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Holidays in Thailand: Pattaya or Phuket weather and fruits in December

pogoda v Pattaje v dekabre

Pattaya – known resort in Thailand, which all year round pleases tourists summer weather, gentle sea, an abundance of fresh fruits, a variety of entertainment and excursion programs.

What is the weather like in December?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v nachale zimy?

As in many countries in Southeast Asia, in Thailand, particularly in Pattaya, in December starts high season.

Rainy weather this month in retreat, no longer preventing the most interesting and rich travelers.

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The temperature of the air and water

December, Pattaya is synonymous with the bright and hot sun that allows you to forget about the cold winter in Russia. While the heat in this period it carried much easier, as even at lunch time, no unbearable heat and stuffiness, which is characteristic only for the rainy season. Many of the locals believe December is the coolest month.

During daylight hours the thermometer shows the air temperature is 30 degrees, but if the temperature seems too hot, with nightfall, the air cooled to a very comfortable +24°C. the Sea at this time, calm and warm – the water temperature pleasing performance of +28°C in early December, and 26 degrees at the end of the month.

December in Pattaya referred to the dry season, so cloudy weather and rains in the region – a rarity. Throughout the month, tropical storms can pass only twice, and the consequences of rain will be gone in a couple of hours.

Compared with November in December in Pattaya noticeable windthat blows from the North, but there are also gusts 4 m/s from West. Overall, similar weather conditions in winter are ideal for relaxing at the resort, as December is considered the most arid month of the year.

Pattaya or Phuket?

Choosing a holiday in December between the two resorts of Thailand, it is important to know about the climate and weather conditions of each region. Though they both reside in Thailand, but the differences in weather is very noticeable.

Pattaya – a resort with a more pleasant climatethan the other resorts of the country. Even in the rainy season here is quite calm sea, suitable for swimming, and also often clear and warm weather. In December it is especially nice to relax. Unlike the island of Phuket, where in the dry season, rainy and cloudy days are common at this resort it rains a couple of times a month for 1-2 hours.

On the Islands a little more unstable weatherthan on the mainland. The air temperature in the daytime in Phuket does not exceed +28°C, and at night cools to 21 degrees. It rains 6-7 times a month, mainly at night.

Stay at this time

komfortnyj otdyh

With the onset of December to Pattaya arrive tourists from all over the world to spend on the territory of this resort the most memorable vacation.

The pros and cons

Thanks to the pleasant weather, resort, Pattaya in December remains a lot of tourists. If vacation is scheduled for this month, it is better in advance to purchase tickets or to book a room in hotel.

This trip will allow you to change the cool weather to the hot climate and also get a unique opportunity to spend the December holidays in an exotic country, surrounded by palm trees, gentle waves and fresh fruit.

You should know that in December in Pattaya, the prices greatly increase trips to this country will cost three times more expensive than the rest of the time. It does not matter whether the trip to the beginning of the month or at the end of December closer to the holidays.

Of the benefitsit is worth noting that in December, other entertainment, other entertainment. Comfortable weather conditions allow you to choose the long tour program. During this period, the tourism business is especially developed, so will not be bored.

How to dress?

To stay in Pattaya will be comfortable, will not have to take a lot of things. For day useful light summer clothes made of natural fabrics, swimsuit and comfortable shoes. By nightfall, the weather here may seem a bit cool, so you should take the things which can be draped over the shoulders, for example, light jacket.

Don't forget that the sun even on cloudy days active. Not to burnt and not to get heat stroke, you should take a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Which fruits ripen?

The variety of exotic fruits, which ripen in Pattaya in December, impresses even the most seasoned travelers. This month here you can enjoy about 20 varieties of bananas, from the tiny and sweet to large and very juicy. These fruits can taste not only fresh. There is also cook them in different ways, feeding in the form of fried, stewed and sun-dried desserts, and banana pancakes.

Other representatives of the fruit, ripening in December:

  • Malabar plum;
  • Guava;
  • Pitahaya;
  • Tangerine;
  • Mango.

Also this month available coconut, jackfruit and pineapple. It is best to buy them on the market while they are still fresh and have not been processed.

What to do?

chto delat v otpuske?

In December in Pattaya in the middle of tourist season, so this month you can find a lot of entertainment for every taste.

Beach vacation

Relaxing on the beaches of Pattaya is beautiful at any time, but not all the coast is clean, so better to explore and choose the most comfortable place.

Pattaya is divided into three parts – Northern, Central and southern. Those who wish to spend a holiday in a clean and uncrowded beaches, you should choose the North coast.

In the center, due to debris and a busy road, too dirty, and in the South – a large selection of noisy places for a beach holiday and bars.

Among the best beaches in Pattaya are:

  1. Wongamat;
  2. Crescent Beach;
  3. Jomtien;
  4. Dongtan;
  5. Najomtien.

Due to the location of Pattaya Bay, no waves, and the sea is always warm and pleasant.

Excursions and entertainment

Pattaya will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions from visiting the attractions of this region. In the city and beyond can meet beautiful Buddhist temples, among which the most attractive in terms of architecture, the Temple of Truth. Among the interesting places worth noting:

  • Crocodile farm;
  • Elephant village;
  • Tropical garden nongnuch.

Holidays and festivals

5th day the country celebrates the birthday of King Rama XI. On this day, close all entertainment establishments, and declared a ban on the use of alcoholic beverages.

Also in December, Pattaya is preparing for the Catholic Christmas and the New year. Prior to the events on the streets you can find colorful rehearsal of these events, and the holiday itself – to become a participant of an unforgettable show with national costumes, dances and fireworks. Such submissions will especially enjoy the children.

Pattaya and stay at this resort very attractive in December, so here from all corners of the Earth attracts a sea of tourists.

See this video, what the weather is in Pattaya in December: