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What is the weather and temperature in Seoul in December?

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Weather in Seoul in December significantly cool, influenced by cold air masses. At this time of the year in South Korea attracts all fans of winter sports and recreation.

What is the weather and temperature in December in Seoul?

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In December in Seoul has been winter weather for this part of the world at night the temperature often drops below zero degrees.

The average temperature in December in Seoul is +1-3 degrees Celsius.

In the afternoon the air can warm up to 5 degrees, and at night drops to the level of -3 degrees. The water temperature is +3-8 degrees.

At this time of year, cloudy days are almost two times morethan solar. In December also falls a small amount of precipitation of around 23 mm. Wind in December in Seoul a weak – its speed is not growing more than 3 m/s.

Christmas holidays

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Despite the cool and a small amount of Sunny days, the December holidays in South Korea can be very nice, if you stock up on the necessary attitude and extra clothing.

Should I go?

The December holiday in Seoul has its own advantages and disadvantagesthat will help to draw a General picture about the trip.

Snow in Seoul falls slightly, and the one that still fell, immediately removed. So to celebrate the snow in Seoul is almost impossible.

mozhno li priezzhat?

The benefits of relaxation:

  • an opportunity for an active ski holiday;
  • a relatively small number of tourists;
  • the lush organization of festive events to celebrate Christmas and New year;
  • comfortable weather, similar to the Russian autumn.

The shortcomings of the rest:

  1. quite high the cost of the tour, especially at the end of December, due to the proximity of the Christmas holidays;
  2. the impossibility of really summer vacation, particularly a beach;
  3. at night often frosts.

How to dress?

In December in Seoul you will feel comfortable, if your suitcase will be warm clothes: windproof jacket, insulated pants, sweater, hat, scarf, you may need gloves. Consider also warm shoes.

Hiking for the female half will be more comfortable in shoes with a low sole.

What to do this month?

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Stay in December in Seoul is concentrated in two areas: active recreation in the mountains and preparing for the New year and Christmas.


Fans of ski holidays should definitely visit South Korea in the winter – here opportunities should be excellent for outdoor activities and conquering new heights. Those who are not good in sports, can warm up in hot tubs in spas. South Korea is known for its advanced medicine, so in Seoul, you can not only relax, but also the body.

Arriving in Seoul, you must try the local cuisine. Hot food is particularly relevant in cold weather. Don't forget that Korean food is quite spicy for European taste, so approach the choice of food with caution. In addition, the local Cup of hot soup can help with colds and being unwell.

We should not forget about local href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/azia/yuzhnaya-koreya/dostoprimechatelnosti-seula/">dostoprimechatelnosti – palaces and temples are open for visits all year round.

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Holidays and festivals

In December South Korea celebrates Christmas, so the streets and shops decorated for a few weeks before the holiday. The event is held on a large scale concerts, fairs, sales, parades, and other attributes of the holiday. New year is celebrated much more modest, but the city is brightly and colorfully decorated.

Guidelines for visiting South Korea in winter in this video: