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Holidays in Sri Lanka: the beaches, the weather and where better to relax in December?

pogoda v dekabre v SHri-Lanke

Sri Lanka is an exotic country in South Asia, the territory of which the year-round great weather. The island is located very close to the equator, so even in winter the climate is hot and humid. This benefit allows tourists, missed the summer sun, to relax from the Russian cold weather, relaxing in beach resorts.

What is the weather like in December in Sri Lanka?

kakie pogodnye usloviya na ostrove v nachale zimy?

While in December in Russia during the entire winter lyutuet, in Sri Lanka starts the tourist season, which is why at this time, here come the tourists from all corners of our country. And in January, hence the retreating monsoon and beach season begins.

The temperature of the air and water

In December, Sri Lanka is set dry and Sunny weather. Rainfall during this period is a rarity. The number of cloudy days is considerably reduced, and showers are short, they go mostly at night. Because of this, it becomes very noticeable, as the country comes alive after the fall of the heat and humidity.

Daytime temperatures during the month progressed and opens the holiday season.

The island has a fairly large territory, and a mountain range located in the centre, divides it in half, not allowing air flow to penetrate the Western and southern coast. The average temperature in the day time warms up to +30 degrees, at night the thermometer drops to a comfortable +24°C.

The water in the ocean perfect for swimming. In the daytime the water off the coast warms up to 26 degrees. Due to the fact that a strong wind is almost absent, and the monsoons cease to be so aggressive, the water becomes much cleaner as the coast.

Weather conditions in different regions

  • If in the fall season due to weather conditions holidays in Sri Lanka, was provided exclusively to the North and East of the country, in the first month of winter the most favourable weather is set on the South West coast. In this part of the island, the daytime temperature warmed up to a peak of +30°C, and at night the air cools to 21°C. however rainfall is much less likely to go about 10-12 times a month at night.
  • A little more intense precipitation is observed in the North and East of the resort of Sri Lanka and a strong wind is ideal for those who prefer surfing. The temperature here is warming up to the level of 22-24°C, and at night cooled to +19C. The water in the ocean already in the morning hours pleasing performance of +24°C.
  • In the mountainous areas of Sri Lanka in December is pretty cool. Day the thermometer barely reaches 12 degrees, and at night becomes noticeably cooler to +6°C. This cold beautiful in its own way because it gives vacationers the opportunity to experience new year's eve entourage, being in a cozy house with a fireplace.


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A properly planned trip to the fabulous Sri Lanka in December will allow for a long-awaited vacation the way it was presented.


December is the coolest month in Sri Lanka, but only by the standards of the island. Due to the fact that the rains and high humidity leaving him here begins the high season period when tourists have the opportunity to diversify your vacation.

Comfortable temperature allows you to enjoy a beach holiday early in the morning and in the afternoon go on a sightseeing tour to the attractions of the island.

In addition, Sri Lanka has a lot of active entertainmentlike scuba diving, surfing and kiting. At the same time are ripening a lot of fruit.

The big advantage is the fact that the cost of holidays in December, slightly lowerthan in the rest of the winter months. This gives a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all sorts of holidays in the most exotic place on the planet.

How to dress?

On a trip to Sri Lanka, infirst and foremost, you should take the umbrella, which will save from rain and from the scorching rays of the sun. It is also worth to put in the suitcase warm clothes: t-shirts and shorts, dresses, swimwear. Despite the fact that the December sun is not as active as in other months, on vacation will be useful to sunscreen and sunglasses.

Where better to relax?

In the first month of winter, tourists are advised to choose for vacation resorts South-West coast, for example, Negombo or Bentota, for many reasons. First and foremost, tourists are attracted by the favourable weather conditions, the absence of strong winds and frequent rain, and fairly well-developed tourist infrastructure.

If you plan a vacation with children, the best option would be – the East coast (Trincomalee, Pasikuda beach). In this part of the island the beaches are sheltered from the wind, so the kids here will be safe to rest.

What to do?

chem zanyatsya v eto vremya goda?

Weather in December in Sri Lanka is perfect for planning a memorable vacation, whether a trip to spend time at one of the beaches or the knowledge of the sights and traditions of the country.

Beach vacation

At the height of beach season in Sri Lanka it is important to choose the coast, which will fully meet your preferences. The greatest demand in winter, enjoy the beaches in the South and West of the country, thanks to the excellent climatic conditions and availability of hotels.

For vacation perfect for the best resorts and beaches:

  1. Kalutara – secluded, beautiful beach with nature "bounty";
  2. Negombo is the most noisy and popular place among tourists;
  3. Hikkaduwa – long well-groomed beach with numerous hotels;
  4. Beruwela is a young developing resort with white sand beaches;
  5. Bentota – the beach, securely closed coves from the wind and waves.

For those who wish to learn surfing, kite surfing and other active sports, suitable for resorts such as Weligama and Unawatuna.

Excursions and entertainment

The main value of Sri Lanka of its charming nature, and in the South and West of the country it is particularly beautiful.

Those who wish to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of this island, is to go to the Elephant and Monkey nursery or the Park "Bundala", where for the winter flying thousands of species of birds.

Among the interesting excursions worth noting:

  • Tea plantations;
  • Buddhist temples;
  • Monastic caves Aluvihara;
  • The many attractions of Colombo and Galle.

In many major cities of Sri Lanka can meet the majestic churches and buildings with colonial architecture.

Holidays and festivals

In December in Sri Lanka celebrate Christmas (25 Dec) and the European New year (from December 31 to January 1). During events in cities arranged festive processions and fireworks, and the coast held a party.

Sri Lanka is an excellent choice for a holiday in December, as prices for tickets had not yet risen, and the weather was already adjusted in order to spend a wonderful vacation on the beach.

See this video, what kind of weather prevails in Sri Lanka in December: