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Holidays in Portugal: what is the weather, temperature and where to travel in December?

pogoda v Portugalii v dekabre

Portugal name the country where, unlike other European States, warm all year round. Even in the first month of winter, the thermometer is in the area of 14-16 degrees, on the South coast ripen citrus fruit.

Its softness weather in Portugal in December obliged a warm current , the Gulf stream, warming the local beach – more than 200 miles of the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

What is the weather like in December in Portugal?

pogodnyj rezhim v nachale zimy

Experts believe the climate close to the Mediterranean. Extreme temperatures in Portugal does not happen, even when one season comes another.

The local population and tourists in the summer do not have to suffer from the sweltering heat, and in winter from severe frosts.

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The temperature of the air and water

Average December temperatures in Portugal is 15 degrees, but in different parts of the country – their meteorological characteristics. In the capital Lisbon average daily rate - +16 degrees, at night +8. In the North, in the Port of these indices are +15 and +5, in the center (for example, in évora) is a +12 and +6.

Warmest, of course, in the southern regions: the Algarve, the resorts which are protected from the weather surprises by mountains, the average daily temperature is +16, and night is 9 degrees. In the Azores and Madeira that winter has come, even not want to remember: a day here, +19, +15.

pokazateli vozduha i vody v more

But what in December the temperature of the water:

  • +17 - in Lisbon;
  • +17 – in the Algarve;
  • +15 – in Port;
  • +19 - in Madeira.

The particular weather conditions

December in Portugal – the wettest of the 12 months, but the rainfall is distributed over different areas unevenly. The main burden falls on the North. For example, in the Port of rains for a total of 13 days, and their monthly rate is 170 mm.

The humidity indicator is 80 percent, often in the country formed the fog.

klimaticheskie osobennosti

In the capital, rains too much – the umbrella is required in each of the three days of the month, the total amount of rainfall is 108 mm. But in the southern regions this figure is 67 mm, and Madeira. the rain only 1 time per month, precipitation is only 15 mm.

As for winds, in December, is hosted by Western and southern. More windy in the North of the country. In Madeira, the average December wind speed is 6.3 m/sec.

Christmas vacation

The value of the December holiday in Portugal in the mild climate, amazing nature, which bore no signs of despondency, and in a well organized entertainment industry.

The pros and cons

Cons the December holidays can be associated with the weather trouble, the rain – for this you just have to be prepared in advance and not rely on hot weather and cloudless sky.

Winter trips usually wait for lower prices on hotel accommodation, flights and services. To save on the trip in December, really succeed, and that's certainly a plus.

However, the material benefits felt only in the first half of the month from 15-17 number starts rising prices associated with new year and Christmas holidays.

Here are able to spend the holidays in a big way, and your wallet will feel it. If prices will not be confused (compared to other European countries, for example Spain, they are still below 15 percent), rest assured that in Portugal you are waiting for an interesting culturalevents, revelry, ski resorts.

polozhitelnye i otricatelnye storony

Winter trip compares favorably with a summer without the hustle and bustle to enjoy the beauty of local landmarks. Will be able to avoid traffic problems in June-August buses during peak hours often go nonstop, because they are overcrowded.

As for experience, serious discounts on goods here are at the end of December. And brought from Portugal, except for the Souvenirs and the famous Madeira wine, leather shoes – she is known worldwide for quality and acceptable price.

Winter visitors can enjoy local citrus, the collection continues into December. Local farmers believe that the secret of the amazing taste of these fruits that in winter, the tree gives them all their juices, not spending them on the leaves and branches.

Where to go?

Choosing the itinerary, it is helpful to know the average temperature in December at a particular resort and how many there will be rainy days. Here some possible places:

  1. Albufeira – + 16,4°C and 1 rainy day;
  2. Canico is +19,8°C, no rain;
  3. Cascais - +17,2°C and 3 rainy days;
  4. Madeira - +18.3°C, and 1 rainy day;
  5. Peniche - +16,0°C and 2 days;
  6. Port – +15,4°C and 5 days;
  7. San Miguel - +18,0°C and 4 days;
  8. Funchal - +18.3°C and 1 day;
  9. Ericeira - +16,2°C and 2 days.

Those who go to Madeira, you can choose a hotel with thalassotherapy centre – their services in December are cheaper.

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How to dress?

kakie veshi brat?

Will be comfortable clothing and shoes, which the Russians wear in fall: sweaters, jeans, hooded jacket, cardigans, scarves, hats, closed waterproof shoes, boots.

Seasoned travelers do not recommend ladies to take a trip shoes on high thin heels. The fact that the streets of many Portuguese cities paved with paving stones and walk on them in heels is not only difficult, but also dangerous.

Things to do this month?

In the winter of Portugal, you can spend time in travelling and excursions, enjoy the beauty of the upcoming holidays, cities, attend concerts, gastronomic competitions.

Beach vacation

The beaches in the last month of the year remains relevant in Madeira, despite the fact that the water (average temperature is 19 degrees) still not quite comfortable, not to get out of it for hours.

But the surfers feel in his element. Long wetsuit save them from possible hypothermia, and the nature of the December waves satisfied in full. Professionals even point out that these waves are best for the whole season.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursionnaya programma

In the tour program Dec you can enable the trip:

  • in the capital, Lisbon, rich in attractions and museums;
  • in the Port ("Northern capital" of Portugal), where you can climb the Clérigos tower, admire the architecture of palaces and churches;
  • in the town of Sintra, a UNESCO world heritage site (you can see the Moorish Castle, the Capuchos Convent);
  • in the town Cascais, near which is the famous "Devil's mouth" - the rock on which split the giant ocean waves;
  • in óbidosto visit the fairytale castle;
  • in the Batalhapreserved medieval buildings, decorated with lace, carved from stone;
  • in évora – the Museum city.

Many tours in different cities (e.g., Porto, évora) associated with visits to wineries and tasting drinks.

Would be fun to visit Oceanario de Lisboa , the famous Portuguese the aquarium.


December 1 residents of Portugal celebrates independence Day, the main celebrations pass in the capital of the country. On the 8th December event has a religious plan - the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Well, December 25 – the Nativity of Christ, which is celebrated all over the world. In Portugal this holiday is considered family, so many restaurants may be closed due to lack of demand.

New year, by contrast, say very publicly – with the festivities on the streets of cities, dancing, concert programs. Holidaymakers on Madeira there is a chance in the new year midnight to see the fireworks, which were listed in the Guinness Book of records for theirscale.

See this video for what it is winter Portugal: