full of legends and mysteries, the country on whose territory were the ancient civilizations. So there's a lot of ancient monuments and architectural sites that are worth attention. It is difficult to consider disparate objects without a car, so many tourists take the car to rent and follow the signs on the way.

In addition to the interesting attractions of the country, in Puerto Vallarta you can enjoy the spectacle of humpback whales swimming, and then enjoy the local cuisine - spicy, but delicious. For lovers of the supernatural in the Ghost town of Teotihuacan arranged a special laser show.

Holidays and festivals

December in Mexico is the holiday season. Already on December 3 festivities begin in honor of Christmas, and December 12 you can see a magnificent celebration with dancing and performances in honor of the Holy Mary of Guadalupe.

December 16 is arranged Posada is "Latin American Christmas carols". The fete was attended by the actors in the images of Mary and Joseph, who walk the streets in search of lodging for the night.

December 24 - Christmas Eve. This day is a magnificent table, it is filled with traditional Mexican cuisine. December 25 - Christmas, this time should be spent in the family circle.

And on December 28 in Mexico is celebrated April fool's Day, which decided to play not only friends, but also strangers.

In the New year , Mexicans arrange a great show with lasers and fireworks. The occasion, as in Russia, continues until the morning.

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